May 22nd, 2006

Sometimes Sam has visions. He sees the future when he sleeps, and now it's started happening in the day time, too, if one of Yellow Eyes' special kids is around. I wish he'd told me sooner. He's been waking up in the night, and not sleeping, and having weird nightmares and stuff, for weeks. At first I just thought it was about Jess, but then he told me the dreams about her death happened weeks before it. Months, even. I wish he'd just

I thought it'd be good to add this to the journal so we can track others like him down. We've already come across that Max Miller kid, so I guess that shows that it's more than just Sam. The pattern seems to be mothers dying on the ceiling of their six month old baby's nurseries. We're not sure what's causing it, yet.

Another thing is that Sam's visions seem to all be linked to Yellow Eyes in some way. Well, except for a weird couple that he guesses are unrelated, where he's in the future and everything's burning and the freaking Apocalypse is happening with a capital A. Sure hope that isn't a vision of the future, cause he says he's always alone, and injured, and demons are chasing after him. I'm not sure it's a vision, though, cause his visions usually happen just a few days before the actual event they're about occurs, not fifty years before.

I guess some of his nightmares are just bad dreams, and nothing more.

Whatever. I know that'll never happen to him. Nothing bad is gonna happen to him. Not as long as I'm around.

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