A/N: Okay, I apologise for this! It's not my best, but I really hope that you like it. Because, it's Christmas Eve and I thought a little Blinn fanfic is going to make you even happier! Enjoy!

It's finally Christmas Eve! The day where the young children's faces light up during midnight – unless they have to open it in the morning, but Christmas is a day where everything is about laughter and forgiveness. Actually, it's the day when Jesus was born, but moving on. But, it's not Christmas, yet. Christmas Eve is today and everybody is doing their final Christmas shopping. Especially for one boy who hadn't gotten anything, Blaine Anderson.

It's currently 12PM and Blaine is in the malls, running around and just trying to find something for his boyfriend, Kurt. However, he was unable to find something. Last year, Blaine got Kurt a scarf, a freaking scarf. Although Kurt had a smile on his face while opening the green soft wrapping paper, Blaine knew that's not what Kurt wanted. In fact, Blaine had absolutely no idea what Kurt wanted. Kurt was really difficult and Blaine should know by now what his boyfriend wants.

After hours of searching for the perfect Christmas gift, Blaine saw an insane line-up of children and adults. What were they lining up for? Blaine walked around the line, knowing that the people were probably thinking, why is he pushing in? He wasn't, he just wanted to see what everybody was lining up for and of course. It's a photo with Santa. Blaine was too old for that, and Blaine just wanted to get back to shopping for a Christmas gift. But, then he saw another chair behind it with nobody there and a red carpet laid out with beer bottles laying on it, and a pale hand hanging out. Blaine was curious to see what happened over there, so he walked around the Good Side and stepped into the Bad Side.

Wow, it was another Santa. He had brown hair, and he can see from his eyebrows. He didn't wear a beard, at all. He just wore the Santa costume. Including the hat, the boots, the shirt, pants and the belt, it was pretty awkward seeing a Santa without a beard. Blaine saw "Santa" sleeping, saliva drooling down his chin and holding an empty beer bottle. Blaine just wanted to know what was going on, so he gave Santa a small poke.

All of the sudden, Santa woke up from his nap and everything was blurred out from Santa's vision. But, once everything started to clear up, he saw a hot looking teenage boy with hair slicked back and triangular shaped eyebrows. Santa looked side to side and rubbed his head with his empty hand. "What do you want, kid?" Santa asked, pulling the bottle up to take a drink. But, there was nothing in it, so he just tossed it on the floor. Blaine was shocked, because this guy in the Santa costume only looked like he just finished high school. "Kid? You look like you're in college," Blaine was quite offended that this guy would refer to him as a kid.

Santa reached over to the right side and picked up another bottle of beer, taking off the cap with just one twist and drinking it in front of Blaine and then, wiping his mouth with the red Santa jacket. "Whatever, kid. What do you want?"

"I just want to know what's going on here," Blaine looked around, waving his hands around, and hoping that drunken Santa would realise.

"What do you mean?" Santa felt like now Blaine was the one who is drunk.

"Have you not realised that this side sucks? That the other side has more people than this side does. Actually, all of the people?"

"Yes, I've realised that for a week now. Thank you for informing me, Captain Obvious."

"What is your problem, dude? You're drinking in a mall, you're intoxicated and you look like you're homeless!" Blaine was just confused, was this guy on drugs or was something wrong with him mentally?

"Listen, dude – my life has been nothing but a tragic. This is the only place that I can stay to get money right now,"

"Money?! You don't even have anyone on your side!"

"Actually, I have a thousand right now. But, it's getting lower by each day because I need my drinks." Santa took another drink from his beer and once pulling it back, came out an 'ahhhh,' just loving how the beer tasted itself. Did Blaine feel sorry for this guy? Of course he did. He felt horrible. His life was a mess and Blaine didn't even have to ask questions over and over again, he already knew that his life went wrong. "Look, kid. I've been taking photos for a year now. I didn't get into college and this was the only available job."

"Then, how is this still running if you have nobody here?"

"Because, if you look this good and girls our age want some of this, then you gotta give it to 'em for money." Blaine was just disgusted. Did this guy really just say that he sleeps with girls their age, and makes him pay him? That's horrifying. "That's just gross,"

"What? I still get people on my side,"

"Did everybody stop coming on this side ever since they found out that you're a whore Santa and you drink beer?"

"Probably," Santa shrugged, taking another sip of his beer.

This was where the caring side of Blaine started to kick in. Did Blaine feel bad for this guy? Of course. He wants to help Santa out with everything and get him a better job. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want to help you out. I want to get you out of this misery and help you find a better job," Blaine admitted, and that's what caught Santa's attention. "I'm listening," Santa sat up straight, because he really wanted to pay attention. It was about time that he needed to get his life back on track and maybe this kid was the only one who could help him. "Look, I got to a school called William McKinley High School and my teacher, Mr. Schue can help you out with everything."

"Oh, no. I'm not going back to school,"

"I'm not saying go back to school. I'm saying that he can help you get into college and hopefully, you don't have to worry about paying for it." Santa took a moment to really think about this offer. Did he really want to go to college? He got rejected ever since and he never went back. So, did he really want to do this? It just took a few moments for him to think about this. "Well?" Blaine asked, trying to see where he was looking at and then he looked up at Blaine. "Fine, I'll do it." Blaine felt like a life-saver at that particular moment. He felt like he can save anybody's life. "But, just one more thing,"

There it was. Blaine was afraid that he was going to ask for more beer or something like that. Blaine just didn't know what Finn was going to ask him and he was honestly terrified about what was about to come out of Santa's mouth. "W – What?" Blaine asked, stuttering nervously. "You have to sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas,"


Did Santa really want Blaine to sit on Finn's lap and tell him what he wanted for Christmas? Well, it wasn't that bad. So, why not? Blaine walked up to the boy as Finn placed the bottle down onto the red carpet and Blaine sat on his left leg. Just feeling how awfully big his butt was, it was super soft and super big. It was like a ghetto booty. "No, sit properly." Blaine raised his eyebrow, completely confused as to what Santa meant by 'sitting properly' and he could tell that the young teenage boy was confused. So, Santa grabbed both of his legs and pulled them both up, leaving one leg hanging on one side and the other on the other side.

Okay, this wasn't how people sat on Santa's lap. If Santa thinks that Blaine is going to be like every girl he had slept with, then think again. Blaine was practically straddling Santa's lap, with his arms placed onto Santa's chest and Santa's hands on Blaine's thighs. "So, tell Santa what you want." Santa started moving his hands up and down Blaine's thighs, feeling him all around his legs. "U – Uh… I…" Blaine took a minute to think about what he wanted. Personally, there were a million things that Blaine wanted, but Blaine just wanted Kurt to be happy with a gift that he got him. "I want my boyfriend to be happy with whatever gift I get him,"

Blaine just mentioned that he had a boyfriend, so that clearly means that he's gay and which is totally fine. Because Santa has had sex with guys too and that's another reason as to how he gains so much money and that's why he's still in the business. "What kind of gift are you planning to get him?" Santa started moving his hands around to Blaine's butt, grabbing both ass cheeks in his hands and thinking how massive they would look with his jeans on. "Hmmm?" Blaine was just in complete shock that he had his ass grabbed by Santa, whom he didn't even know and he was just completely confused at this point. But, that didn't stop him from talking. He was gay and here's another secret, Blaine is a total slut. So, he's going to pretend he didn't like it. "I – I don't know, Santa… Can you help me choose a gift?"

Santa smirked seductively, as his hands were now groping Blaine's ass cheeks. Fondling with both and moving both ass cheeks around in circular motions, pushing them from side-to-side and up and down. "Well, your boyfriends gay. Right?" Santa pulled Blaine closer by his butt, to where their crotches were touching each other. Blaine knew that this was so wrong and knew that this would lead to something where he'll feel terrible, but he just couldn't take it. Santa was so freaking hot and how he had his hands on Blaine's ass, were just a turn on. He loved ass grabbing and Santa's hands were big, warm and strong. Blaine pushed his ass backwards lightly, letting Santa know that he wants him and feeling his cock twitch inside his pants. "Y – Yes…" Blaine moans, and that's what leads Santa to smirk.

Now, Santa's hands are sliding up on his lower back and sliding his fingertips down into Blaine's pants. Sliding his hands all the way down to his ass cheeks and feeling something weird, it definitely wasn't briefs or boxers. Holy crap, was Blaine wearing a thong? Santa's fingers ran down Blaine's ass crack and he was definitely wearing a thong. It was somewhat hot and Santa continued to run his fingers up and down his ass crack, teasing his hole with his index and middle finger, leaving Blaine to moan. "I think you should get him a fake dick," When Santa said that, Blaine was left with a shocking look, but getting easily distracted by the fingers sliding up and down his ass crack. "Santa… I – I'm not going to get him a fake dick," Blaine whimpered, as Santa slightly pulled Blaine's jeans down before unbuttoning his jeans and pulling it down, just to reveal half of his ass.

"Well, you know that there's no point of fucking him. Right? You're more of a bottom," Santa pulled Blaine even closer, so that his chest was pressed against Santa's chest. He wanted to make sure that he was wearing a thong and to see what his ass looked like. When he saw the red thong, he was incredibly surprised as to what he was looking at. "Holy shit, you're wearing a fucking thong." Santa sat back against the red chair, to look at Blaine and expect an explanation as to why he was wearing a red thong. He slowly pulled his jeans down even further and making sure that it was just underneath his butt. Blaine had a huge butt, so Santa started moving his jeans just so that his ass would jiggle a bit.

"I – I… I was trying to find my underwear, b – but it was drying and nobody had any dry underwear or boxers, so I had to use my mom's…" Blaine explained to Santa, as he felt Santa's bare hands grabbing his large right butt cheek and giving it a small smack, leaving Blaine to whimper softly. "Ooh, Santa..." Blaine moaned, knowing that he liked it when somebody smacked his ass and Santa did it again, this time with his entire palm and feeling it jiggle from the smack afterwards. "You've been such a naughty boy, huh? You know what happens to naughty boys? They go on my naughty list," This time, a hard slap hit Blaine's ass cheek and leaving a red hand print right on his big, pale ass.

Another whimper escaped from Blaine's lips, as he wrapped both arms around Santa's neck and snuggled into his shoulder. "Please, Santa… don't call me naughty," Santa smirked, and gave Blaine's ass another smack, grabbing it right after the large smack. "You are naughty, you're wearing a fucking thong." Santa grabbed the thong that was hiding his hole, pulling it all the way back and then letting it go, letting it snap right back onto Blaine's ass crack. "Santa, don't swear… Santa's aren't meant to swear," Blaine whimpered, practically grinding against Santa's crotch, while Santa kept snapping his thong back and forth. "Kiss me to shut me up," Santa told Blaine and Blaine looked into Santa's eyes, his chocolate hues were so beautiful and his lips were just looking so delicious. Blaine couldn't help himself and just crashed his lips against Santa's.

The kiss was just so powerful, that Blaine was breathing through his nose because he didn't want to pull away from this sexy Santa that he was now making out with, while Santa spanked his ass various of times. Blaine and Santa's tongue tangled together, as Blaine tilted his head to get into a different angle. Moans were coming out of Blaine's mouth, but when Santa pushed Blaine thong aside and slid in his index finger, that's when he felt his cock twitch and he had to pull back to take a deep breath. Hissing from the pain, as Santa didn't bother to lube up his finger and because Blaine was so tight, Santa slid it right back out and licked his finger, making sure it was coated with saliva. "You like my finger in your ass, hm? Your asshole has been quite lonely, hasn't it? I bet you needed a fake dick to please you, but now you have a real one." Sliding his finger back into Blaine's hole, was easier than expected.

Blaine didn't expect it to feel this amazing and Blaine just wanted to cum right there and then. Going back to kissing Santa, Santa continued to kiss him back and begun to pump his index finger deep inside the tight entrance, making sure that he got it all the way inside of Blaine and loving the moans that were coming out while they kissed. Pulling back, Santa needed Blaine to pull his ass cheeks apart, so he can get better access to the hole. "Pull those ass cheeks apart, so I can fuck you with my finger." Blaine nodded, looking like a pathetic little slut. He grabbed both of his big ass cheeks, pulling them apart and now feeling Santa ramming his finger deep into Blaine. The pace was incredibly fast, something that Blaine has never experienced and definitely something that he will try himself once he gets back home. If he ever gets back home, that is.

Blaine started to bounce on his finger, while holding his ass cheeks and pulling them apart. "Oh, that's it. Ride my finger, you little Christmas whore." Blaine chewed onto his bottom lip, as Santa rammed his finger much deeper into Blaine and feeling his fingers poking his prostate over and over again. Santa was definitely getting some ass on Christmas Eve, and that was even better. "Oh, Santa… Santa… Please fuck me with your finger," Santa smirked, loving how vocal Blaine was whenever Santa slammed his fingers deep into Blaine's tight little hole. "I wanna try something. Do you trust me?" At this point, Blaine wasn't worried at all about what was popping into Santa's head. He just wanted to get fucked as soon as possible, otherwise he'll cum all over the chair and the red carpet. After a few seconds of staring into Santa's chocolate brown eyes, he nodded.

Santa explained to Blaine what he wanted and how he wanted it. Blaine nodded, hopping off of Santa and moving backwards, so that his back was facing him. Blaine then placed his arms on the floor, while Santa pulled his thick nine inch cock out of his red pants and Blaine removed his pants, leaving the red thongs on. Blaine crawled backwards, and as he got closer to the chair, Blaine placed his legs up on the chair and moving back, bit by bit. Once his knees were on the armrests of the red, golden chair, he laid his feet down slowly and stuck his ass out in the air and now Blaine's face was now right in front of Santa's enormous cock. "That's it, stick that big fucking ass out. Show the whole world this beautiful ass," Santa smacked both of Blaine's ass cheeks on the side, seeing it jiggle to the side and left Blaine moaning. "Suck my big cock, you naughty bitch." Blaine turned around to face Santa, while his hand was wrapped around the base of his cock. "Santa! Don't call me naughty, I don't like it…" He did like it though, he loved it. He just knew that Santa would keep doing things to him whether he liked it or not.

"Fuck up and suck my dick already, or no cock for you." Blaine scuffed, looking over to the other side and making sure that nobody was looking. Because nobody wanted to come near this side, it was pretty clear and now Blaine was sucking Santa's cock. While Blaine did that, he shook his ass right in front of Santa's face. "Oh, yeah… Suck it, bitch." Santa was moaning and now looking at the big ass shaking, seeing it bounce on its own. That's how big it was. Santa buried his face in between the big ass cheeks, shaking his head as he licked his hole against the thong. Blaine whimpered, and continued to bob his head, swiping his tongue from side to side and now shaking his ass side to side. Santa kissed Blaine's ass all over and grabbed both ass cheeks, pushing them against his ears, just so he can have his face buried in this hot piece of ass. Damn, Blaine had an ebony ass but it was probably even bigger than ebony.

Blaine was such a good cocksucker, but he had the best ass in the entire world. He should think about doing gay porn sometime, he'll get famous within a second. Santa now pulled back to take a deep breath and to slide in three fingers into his hole, along with the thong. The red thong stayed onto his fingertips, while they slid deep inside of him. "Yeah, you fucking like that don't you?" Now, Santa was stretching him wide open and thrusting his hips upwards, fucking Blaine's mouth. Blaine was moaning pathetically while he sucked Santa's monster cock, trying to not gag from the thrusts and moaning to every single thrust and finger that was inserted. Santa moved all three in a quick pace and made sure that Blaine was moaning while he sucked his big cock.

Blaine just couldn't take the teasing and how good it felt just to have the three fingers stuck inside his tight little asshole. Blaine twisted his head and sucked onto Santa's cock fast and deep, making sure that he ran his tongue around Santa's giant length, pulling back – just so that he can suck his balls while massaging it at the same time. Blaine definitely thought that Santa was the hottest and he would definitely come back to see Santa over and over again. Santa's three fingers worked into Blaine's tight hole, curling all three and trying to stretch him as much as possible. Just because his dick is pretty big and Blaine is really tight, so he wouldn't want to hurt him. "Oh, yes… Please… spit in my horny little hole, Santa…" Santa took his fingers out of the tight entrance and spat a large amount of saliva into the opening, smacking his ass again. "Ooh, Santa… I've been so bad, Santa…"

"How bad?" Santa smirked, as he pulled the red thong over to his mouth and took a trip of it with his teeth, pulling it as far as he could. "So fucking bad… I've been watching gay porn and touching myself lately," Santa then pulled the thong into his mouth with his teeth, loving the taste of it against his hole. Santa was now pushing his ass up and down, kneading it like a dough and making sure that Blaine was satisfied before snapping that thong right back at his hole, hearing that slap. "Ooh… that's it, Santa… please punish me, Santa… I've been a bad boy lately and nobody has ever punished me… You should know when I'm sleep and know when I'm awake. You should know if I've been good or bad," Blaine wiggled his ass and shaking it at the same time, just loving teasing Santa. Santa got so turned on that it was time for Blaine to learn that lesson that he had been pleading for.

Blaine knew that it was coming once Santa sat up, giving a sign for Blaine to get off of the chair and Santa got off as well. Santa pushed Blaine back down onto the red chair and pulled his legs up high, exposing that delicious, pink hole. "Damn, that looks so fucking good." Santa held his ankles with his cock lying right on top of Blaine's hole, letting one of his ankles go just to give it a few slaps on his hole. "Oh… please do it, Santa… please… I'm begging you, fill my hole…" The begging got Santa harder if that was even possible, but without even thinking about it. Santa slammed his cock deep into Blaine's tight little asshole, placing both arms on the seat where Blaine's head was and his body moving down along with his head. Now, Santa was slamming his length into that precious little hole. "Oh! Oh! Santa! Mmm, Santa! Fuck my hole!" The thong stayed on the side and was attached, not even taking it off and it felt amazing with it on.

Blaine could hear the music of Santa's skin slapping harshly against Blaine, as he held onto his muscular back. Having Santa in his Santa costume while he fucked the shit out of Blaine, was probably one of the hottest things that Blaine has ever faced. It was too good and Blaine felt like he was going to wake up from this dream and just be so disappointed that he didn't get to have sex with this really hot guy, dressed up as Santa and this guy was really fucking hot. "You like that, yeah? You like having Santa's magical dick inside of your horny asshole? Huh?" Slamming repetitively into Blaine, as he moaned like a slut he was. "Mmhmm, I fucking love it, Santa!" Blaine was laying his head on the seat, where Santa's ass was and now he was getting fucked by this random guy. He seemed dirty, but he loved it and how rough Santa was being. Damn, he could stay in this position forever and ever. "Please, fuck my hole like you're drilling it!" That's when Santa picked up his pace and literally smashed his ass, fucking it with all his strength and feeling sweat form all around his body, shinning in the lights and grunting with each thrust. "Like, that?!" Santa groaned, fucking Blaine's hole like a fucking machine.

Blaine gripped the armrests tightly, as he dragged his fingers along the armrests and kept his legs wrapped around Santa's waist. "MMM! Yes, like that! Fuck!" Santa picked Blaine up and turned around, sitting back down onto the chair and let Blaine do the riding. "Ride Santa, just like a fucking reindeer." Blaine nodded, gripping his shoulders and bouncing. Not slowly, but deep and fast. Pushing his ass all the way down and giving it a wiggle. "Mmm, that's the shit I like." Santa groaned, smacking his ass and grabbing his waist, helping him with the bouncing. Blaine looked like he was going to die, because it just felt so fucking amazing. But, that was when Santa could feel his cum rising deep inside of him. Blaine continued to bounce, loving the sounds of his ass slapping against his thighs and his moans just getting louder each second. "Mmm! Smack my ass again, do it! I love it when you smack it!" Santa did what he was asked, smacking it until it stung and had hand prints all over it. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum soon!"

Santa pulled Blaine up, just a bit with his head still inside of Blaine and now thrusting so fast into Blaine that Blaine had himself bouncing. "Oh, oh, ohhhhhh! Santa! Bad Santa! Fuck me! Fill me up! I'm gonna cum in this thong!" Blaine bounced a couple of times and then he exploded all inside of his red thong, while Santa pounded the shit out of Blaine's ass. "Fucking take, you little bitch!" One final slam and he had exploded all his cum into Blaine's ass. "FUCK!"

A few minutes later, Blaine had his head resting onto Santa's shoulder while they both breathed deeply. Blaine sat up and tried to speak to him. "So, do you still want that help?" Blaine asked Santa, running his hand up and down his chest. "Yes, yes I do." Blaine was thrilled to hear that Santa still wanted to get his life back on track and that's when Blaine laid right back down onto his shoulder. But, then he remembered something. "Wait,"

"What?" Santa asked, raising his eyebrow out of curiosity.

"You never told me your name," Blaine replied.

"Finn, Finn Hudson."

Finn, what a cute name and he now doesn't have to call him Santa. Although he did like it when he called him Santa and he did like being fucked in the Santa suit. "I'm Blaine, Finn."

"Nice to meet you, Blaine." Finn smiled.

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