I wipe away the stray tear that was sliding down my cheek and tell myself that it will be the last one, I need to stop crying! Jesus it's only been a week since I left him and already I'm in a mess, my emotions have been tearing my mind apart.

My apartment feels lonely without Kate, of course she offered to move back in but I couldn't take her away from Elliot, she deserves love. Taking a deep breath I'm ready to face work but a knock on the door startles me, I slowly pull it open and see a fidgeting Taylor on my door step, he is in a black suit and tie as always.

His eyes glide up and down my body as he takes in my appearance and then nervously clears his throat, I'm wearing my...I mean Kate's plumb drees with matching high heels and for once I have let my hair down so that it gracefully falls into a curtain of hazel around my shoulders.

"Oh, Taylor?" I say surprised to see him.

"Hello Miss Steel" He says warily, OH I get it, Mr Impossible sent him hear to check on me with no regard to my personal space.

"Listen, Taylor I know you here because of Christian and to be honest..." I stop at his heart warming smile, I have honestly never notice how good looking he was before. His hazel eyes twinkle as he continues to grin.

"Ana, Mr Grey doesn't know I'm here. I thought that since you left your car at Mr Grey's, I could give you a lift to and from work and bring you the car tomorrow" He explains. Well I could do with a lift but no way in hell am I accepting the car, I want nothing that reminds me of Christian. I give him a weak smile.

"Thank you, a lift would be great but NO to the car" I say with exaggeration on the word no. He part his lips to argue but I stop him.

"n-o" I spell it out for him. He smirks and holds his hands up in defeat, Taylor seems to be in a more relaxed mood than before, he never used to smile so much and be so playful. He steps aside an motions his arm to let me go first, as I pass him my shoulder brushes his and I feel a shot of electricity shoot through me.

He gasps and then clears his throat, he felt it too! What the hell was that! My shoulder is left feeling tingly from the contact. I turn to lock the door and peek up at him through my lashes, he is blushing!

Jason Taylor the tuff body guard is BLUSHING! I almost giggle but manage to hold it back. He holds the car door open for me and I slip in, as I sit there waiting for him to climb in I notice my breath is shallow as immediately try to slow it.

Get it together Steel, jeez how old are you? Mocks my subconscious. We drive towards SIP and I steal my self to glance at him, he has slipped on some sun glasses to shield his eyes from the low morning sun, they make him look...Mysterious, sexy and hot as hell...I'm shocked at where my thoughts are going. I have an uncontrollable urge to lift my hand an trail my fingers along his cheek bone.

From one man to the other! Snaps my subconscious. I honestly have no idea where all this desire came from.

As we stop at traffic I'm still gawking at him. He smiles when he catches me staring and winks under his designer shades in such an un-Taylor like (but sexy) way, I blush redder that the traffic light and whip my head away faining innocence as I glance out of the window. HO-LY-SHIT, the way he winked at me! That was so...HOT!

My breathing is embarrassingly loud and I'm fidgeting uncontrollably in my seat. Did he wink at me to be friendly or was there more to it?... Is he...flirting? With ME? I feel that pull, deep deep down that I always felt when I was with...with Christian. Taylor snaps me out of my thoughts. "Miss steel, we are here"

"Oh, thank you for the lift Taylor"

"I can assure you Miss steel, it was all my pleasure. I will be here once you have finished work to take you home" it was all his pleasure? The thought makes me squirm with joy, why did I never feel like this before? What would Grey think of this?

Well Grey isn't here is he? Say my subconscious with a raised eyebrow.

"Bye Jason" I give him a face splitting grin to answer his flirty little comment. As I walk towards SIP I glance back to see Taylor gawking at me, I decide to playfully return his wink and give him a little wave. He closes his gaping mouth and shakes his head slightly while smiling and waves back.

*Taylor's POV*

A/N This POV starts from where Taylor knocks on Ana's door offering to take her to work J

As she opens the door I notice how fabulous Ana looks in her plumb dress and high heels, and her beautiful chestnut hair falls like a mane around her shoulders. She is irresistible!

I can feel my self reacting to her and fidget clearing my throat. After she accepts my lift to work but refuses the car I step aside allowing her to pass, as she does she brushes up against me and I go rock hard down there while a chilling current of electricity spikes through my blood stream.

I have always found her cute but never dared to look at her wrong, Grey would make me dig my own grave but now she is not with him...My time to shine, I just have to keep low and make sure Christian is kept in the dark. Shit I just realised I'm blushing, I haven't blushed in years! On the way to SIP I pull on some designer shades to shield my eyes from the young morning sun. Out of the corner of my eye I can tell she is watching me, could she really like me too?

As we stop at the traffic light I look over and see she is gawking at me, I almost want to laugh but instead I sweetly smile and wink. I'm sure that if she wasn't sitting down she would have swooned. For the rest of the ride she fidgets in her seat, it's irritating.I just want to kiss her, just once and my life would be complete!

Jesus Taylor! Your going soft, snap out of this shit she would never like you! I hear a little voice in my head mock me.

"Miss steel, we are here" I inform her trying to keep the disappointment out of my voice.

"Oh, thank you for the lift Taylor" she replys a voice soft as silk. I can't help my self from giving her some cheeky flirty comment.

"I can assure you Miss steel, it was all my pleasure. I will be here once you have finished work to take you home" I'm don't want to be to obvious, I need to take this slowly and find out if she has feelings for me, then I'll make my move.

"Bye Jason" My heart stops, she just used my first name... The way it bounced out her tong and caressed her mouth. I'm speechless watching her head for SIP, she glances back at my gaping shocked my glee she flirts back, flashing me a cute as fuck smile and winks before disappearing into SIP.

A/N I'm not sure if there are other people like me who love the idea of Ana and Taylor but I'm gona give this a shot and if people like then I shall continue. So, continue or not? Btw if I do continue I'm afraid you will have to wait a little while for next up-date since it's Christmas tomorrow! In the UK it is anyway lol so merry Christmas to the countries who have already had christmas! J