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The Mysterious Sentinel: I wanted to write something new, so after a long conversation with myself I decided on a Skylanders fic, and before anyone asks; no this fic will most likely not include the giants, mainly because I don't have the Giants game and I don't really care enough to learn about all the new Skylanders.

Anyway, let's begin.

Disclaimer: I don't own Spyro, Cynder or any of the other Skylanders characters. They belong to Activison, Toys for Bob, and all the rest.

It has been several months since the Skylanders defeated Kaos and rebuilt The Core of Light. Since then everything has gone back to normal in skylands. After exiling Kaos to another world a great castle was built near The Core of Light for the skylanders and new portal master to live in. Even without Kaos there was still much for the skylanders to do, beating Kaos hasn't stopped all evil in skylands...

Voodood entered cyclops square and glanced over at his opponent, Chop Chop seemed distracted, he was looking all around the arena, searching for something maybe? Then the Arkeyan looked his orc opponent and spoke.

"No hazards or power-ups? Interesting, most of the others prefer to have them in the arena. Yet you left health crystals on." (I replaced food with health crystals because it makes more sense, eating food doesn't heal injuries, even if it did Chop Chop and Drill Sergeant are robots, Prism Break and Eruptor are golems, Ghost Roaster and Hex are ghosts, and Ignitor has no mouth)

"Well I say why use 'em in training when you won't always have 'em in a real fight? As for crystals, well that just makes it last longer."

"I like the way you think."

While they were talking: most of the other Skylanders were in the seats surrounding the arena. Everyone was interested to find out which of these two great warriors was better. Even the portal master had come to watch. His name was Xavier, by helping the skylanders defeat Kaos he had completed his training with master Eon and taken his place as leader of the skylanders.

"So who do you think will win?" Whirlwind asked her friend Zap

"I'm not sure, they're both strong." He replied, then Drill Sergeant who was behind them spoke up


Some Skylanders mumbled agreements. Everything that Drill Sergeant had said was true, and since they were both Arkeyan creations Drill Sergeant would know Chop Chop best.

"I wouldn't count Voodood out yet"

Everyone turned to look at who spoke and were mildly surprised to see it was Ignitor, who seldom spoke unless he had something important to say.

"You do make several valid points there Drill Sergeant, but you forgot a few things: Voodood has a heavier weapon which will make blocks and parries less effective, Chop Chop's shield can't protect him from Voodood's tripwire bombs, His electrical feedback will damage Chop Chop even with his shield and Chop Chop can't keep blocking forever."

"That and Voodood's zip line attack has similar range to Chop Chop's bone brambler, so they both have a ranged attack." That came from Stealth Elf who was sitting next to Ignitor. Then Flameslinger (sitting next to Stealth Elf) chuckled slightly and grew a large smirk. Zook heard this and looked over at the archer.

"You thinkin' about something Slinger?"

"Yeah, I thought we could make this interesting, I bet 50 gold that Chop Chop wins this fight." Zook smiled as well and replied

"I'll put 60 on Chop Chop then." Drill Sergeant then spoke

"I WILL BET 100 GOLD, ALSO ON CHOP CHOP" Ignitor shook his head slightly.

"What makes you all so sure Voodood won't win?" Flameslinger was receiving bets from Wrecking Ball and Stump Smash while he replied

"Because of all that stuff Drill Sergeant said about him, He knows Chop Chop well because they're both Arkeyans, while you hardly ever talk to anyone and Voodood's an orc and you're uhh… a fire thing." Flameslinger took gold from Slam Bam and Boomer, he had two bags, one for each fighter. Voodood's bag was currently empty.

"I'm getting in on this, 120 for Voodood!" The burning knight said, passing the money to the blindfolded elf.

"Whatever man, your money."

Stealth Elf, Double Trouble and Zap all passed Flameslinger around 100 gold each, telling him to put it on Voodood. Soon all the Skylanders had placed their bets and Flameslinger had to write down all the different amounts each Skylander bet, the two bags now had about the same amount of gold in them, but that was mostly because Xavier had bet over 400 gold on Voodood.

"Hey!" yelled Voodood "Are you all done betting against me or should we pull up chairs?"

Everyone looked out at the arena and saw Chop Chop and Voodood just standing there, the orc had an annoyed expression on his face. Everyone was surprised, they didn't know they could hear everything.

"Yeah we're all done, you guys can start!" shouted Ignitor.


The Battle Began. Voodood and Chop Chop ran at each other, closing the distance between them in seconds. Voodood swung his axe but Chop Chop held up his shield and the attack just glanced off the shield doing no damage. Chop Chop bashed Voodood with his shield, knocking the orc backwards, Voodood then placed a tripwire and backed farther away from the Arkeyan, Chop Chop set the tripwire off with a bone brambler and walked towards Voodood with his shield up. Voodood launched a zip line attack but it bounced off Chop Chop's shield, a second zip line had the same results, Voodood stopped for a few seconds, placed another tripwire then started to throw another zip line.

"Oh come on! What does he think that's going to do!?" yelled Lightning rod who had bet almost 300 gold on Voodood.

"Give Voodood more credit, he's not stupid." Ignitor calmly replied

Voodood had extended his axe blade, but instead of throwing another zip line he started to swing the axe blade around over his head like a lasso. Then he swung the axe at Chop Chop, but instead of hitting the shield straight on like the first two zip lines the axe blade came from the side and tore the shield away from Chop Chop who didn't notice the tripwire and walked right into it, the wire collapsed on the unfortunate Arkeyan and blew up in his face.

"Ouch! That had to hurt," commented Cynder.


"Well Voodood hasn't taken much damage either." said Spyro.

"Well he will. Look he just got hit!" said Flameslinger as Voodood took a direct hit from a bone brambler.

Voodood dodged the next two bone bramblers and laid a trip wire in the path of a third, stopping it and a fourth with the explosion. Voodood threw a zip line that grabbed Chop Chop by the arm and pulled the orc to him, as he quickly arrived next to the Arkeyan and hit him with a swing of the axe reaver. Chop Chop brought his shield up in time to block a second and third swing but after the fourth, Chop Chop felt an electric shock hit him out of nowhere, after the shock Chop Chop was knocked a few feet away from Voodood by yet another swing. Chop Chop quickly fought back with an Arkeyan tornado attack, then the Arkeyan grabbed a floating red crystal that healed him slightly. Everyone knew the crystal didn't heal Chop Chop by much, but it still healed him, Voodood swung his axe over his head like before (A move that he would later name the axe sweep) and tore the shield right of Chop Chop's arm and threw it into the far corner of the square. Chop Chop and Voodood ran at each other, their weapons held high and began to attack each other and parry the others attacks.

"Looks like Voodood is winning!" said Stealth Elf as Chop Chop failed to parry one of the orcs swings.

"No Chop Chop's in the lead!" said Slam Bam as Voodood was hit by another Arkeyan tornado.

"They are both evenly matched." said Wham Shell while Chop Chop received another shock while he hit Voodood with his sword.

Chop Chop backed up to assess the situation, he and Voodood had both taken great damage and he didn't have his shield, Voodood's axe looked ready to release more electrical feedback, Chop Chop prepared to attack with an Arkeyan lunge while Voodood brought his axe back over his head as Chop Chop lunged at the orc, Voodood swung his axe down.

A large burst of magic, electricity and brambles hid the two warriors from the crowd, when the smoke cleared Voodood was lying on the ground next to Chop Chop who was on his knees, their weapons had landed together a few feet away from them.

"He's out! Chop Chop wins!" yelled Flameslinger.

"Not just yet." said Xavier as he pointed to the arena.

Voodood was crawling towards his weapon, Chop Chop was watching, not having the strength to recover his own sword he knew he was beat. Voodood had gotten back on his feet and reached the weapons, however before he picked up the axe reaver, he tossed Chop Chop his sword. Walking back to the Arkeyan, dragging the axe reaver as he did, he spoke.

"Get up, we've got a fight to finish." Chop Chop nodded, grabbed his sword and stood up. The two warriors swung their weapons at the same time, the force knocked both of them back and nearly made them drop their weapons. A second swing each brought the same results, then another, and another, and another, over and over they swung, each blow was met with a blow of the same force until Voodood dropped his axe just as the electrical feedback went off, shocking both of them. The battle ended in a tie.

Nearly everyone in the audience groaned as Flameslinger returned everyone`s gold. Slam Bam went to get Voodood and Chop Chop out of the arena. Ignitor walked up to Xavier and asked him.

"Did you know that would happen?" Xavier shrugged and replied

"I knew it was possible. They are two of the most powerful Skylanders, but if the battle had not ended in a tie, I believe Voodood would have won."

"I agree." Ignitor said.

They both left the arena.

The Mysterious Sentinel: I think that was pretty good.

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