Love for Christmas

By Sharan McQuack, Launchpad's wife.

Very short Christmas story from a rather short (5ft 1 ½ in) nice Jewish girl.

I kind of like to have the Beagles and or Flinty crash the party. Can't figure out how. Any suggestions?

Re Scyphi over at new adventures of DW: Leave Launchpad OUT of it! If Gos is Dw's sidekick, let Launchpad go back to Duckburg and Mr. McD where he belongs and you can do whatever you like with that clown in the clown suit! PS; if you don't like my opinion, too ding dang bad. Why Disney keeps using Launchpad's populary to sell somebody ELSE and not (God forbid) Launchpad is beyond me.

"Launchpad, what can I get my Unca Scrooge for a Christmas gift?" Webby asked Launchpad.

Webby had already asked her grandma, Mrs. Beakly that question.

Mrs. Beakly had told her to give him her love. But you can't wrap that or put that under a tree. Besides, Webby gives that to Unca Scrooge all the time. When he's around.

"I know! Here's a free calender I got from the supermarket." Launchpad began.

"It just has recipes in it. No pretty pictures." Webby objected.

"I'm not finished yet. It's not finished yet. Here's some blank paper and some crayons. Why don't you draw pretty pictures. Then we can pick the best 12 pictures and I'll help you glue stick them over the recipes. That way it'll be a real gift from you. Every time he sees that calendar, he'll think of you." Launchpad suggested.

"Good idea!' Webby said.

And she hugged him, and ran off with the paper and the box of 64 crayons with the sharpener built in. (1)

Later, Launchpad helped her finish the calendar.

Then Launchpad saw the Trins.

"How are your Christmas gifts coming along?" he asked them.

"All done. I made him spats, Dewey made him a new wallet. Louie made him a change purse. All with that leather tool kit you gave us." Huey said."

Launchpad had previously put slips of paper in his aviator's cap, marked "spats", 'wallet" and "change purse". He had the boys draw slips.

Louie was so crestfallen at picking change purse that Launchpad gave him silver-grey leather (The leather they used was all scraps, left overs from Mr. McDuck's leather co.)

and helped him make a round, flat change purse that looked just like the Lucky Dime, only bigger. With a zipper on the "rim".

"Thanks for helping us make them. Could you help us wrap them?" Dewey said.

"Please?" Louie put in.

So Launchpad did.

"What are you getting Unca Scrooge?" Huey asked.

"It's a surprise. You'll see." Launchpad said mysteriously.

Christmas came. Unca Scrooge tried to grump about not being able to get any work done. Then Webby and the Trins gave him his gifts. That made him feel better.

Then, Launchpad came with his "present". He had flown and got Goldie from the Klondike, Grandma Duck from her farm, Cousin Gladstone from who knows where, Donald and get the idea. And his present to Mrs. Beakly: he had done the cooking.

Next thing you know, we had a party going on. Even Mr. McDuck gave toys to the kids. (Hey, he OWNS the toy company.)

"I didn't think of getting you a gift, Launchpad." Mr. McDuck said.

"How's about a raise?" Launchpad asked.

"Christmas bonus?" offered Mr. McDuck.

"Throw in a christmas turkey and you got a deal." Launchpad said.

"Fine." replied Mr. McDuck.

And then Launchpad hugged Mr. McDuck before Mr. McD could stop him.

Then Launchpad kissed me under the mistletoe. That was the best Christmas gift of all.

The End.

(1) I DARE you to think about that box of 64 crayons with the sharperner built in without smiling. I double dare you. Can't do, can you?