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Title: New in Town

Summary: Danny's parents find out his secret, and they betray him. Sam and Tucker betrayed him too. With nothing left, he leaves. While on the run, he meets back up with Dani. Together, as brother and sister, they make a new life in a town called Jump City, but how will things work out when Danny gets his hands on a certain suit?

Rated: T for safety reasons and blood and gore, slight angst

Genre: Adventure/Angst/Friendship

Note(s): AU. Danny is 16 by chapter two and no Phantom Planet. This takes place right before Phantom Planet.


Danny's P.O.V:

"For the last time Jazz, no!"

I sat on my bed in my bedroom. Currently, my eighteen year old, know-it-all sister, Jazz, was wrapping my somewhat muscled arm. It got hurt by Dad's ecto-weapon when he shot me in my ghost form.

"But Danny," Jazz persisted, "If you tell them, this won't keep happening! Besides, it's not healthy to keep secrets from family…"

I mockingly waved my finger as I jokingly scolded her, "Now Jazz, aren't you the one who kept it a secret from Mom and Dad that you're dating?"
She blushed. Ha! Can't play the guilt card when you're guilty yourself….hypocrite of a sister….


She looked like a kicked puppy with those eyes…I sighed.

"Fine, Jazz… I'll tell my ghost hunter parents that I'm half ghost…"

I grumbled as Jazz dragged me down the stairs.

She pushed me down on the couch.


Jazz, surprisingly, was pretty strong. She didn't hesitate…


Dad and Mom rushed in with ecto-weapons out.

"Jazzy-pants! What's wrong! Where's the GHOST!"

Jazz sighed, "Dad, Mom, Danny has something he needs to tell you…"

Mom and Dad looked at each other confused and put away the weapons. I crossed my arms over my chest. Mom looked at me worriedly.

"Danny, dear, what's wrong?"

I sighed and ran a hand through my thick hair.

"Mom, Dad….i'mDannyphantombecauseI'mhalfghost, sorryIdidnttellyou…
I said that very fast and barely audible. Jazz crossed her arms, "Danny…."

I sighed, "Mom, Dad…I'm Danny Phantom."

Mom laughed a bit hesitantly and whispered something to Dad that I could hear from heightened senses,

"Jack, our poor boy, all those ectoplasm accidents must've messed with his head…"

I felt my eye twitch. Mom sat down next to me.

"Dear, listen to me…Danny, you can't be Danny Phantom, he's a ghost…"

I took a deep breath, "Mom…. I'm Danny Phantom, I'm half ghost?"

"Danny," Mom said firmly, "Don't talk that!"

I couldn't take it. I stood up,

"It's true! I'm half ghost! I'm Danny Fenton and…"

I felt the familiar rings go up and they transformed me into my ghost half. Jazz looked at me with pride. Mom backed away and Dad was shocked.

"…and Danny Phantom…"

The second I blinked I had many weapons in my face, "WHAT DID YOU DO WITH DANNY?! WHERE'S OUR SON!"
No…no! I knew this would happen!

Jazz jumped between us.

No….this can't be happening…not to me! NOO!

Mom-I mean, Maddie, I can't think of them as parents, not after this…had my strapped down to the examination table in the lab. Jack had trapped Jazz in her room with no way out ("Can't let that ghost keep poisoning your mind!").

I struggled to get free, pulling on the straps with all my might, and I tried to phase through them, but all that got was an electric, painful shock to my system. Maddie held up a scalpel that glowed green slightly. Jack pouted.

"Maddie, you said I could do it!"

Maddie smiled, "Of course dear."

She handed him the tool. These sick, demented sicko fruitloops. I used to call them my parents…

Maddie glared at me, oh, because it's so my fault that I'm in intense pain from a flipping scalpel ten inches deep in my skin!

Jack ignored my screams of pain and continued to cut the shape of a Y into my chest, the points at each of my shoulders and just below my naval.

The green-red blood oozed out and covered me, the table, my jumpsuit, and the tools.

The last thing I saw before I passed out from pain was my own mother elbow deep in my flesh.

I slowly opened my eyes.

"Jack, it's awake."

"Keep going Madds."

I screamed in agony as I felt my blood leave my body.

Maddie and Jack didn't stop. Maddie pressed a small button on a remote and I felt surges of electricity run through my viens. I screamed.

I felt someone hit my face. I had tears down my face. Jack…he punched me in the face.

"Be quiet ghost!"

I whimpered and they started the experiments again. I let the pain take over, and I passed out with one last thought.

This pain…I wish nobody had to feel this pain….mentally and physically…no one should be in as much pain as I am right now…

"Danny…Danny…you have to there…Danny!"

I slowly opened my eyes. Weird… I don't feel anything…

I blinked, what the hell…

I was staring at my body, my body…my body… I'm dead…they killed me!

There was also my sister. She was over my body, crying.

I looked down and noticed that I looked the same- or at least I think I did, but my jumpsuit had stains on it, weird…

I focused really hard and made myself visible. I patted Jazz on the shoulder. She looked at me with tear-filled eyes.

"Danny? Is that you? Did they-"

I gave her a comforting hug. I know she blames herself, but it's not her fault.


"Danny! Oh my god! I never thought that- they killed you! You…you really are a ghost?"
Jazz cried into my shoulder and I patted her back.

"Jazz.. I have to leave now…I can't stay here…not like this… how did you get down here anyway?"

She wiped her eyes, "Mo-no, Maddie and Jack went to get cleaned up so they could continue. I made a make-shift rope and climbed down from my window then got in from the front door."

There was a noise upstairs and Jazz looked at me with wide eyes, "Go Danny! I'll be okay! Just go! Remember…I love you, little brother…"

I nodded grimly, "love you too Jazz."

I phased through the floor, which it surprised that I even could. Through the ground, I made my way out of FentonWorks and into the city, then I phased upward, turned invisible, and hit the sky's. I had a visit to make.

As I was flying, a newspaper hit me in the face. I first noticed the date. It…really….I was in there for three weeks almost a month….under that torture…the dissection after dissection…I shuddered and continued to read the paper.

Amity In Ruins! Ghost overtake! Where are the Fenton's? The ghost boy? Amity is doomed!

It was then I noticed all the ghosts running around. I didn't bother changing my direction; these people brought it upon themselves. They weren't even in real danger! These so called ghosts were just Box Ghost and small ecto-pusses. I scoffed.

Idiots. They're so used to being saved and being told that ghosts are evil that they don't even know what real danger is! Stupid humans-

I froze. Did I….Am I really full ghost now that I really just thought that?

I clenched my fists, Stupid humans…no… I won't become him. I won't, can't, think like that. All life has value and no secret is worth a life.

I chanted that in my head as I flew towards my destination.

Finally I saw the mansion, that familiar, friendly mansion…Sam…

I phased through the walls and reached Sam's room. Her and Tucker were on her bed. She scowling as she had her arms crossed and Tucker was fiddling with his PDA.

I turned visible. Sam's eyes widened and Tucker dropped his PDA.


He didn't sound happy. What's wrong? Why's Sam look mad?

Sam came up and slapped me. I starred at her in shock.

"Danny! Where have you been! What's wrong! Ghosts have been running through this town and you were no were to be seen! Even Vlad came looking for you!"

I felt a bit of anger. She continued.

"Turn back human Danny! We can't have my parents see you!"

I was mad now. Very mad.

"I CAN'T!"

Sam flinched and Tucker looked confused, "Dude, eh…why not?"

I could feel the frustration and tears.

"I'm dead!"

Sam looked angry, "You're half ghost! Of course you're dead!"

"No Sam…..not half…"
Tucker's eyes widened, "Dude….you're….you're really…"

I nodded, "Yeah. I'm full ghost now."
Tucker backed away and Sam looked fearful. I was a bit confused. These guys were my friends, right? My best friends…so why do they look scared?

"Leave Danny! Get away!"

I felt heart-broken, "but why?"

Tucker looked grim, "You know why. Full ghost equals fully evil! Now, go dude! Just go!"

I was hurt… I looked at Sam, but she looked firm,


Fine…. If that's how they want it…

I left in a hurry…