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Summary: She was new in town and the moment she met him she hated him. Everything about him screamed corruption and annoyance. The moment he met her, he spun her into his web and soon Sakura finds a world of lies, drama and love while on the run for her life. Mafia! SasuxSaku. AU Rated M!

"Shit it's cold." The girl stood out in the cold winter night in a deserted area of Konoha Japan, her mind berating her for the lack of warmer winter clothing. Her legging clad legs shook and her long pink hair whipped around her furiously in wind. She could see her own icy breath as she breathed and clutched the top of her black trench coat that was very dear to her closer to her freezing neck.

Her emerald eyes scanned the snowy streets and she cussed to herself as the wind blew past her and froze her cheeks. There was no one out here besides her and she was perfectly aware of how stupid she was to wait in the subzero temperatures. She had no choice but to wait here, it was the only place he would meet her since the incident.

She sighed and bit her lip. She clutched her purse tight against her side. "What the hell is taking him so long?"

She didn't know how to answer that question. The past 11 months had taken her on a roller coaster ride and she couldn't understand how she had let herself be drawn so deep into his world. When she had first come to Konoha, she had been fresh out of college, ready to become a doctor. The job offer had taken her by surprise and she was quick to take the mysterious position. Now at the age of 23, she wondered if there was some god that was laughing at her from the heavens above at how chaotic her life had turned out.

The Pinkette sighed loudly and bit her lip. She was nervous about seeing this man, but deep down she knew she was anxious for it as well. No matter how many times she had refused his advances in the past year, he continued to break her down until she was begging and pleading for his mere presence. The man she was waiting for had a certain pull to him, what with his aristocratic looks and egotistical personality. It was as if he was a big black spider that lured her into his web of a corrupted world full of organized crime long before she had the chance to fly to safety.

She jumped when she felt the harsh vibration of her phone in her pocket. The woman pulled out her phone and felt guilt pile in her stomach. She quickly looked at the text message from an unknown number and silenced the music blaring from her phone.

Sms: Unknown Number: I'll be there soon Saku.

The girl quickly picked up the call and held her phone against her ear. "This is Dr. Uchiha, how can I help you?"


Sakura sighed and eyed the streets. She couldn't be on the phone for long. She tried to keep the disdain clear from her voice. "Naruto...what now?"

"I've got more information. I need you two to meet me."

"Don't you think we would if we could?"

She heard him huff on the other line. "Well its not my fault he's so paranoid about everything."

Sakura rolled her eyes. This situation had gotten to out of control. "Well we can't change that now."

The man whined on the other line, "Sakura-chan! Please! You two need to know this if you have any hope of escaping!"

Sakura began to feel annoyed and she shivered from the cold. "Can't you just tell me? You know my phone is safe from getting tapped."

She listened to his demeanor change on the other line and his voice drop down from loud to soft. "It's too dangerous. You know its always better to speak in person. We're on the run just as you two are."

"I know Naruto, but he told me to wait for him."

"You're not even with him right now? Are you insane? They could be out there ready to yank you off the street!"

Sakura snorted and continued to scan the streets. She quickly looked at her watch and cursed seeing how late it was. She listened to Naruto babble on the other line about how unsafe it was to be by herself and how she and her husband needed to find him immediately. She bit her tongue to keep from screaming at Naruto about the stupid information. Her blood grew cold when she felt a pair of eyes watching her from across the street. His black eyes bore into hers and she felt her chest tighten at how angry he looked. She couldn't deny how beautiful he was even when he looked mad as hell. His scarf fell around his black spiky hair and his black waist length coat flew in the air.

Sakura knew she should feel guilty that she wasn't listening to her best friend beg her to find him. She knew she should feel somewhat bad at how much she didn't care about anything back in Suna. Her attention and beating heart was directed at the man whose polished shoes crunched against the snow as he stalked towards her. "Naruto, I have to go."

"Sakura! Are you going to met me?"

She didn't have the chance to say goodbye before the man took the phone from her hand and disconnected the call. His left arm wove around her waist and pulled her close to his body. He glared down at her as he shoved the phone into his pocket, "Who were you speaking with?"

"It was Naruto."


She rolled her eyes at his cold answer. It was all an act. "I didn't say anything about you. No one knows about where we are."

"Keep it that way."

Sakura dug her frozen nose into his chest almost purring at how warm his shirt was. "You're late again Uchiha."

He chuckled at her and weaved his other arm around her hoping to transfer some warmth to her. "I apologize. I was held up. Were you waiting long?"

"Try 20 minutes. What held you up?"

"You know with what Sakura."

The pinkette sighed. The fierce guilt she had from earlier still rested in her stomach as she struggled to become closer to the man in her arms. She understood that she should care about everything happening in her life whether it is was her life or work and her reputation. What she didn't understand was how much she was willing to risk just for the man with pure black eyes in front of her. His fingers hooked themselves under her chin and tipped her face up so he could look into her dark jade eyes. Sakura stared up at his beautiful face and felt her knees sway. He was addiction for her once she had been broken and now she couldn't stay away from his overpowering ways. He was enthralled by her warm touch and leaned down to whisper into her ear, "I want you so badly right now."

"You know we shouldn't do that here."

He smirked against her ear, "Since when has that ever stopped us?"

Sakura almost moaned in anticipation. "Damn you Sasuke." She held onto his jacket and moved her gloved hand through the bangs framing his face. Sakura slowly leaned up and attached her lips to his, mewling at the spark and fire of his returning affection. She knew she shouldn't surrender to this possessive corrupted man. However, she didn't mind that he would taint her with his dangerous life because she understood him. Sakura understood his double life and his need for blood and power. In the end, she knew she would return to his side. It was why she had tied herself to him for eternity. Sakura knew she would always be his as he was her drug, her mafia monster, her Sasuke.

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