'Merry Christmas, boss.' Van Pelt says when Lisbon walks inside the bureau.

'Merry Christmas.' Rigsby and Cho repeat, lifting their mugs before taking a sip.

'Merry Christmas, guys.'

'Sucks we're stuck at work.'

'I agree, Cho.' Jane says, standing up from the couch. 'I'd like to discuss something with you, boys. If you'd follow me.' He walks away, knowing they'll follow, if anything, out of boredom.

They look at Lisbon.

'Go.' She nods her head. 'But if it's anything illegal, I want to know.'


'Would you two like to have some fun?' He grins at them.

'Define 'fun'.' Cho says.

'Hopefully frustrating Lisbon.'

'I'm in.' Rigsby says, looking expectedly at Cho.

'Is it illegal?'

'No.' Cho looks at him. 'It's definitely not illegal.'

'Alright, I'm in.'


'Lisbon, Grace. Could you come here, please?' Jane asks from his place right beneath the platform.

They share a look and walk to them.

'What's this about?' Van Pelt asks.

'I just have a few questions for you, if you don't mind.'

'Make it quick.' Lisbon orders.

'Do you follow Christmas traditions?'

'Uh… Yeah, I guess.' Van Pelt shrugs.

'Depends on the tradition.'

'The mistletoe?'

'Yes.' Van Pelt answers.

'I suppose.'

Cho coughs discreetly on his desk. Rigsby lets a mistletoe fall down, hanging on a rope.

'Well, then.' Jane points up and Lisbon groans while Van Pelt looks at him with shock.

'Jane, we are not kissing you.' Van Pelt says.

'The three of us are under the mistletoe. Two of us must kiss.' Both women open their mouths to protest. 'You said you follow the tradition.'

'I am not kissing you, Jane.'

'Well, then you will have to kiss Grace.'

Lisbon groans again.

'Sometimes I just wish I could shoot you.'

'You still have to kiss Grace.'


Grace pulls her by the neck and crashes their lips together in a kiss that can only be described as hungry. In slight shock but yet in a trance, Teresa slides her hands from the ginger's hips to her lower back, under the black suit jacket she supported. Grace forcefully shoves her tongue inside Teresa's mouth, dipping her head for better access. Teresa can't help the moan that escapes from the back of her throat. After minutes of a duel of their tongues for dominance, the need for breathing becomes too much and they break apart.

'Well… Suddenly I feel like I should listen to Jane more often.' Lisbon pants out.

'Merry Christmas, ladies.' Jane grins at himself before walking over to his couch and lying down.