"He whom love touches walks not in darkness." ~ Plato

Cupid's P.O.V.

I woke up to the sound of Jack and Bunnymund fighting.

"It's that way!"

"No it's that way!"

"Do you have any proof cottontail!?"

"Look who's talking! What about you?"

I groaned. I sat up and looked at where we were. We were at a huge forest filled with many trees and flowers. Critters scurried everywhere away from the two's screaming voices. We must've landed here while I was sleeping.

"Jack, Bunnymund…" I tried to say.

"No your wrong!" Jack said.

"No your wrong!" Bunnymund shot back at him.

"Jac-" I called again.

"No you don't know what your-" Jack began.

"Just shut up!" I screamed.

Everyone looked at me.

"Sorry," I said, "I'm always grumpy in the morning. But anyway your both wrong."

"What!?" They cried.

I looked at the paths in front of us. It was separated into two lanes.

"Where is it then?" North scratched his head. "I only know the location of the kingdom, not where it really is inside."

"Let her concentrate everyone..." Tooth told them.

Sandy nodded.

I listened in the wind.

"Jack, you haven't been here in a long time have you?" I looked at him.

He smiled sheepishly.

"The only way we can get in is to fly." I told the others, "But we can't take the sleigh."

"But me and Bunny can't fly." North reminded me.

"I know, so there's only one thing to do." I smile at them. They looked at me with confusion. Oh how I loved surprising my friends. Mwahahaha! –I mean ahem…

"Serefina?" Jack's eyes widened.

I nodded and smiled.

"Who is Serefina?" The other's asked.

I winked. "My phoenix."

"Phoe-?" Tooth began.

I closed my eyes and made a heart shape with my hands, and held it to my chest.

"Serefina!" I called. "Come to me, and aid my friends!" My eyes glowed white and then…

"Eeeee!" A loud, but beautiful screech came from the trees.

"Crash!" A huge elegant bird landed behind me. I stopped glowing and turned.

"Serefina!" I cried, "I missed you!" I ran and flew up to hug her neck.

North, Bunnymund, Tooth, and Sandy's jaw dropped.

Serefina was HUGE, of course. Her feathers were fiery red and deep blue. Her eyes were the color of emeralds, and on her neck was a necklace with a flame encased in it. She had rose-like patterns on her body.

I looked at my friend's shocked faces and smiled.

"Well don't just stand there, come here!" I laughed.

They came closer and petted her.

"She is beautiful." North said.

"I agree." Tooth nodded and Sandy too.

"So Shelia here is a phoenix? I thought they were extinct." Bunnymund looked at me.

"She's the last of her kind." I sighed sadly, "I found and raised her from an egg."

"Hey Serefina long time no see. And if you would, can you take use to Mother Nature's castle?" Jack asked.

"Anything for Cupid and her friends." Serefina replied. Her voice was graceful yet mesmerizing and mysterious.

"She can talk?!" Bunnymund gasped.

"Telepathically," I nodded, "Get on her back; she'll take us to the kingdom."

We all rode on Serefina, and I was glad she could fly so fast yet swiftly.

(They grow up so fast! *sniff*)

"Cupid, Jack are these your friends?" Serefina asked.

"Yes." Jack and I replied. "This is North, Sandy, Tooth, and Bunnymund."

"Ah yes…" she smiled, "Santa Clause, Sandman, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny. It is very nice meeting you all."

"Same to you." Bunnymund said.

"Hold on tight." She warned, "We are about to enter through the invisible shield."

We all looked in front of us. At first we saw nothing, but when we dived down we saw the shield. It was hard to see at first, you had to focus in order to see it.

As we passed through the force field we actually felt it go through our bodies.

"Ugh… I hate that feeling." Tooth complained.

"Look!" North pointed.

We gazed at the sight in front of us. It was SPECTACULAR. There was a magnificent, white castle filled with flowers and beautifully carved statues. There was houses around the kingdom and it was stirring with many people.

But they weren't normal people.

"Whoa, what kinds of creatures are they?" Bunnymund asked.

"Who knows," Jack shrugged, holding his staff. "There are wild varieties of creatures. Pixies, Angels, Fairies, Mermaids, Spirits, Ghosts, Fauns, and more. It would take forever to find out all of the kinds."

"Wow." Tooth said.

Serefina dropped us off in front of the castle, and shrunk down to the size of a large eagle. She flew up and perched on my shoulders.

"Halt! Who goes there?" Two swords crossed when we were at the castle door.

I looked at the two guards. I could recognize them anywhere.

"Joe, Cal, it's me Cupid!" I shook my head, "I can't believe you don't recognize me." I folded my arms.

Their jaws dropped and they fell on their knees.

"We're so sorry Lady Valentine!" Joe cried. He had red short hair with two small-sized horns sticking out. He also had goat legs, and wore armor. He was a faun.

"Please Lady Valentine! Forgive us!" Cal begged. He had red spiky hair and white wings on his back. He also wore armor, but he was an angel.

I groaned. "Please stop calling me 'Lady Valentine' and stop doing that. I'm not mad at you and that's unnecessary. Stand up." I helped them up.

"Lady Valentine please enter! Oh and it's Sir Jack! And are those your friends?" Joe said.

I nodded.

"Please stop calling me 'Sir Jack' too." Jack told them, "Just call me Jack."

"But…," Cal began, but we entered before he could finish.

"Hey Cupid, why do many people call you 'Valentine' instead of 'Cupid'. 'Cause Cupid is your name after all." Bunnymund touched my shoulder.

"I've been wondering that for many years." I sighed passing through the columns inside. "I'm guessing that they think it 'suites me'."

"But Valentine is a pretty name."Tooth commented.

After a long walk through the halls, and saying hi to the maids and servants, we arrived at the Great Door. Inside is where Mother Nature's throne was.

I was about to open it when…

"What in the world are you doing here Frosts?!" An angry voice came out of nowhere.

We all turned to see- Lucillia! Oh no!

Lucillia had blond, twirly hair that ended at her shoulders. She wore a pink, lacy dress with ballerina shoes. She had small, pink wings on her back. She was a pixie, but she wasn't the average small one. She was a princess which meant she would grow like normal girls would grow.

She was frowning at me and Jack.

"Well Frost's I'm waiting…" she said.

"Why are you-" Suddenly her eye caught Bunnymund, and she smiled.

"Well, hello there," she smiled sweetly at him ignoring me and Jack, "My name is Princess Lucillia La Nature, but call me Lucy. What is your name?"

"Uh…" Bunnymund began to back away as she came closer and closer to him.

My blood began to boil. What was she doing!? Serefina went to Jack's shoulder because she felt that I was going to blow.

But I had to maintain my firmness.

The other's eyes widened.

"I think…" Tooth whispered.

"That she…" Jack continued.

"…Likes Bunnymund." North finished.

I gritted my teeth. At that moment I couldn't hold my anger. Jack and the others looked at me, and for a moment a fire sparked in my eyes.

"Why, aren't you a cute on-" Lucy said extending her hand to touch his face.


I jumped in front of her and slapped her hand away.

"Please excuse my rudeness Princess, but we are here to see your Grandmother, not to chit-chat." I said sternly.

"Humph…very well" She rolled her eyes and moved to the side.

We finally entered the throne where we were greeted by the shocked faces of Mother Nature and some of her maids.

"Cupid! My, what a pleasant surprise! We haven't seen you in a very long time." Mother Nature's sweet voice called.

She had beautiful brown hair with green highlights that were held up in a bun. She wore a long dress with vines and flowers growing on top of it. She wore a crown that had little plants in it.

Well just imagine her as a pretty woman that has vines, plants, and flowers in her hair, and dress.

"What brings you here Lady Valentine and Sir Jack?" one of the maids asked.

"We are here in behalf of… Pitch" I said slowly.

"I see…" Mother Nature's eyes widened. "Please leave us ladies and please let Princess Lucillia stay in her room." She told her maids.

The maids and Lucy left and closed the door behind them.

"Ah…welcome Guardians," Mother Nature greeted them, "I trust that you are taking care of our dear Cupid, who I'm seeing as a new member?"

North, Tooth, Sandy, Bunnymund, and Jack nodded.

Each of the bowed and introduced themselves.

"It is very nice to meet you, your highness. My name is North. You may know me as Santa Clause." North said.

"It's an honor meeting you, your majesty. My name is Toothiana. My friends call me Tooth. You may know me as the Tooth Fairy." Tooth curtsied.

"Hello, your highness. It is a great pleasure to meet you. My name is E. Aster Bunnymund. My friends call me Bunnymund, or Bunny sometimes. You may know me as the Easter Bunny." Bunnymund bowed.

"And this is Sandy." Jack said. "He doesn't talk. I think you know him as the Sandman."

"Well, aren't you all so sweet?" Mother Nature smiled.

"But please call me Mother Nature, no need to be so formal."

"Mother Nature we are here to tell you that Pitch is back." North told her.

Her smile disappeared.

She looked at us and said, "He's back?! That's impossible…He escaped from under that bed?"

I nodded. "He'll come back two weeks from now. He still wants to spread darkness and to make children fear him."

"But we need to know how to stop him." Bunnymund told her.

"Hmm…" Mother Nature said. "Oh no…"

"What's wrong?!" Tooth gasped.

"He's after your Crystal isn't he?" Mother Nature looked at me.

"Yes, but why and how did you know?" I asked, "I thought the Crystals only spread feelings, how are they suppost to help him do bad things?"

"You all know the legend of the Crystals I hope?" Mother Nature asked.

"We do. Jack told us." North nodded along with the others.

"Well those Crystals can get corrupted if it falls into evil hands like Pitch's" Mother Nature began, "Then he can turn it evil and use its power to made his plans come true. That's the only way his plans would ever work. It's his only and last chance."

I looked down.

"Evil hands…"

I looked at my hands. Though it seemed good and pure, it was truly stained and bloody and…evil.

"Then…Mother Nature" I looked up again, I knew what had to be done, "Take my Crystal away…"

"What are you talking about?" She gasped.

I looked away shamefully.

"I don't deserve it," I told her, "I…I'm not worthy nor pure." I looked at her in the eye.

"I don't deserve it. I am not good. In my past life I have…sinned. Take it away, please."

"What are you talking about?" Tooth choked.

"Yeah, what are ya talking about Cupid? You…sinned?" Bunnymund said slowly.

I couldn't look at him. If I saw how shocked his face would be…I would cry. I took a deep breath and told Mother Nature, Bunnymund, Tooth, and Sandy my past, the way I told Jack and North.

After I finished a long silence followed.

"That's why…I can't have it." I broke the silence.

I approached Mother Nature and fell on my knees. I bowed and begged her,

"Punish me if you want. I deserve it. Take my Crystal away, and lock me up…"

She came up to my and pulled me to my feet. She hugged me and said, "My dear Cupid, we would never think about doing that to you."

She looked at me and said,

"That is the reason you deserve it. You protected your brother, even if it meant staining your pureness. Even if you sinned, your soul is still pure because of the way you are full of love and happiness."

"Mother Nature, I…" I said. "You trust me that much?"

"I'll always trust you dear." She smiled.

I turned to my friends. "You probably see me as a monster now…" I looked down.

"Never!" Tooth cried, and Sandy jumped nodding. They hugged me both and Tooth said,

"You were so brave protecting Jack." Tooth said.

I used enough courage to look at Bunnymund. Tears filled my eyes but none fell. My eyes were glazed with water.

"I'm sorry Bunnymund…I wish I could've been a better person for you-"

I was embraced in a hug.

"Don't say that." He said to me, "I don't care about what you say."

The others couldn't help but smile.

Then he whispered in my ear, "I'll always be with you no matter what…"

I smiled and closed my eyes. "I'm so lucky…" I sighed.

At that moment the doors opened and Lucy marched in with Joe and Cal.

Her jaw dropped when he saw me hugging Bunnymund.

"What are you doing?!" She shrieked. "Get your hands of my man!" She ran to me and tore me away from his hands; she held me and slapped me. Hard. I just stared at her stiffly.

"Why are you not flinching?" she growled, "Your freakier than I thought.

"Lady Valentine!" Joe gasped.

"Princess! How could you?" Cal stared.

"Because that rabbit's going to be mine soon, after I get a chance to be alone with him; and I have the right to slap her!" She said boldly.

She slapped me so hard my cheek began to bleed.

"Let go of her!" Bunnymund's eyes widened. He snatched me away and the others examined my cheek.

"Oh, Dear!" Mother Nature looked at my cheek. She kneeled down to hold my face.

Her rage was uncontrollable.

"Princess! How dare you? You have no right to slap her!" She turned and yelled at Lucy.

"But Grandmother!" She whined, "She was hugging my-"

"Your man?" Tooth and Jack cried.

"Uh oh…" North said uncomfortably.

"He is defiantly not your man!" Tooth corrected her, "You barely know him!"

"Look," Bunnymund gave her a dirty look. "I will never like you like that."

She just stared, and her hatred for me grew.

"Princess! You should know better! You know you have a fiancée!" Joe and Cal scolded her.

"A fiancée!?" The others gasped.

"Who is it?" Jack asked, "Wait… is it Prince George?"

"It is!"

We turned to see a man about Lucy's age standing there. He had blonde hair, and blue eyes. He wore a prince's clothing and was holding his head high. He had two blue wings in his back. He was a fairy.

"I am her fiancée!"

He approached us and looked at Lucy.

"Lucillia my love! How could you do this to me?" He cried.

"Shut up and get away from me! It's Lucy! And I hate you!" Lucy snapped.

"Wow…"North mouthed to Jack and Tooth.

"I know…" Jack mouthed back.

"Wait…Is that you Cupid?" George looked at me.

"Long time no see George…" I smiled weakly.

"My word! What happened to you? Did Lucille do this to you?" He came and looked at me.

Everyone was fussing over a little cut. I shooed them away and stood up from the floor.

"Don't worry about it guys." I reassured them. "I'm fine. I'm used to it."

"Used to it?" George couldn't believe his ears.

"Dear, we'll get you cleaned up." Mother Nature said. "Joe, Cal take the Princess away. Her punishment is kitchen duty."

"What! But…" Lucille got cut off as she was dragged away.

"Please forgive my fiancée terrible behavior," George apologized, "I still need to teach her manners."

I looked at him and I had the feeling. The Feeling is a kind of spark I feel go through my body. It can mean that two people are a perfect couple, or it can tell me what their feeling, or I can tell that something is about to happen.

"You…love her with all your heart don't you?" I asked him.

He first looked surprised, but then he sighed, "Yes, I do. But she doesn't love me back. It…"

"Hurts." I finished for him.

He looked at me and nodded. "But how'd you know?"

I laughed, "I'm not Cupid for nothing."

"So the upcoming ball is to celebrate their soon-to-be marriage?" Jack asked.

Mother Nature nodded.

"How sweet!" Tooth clapped.

North, Sandy, and Bunnymund just smiled and introduced themselves to George.

That's when I noticed that my blood was dripping. I looked at the white marble. I watched as the blood fell from my cheek, and hit the marble.

And how the red stood out.

My eyes widened.

"Val…?" Jack approached me when he saw how much I stared at the…blood.

I felt a small shock, and my eyes turned blood red. I fell.

"Cupid! Are you…" Mother Nature and the others cried.

But I didn't hear the rest.

I saw a vision.

Pitch was there. At the ball. He had killed all the guests with his Shadows. He also killed Lucy and George. And the others…and Mother Nature! What is this!? I was the only one left and he was approaching me…I looked at Bunnymund. He was…Tears glazed my eyes again.

"You just can't seem to cry…" Pitch folded his arms as he was five inches away from me.

"You-!" I screamed. I grabbed my bow and it changed into a staff. But something was wrong with it. The staff didn't look like a staff it looked like a…Scythe…

I never knew I had one! I was about to slice him when-

"Cupid! Cupid! Wake up!"

I looked up. I saw North and the others crowded around me.

"Val are you all right? Your eyes were…blood red." Jack shook his head.

"I saw something…" I said.

"What was it?" Mother Nature's voice shook.

I told them about my vision. I was afraid to say it but, it was the future.

We had to stop it from happening.

"But Pitch isn't suppost to heal for two weeks!" Bunnymund recalled.

"George. Go tend to your fiancée, but do not tell her anything." Mother Nature told him. He bowed and left.

"Are you okay?" Bunnymund's voice was filled with worry.

"I'll be okay. Thanks." I stood up. My eyes were back to normal.

"For a second there you looked like you were going to turn back into a wolf." Tooth said relieved.

"It's time you meet the Protectors." Mother Nature said, and went to look for them.

"Val. Your Dark side…There has to be a way to control it. It could get risky just in case something...happens…" Jack said.

"It can be controlled?" North raised an eyebrow. The others looked at me filled with anticipation.

"Yes. My Dark side…she has a mind of her own. That's because she hasn't become One with my body.

That is expected since she is a wolf; she will refuse and refuse. The only way for her to accept me is if I prove to her I am worthy of her. But I don't know how." I said. Then I continued.

"The reason why you don't have the same problem is because you probably have another kind of animal spirit in you. We don't choose what kind of spirit we get. When we are born, an animal spirit will come across you and become your Spirit of Soul; the spirit that gives you your personality."

"Oh…" The others said. How surprising right?

"But let's not worry about that!" Tooth waved her hand. "What's important is that we're ready for Pitch."

"Oh…and about this whole situation…" I started. Then I told them about my dream and about meeting Alexandra.

"This is all so confusing!" Jack scratched his head.

"Patience." North told him. "It is always confusing at first, but we'll find out the Truth as we go through the 'game'."

Everyone nodded.

"We're here for ya Cupid."Bunnymund promised.

We stacked our hands together and chanted,

"For the Protection of the Children!"

I thought back about Burgess and about Jamie. Oh Jamie was so sweet, Jack was lucky he was able to play and talk to him. I always wished to have a friend like Jamie. I can't wait to go back…

Then the doors opened.

Mother Nature came in with two girls that looked 16 and 17.

One girl had pink hair tied in two ponytails by black ribbons, and green eyes. She wore a pink puffy dress, and she had a necklace shaped as a butterfly.

The other girl had black bob-cut hair with brown hair. She wore black clothing from head to toe. She had a necklace that was shaped as a leaf.

They were the Protectors.

The girl with the pink hair and butterfly-shaped crystal necklace gasped. She ran towards me and crushed me with a hug.

"Oh my sparkles!" She cried, "Vid I knew you'd come back!"

"Uhh…" I was dumbfounded. Vid? Oh! She thinks I'm…

"Lizzy, that's not Videttara." Mother Nature calmed her down, "She is Cupid."

"Cupid?!" Lizzy asked shocked. "I thought Cupid was a dude-"

"That's what most people believe, but that's wrong. And that's the reason why no one can see me because they believe in the wrong thing." I quickly explained.

"She may be Cupid, but she is the reincarnation of Videttara." Mother Nature said.

"What?!" Now it was the girl with black hair and a leaf-shaped crystal to choke.

"Reincarnation!? I thought Vid would come back as herself!" She shook her head.

"Mary, you should've known that she cannot return back to her old self when she sacrificed herself." Mother Nature said calmly. "You will only see Videttara once more, but that time is soon to come."

"…"Mary said nothing.

That's when she noticed that Lizzy was looking close at Bunnymund trying to make her eyes move back and forth.

"What are you doing?" Bunnymund asked uncomfortably.

"Hey you look familiar! You look like…" She stopped.

"Never mind, it can't be…" She shook her head. Something tells me whatever she was going to say was important.

After a brief introduction we found out Lizzy's real name was "Litsehoana" and Mary's real name was "Mariasha". Lizzy had the Crystal of Laughter, and Mary had the Crystal of Sorrow.

Mother Nature told them so everything we knew so far. Looks like we had to stay for a while. Oh well…

The ball was coming up in five days and everything was BUSY. Mother Nature gave us all separate rooms, but we were "next door neighbors" if that's how you want to call it.

Jack's room was to the left of mine, and Tooth's was to the right. Across the room Bunnymund's room was across from me. North's room was to the left and Sandy to the right.

Lizzy and Mary were staying too, but they were roommates. They slept at a room next to Sandy's.

They were going to help defeat Pitch too. Now that they know me they seemed so sweet. I had a feeling that in the Game of Fate, they were both my other Bishop.

We all volunteered to help prepare for the ball, and we also found out it was also the Wedding. Holy Aphrodite! I've never been to a wedding before. Wait-Ugh! That means I have to wear a dress.

I'm not a real fan of dresses. It seems too…girly for me. But I just know that Tooth is going to make me wear one against my will.

North and Sandy were in charge of food and decorations. Jack and Bunnymund was in charge of entertainment. Tooth was in charge of dresses, and attendance.

Lizzy and Mary were in charge of helping Lucy, George, and the other people who had important jobs rehearse for the wedding.

Serefina returned to my side, though she stopped talking. She only could talk to me now because I was her master.

Phoenixes can only talk to their owners telepathically. She was able to talk to the others before because she just met them, that's the only time they can talk to others. She had a job too: Security. Well that suites her very well. *Smiles*

And I'm in charge of music and "match-making" partners to dance; wow who knew I would get a job I actually wanted!

I have many surprises for the ball, but hopefully it won't change or go into my permanent record. It would defiantly ruin my reputation.

But for now I try not to worry about Pitch.

What I worry about is about Bunnymund.

If I don't know how he feels about me soon I'm going to die. (But that can't happen because I'm already dead, but you know what I mean...)

Jack's P.O.V.

Whew! What a day! Many things happened and there were also many surprises!

Now it's nighttime, and we said goodnight to each other. We entered our rooms and shut the doors.

Ah…Peace and quiet…

Suddenly I heard music. I went out on my room balcony and saw Cupid on her room balcony. I hid behind a big flower pot and watched her. She was playing a very sad, sad piece.

Why was she-wait! She looks so…sad. What's wrong? I was about to reveal myself and ask when I heard someone opening her door.

She stopped and look behind her. I saw her mouth move, darn! I couldn't hear. So it looks like I just have to watch. Wait! Is that Bunnymund? What was he doing in there?
I decided to stay and watch. I heard them talking to each other. Then Cupid looked away sadly, but Bunnymund held her face and turned it to him. He spoke some words, looked at her in the eyes, and then he…

Kissed her!?

Trust me; if I wasn't dead I would've died of a heart attack right then and there! They both kissed! I was really happy and couldn't wait to rub it in their faces, but it just shocked me.

I couldn't help it. I thought about me and my love life. (And I seriously don't know what made me think about it.)

Well…I did like Tooth a little bit but, I'm not sure if I should tell her or not. Oh! Maybe I should ask Cupid for advice-wait! What was I saying?

I looked back at the two and shook that thought away. Now the two were hugging each other. I could tell Cupid was the happiest she'd been in her life.

I smiled. I loved her and there was only one thing to do. I opened my hands and something appeared. It was made out of wood and J.F. was carved in it. It was a bow.

I took an arrow out of my quiver, pulled and aimed at Bunnymund and Cupid, and then…

I let go.

It flew towards them and it separated into two arrows. It shot into their hearts, and disappeared. Bull's eye. The bow and quiver disappeared and I picked up my staff I had set down and quietly slipped inside.

They fell asleep hugging each other on the porch.

I stood with my back against the glass door, and slid down to the floor. I smiled.

My job was done…

? P.O.V.

Those fools...

They're too busy with their love lives and the ball and wedding than to worry about what is about to happen…

So…who knew the Game of Fate was this fun?…

But don't worry they'll pay the price…

It's time to end this happiness and start the new reign of Terror…

But for now let them do as they wish…

Hmm…Let's see…Ah…

I think I'll pay Cupid a visit in her dreams tonight…

I wonder how much fun this is going to be…

And oh…Don't worry Videttara…Or should I say, Cupid…

You'll regret ever saying no to me…