Merry Christmas
Story by: Yuki


It was a cold night on Christmas eve and Koganei Shinji was admiring the Christmas lights together with his fellow basketball team member, Mitobe Rinnosuke.

"First Kuroko and Kagami, next Teppei and Hyuuga… This Christmas sure is lonely."

Mitobe responded with a nod in return as the lights shone before them beautifully. Along the streets were lovers and friends who had been celebrating the day together and the night was crowded with families carrying bags of presents.

Koganei was hoping to celebrate together with the rest of the team like they did the previous year but everyone seemed to be cooped up with something.

As they walked through the crowd, Koganei tripped over someone else's leg and fell on the ground. He managed to prevent his head from hitting the ground but sprained his ankle instead. Koganei's face cringed in pain as he tried to get up but it hurt so much that he couldn't maintain his balance…

A worried Mitobe crouched down and Koganei responded with a, "Huh?"

Mitobe had to pat on his back before Koganei understood what he meant but he felt too embarrassed to climb onto Mitobe's back with the crowd watching.

"It's okay! I don't need you to carry me!"

He tried to refuse but his protests were ignored as Mitobe continued to crouch down and wait for Koganei to get on his back. After a whole 5 minutes of protesting, he gave up eventually and climbed onto Mitobe's back. Koganei then muttered a soft, "Thank you" which Mitobe then responded with a smile.

They entered a crowded café and Mitobe pointed at the counter.

"The Oreo cream cake!"

Koganei immediately replied as Mitobe put him down on the chair. The two had always been together since they met and Koganei was glad that Mitobe was by his side this Christmas. He cut up part of the cake and turned towards Mitobe.

"Say 'Aahh'…"

Mitobe turned red with embarrassment and Koganei managed to feed the cake into his mouth. He turned aside slightly blushing and replied, "Thanks for today."

By the time the two left the café, it was getting late and so they decided to look at the big Christmas tree before leaving. The huge tree was decorated with lights and ornaments as it shone brightly amongst the dark night… Just then, Mitobe turned Koganei towards him and kissed him on the forehead before whispering something in his ear. The clock ticked 12 and Koganei blushed… It was the first time he heard Mitobe's voice.

"Merry Christmas."

Yuki: GOMENASAI, IT'S REALLY REALLY REALLY SHORT./sobs/(I wish it was longer but...) These two really need more screen time... They're so cute together! Many thanks to my friends who inspired me to write this (really) short fanfic~ Thanks for letting me go to your shoot! I got my fill of fangirling ttm at this pairing~

While arranging this I realised, it's already Christmas LOL. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONEEEEE~ Thanks for reading my usual angsty fanfics and reviewing them! Have to thank you all for your support~ /bows/

My holiday is already ending so I'll try to update either "Love At First Sight", a new kurobasu oneshot or something else.

Meanwhile, I'll be uploading another fanfic in a few hours for the anime "K", for Fushimi and Misaki.

Good night and have a happy, merry, BL-filled(WTF) Christmas!