A loud rap at her door awoke Raven. The girl got up, and answered it. As the door slid open, she saw the face she hoped she would never see again. Slade. The man did not talk, and Raven was speechless. He walked into her room, silently. Then, he pulled his mask off. Blue eyes, pale skin, it all added up. This man, Slade, was actually Rorek, the wizard.

Raven was still speechless. Rorek smiled as the whole room burst into flames. Rorek became a pillar of flames. Raven cried out as the heat intensified. Then, a massive wave it the tower, pouring water into her room. The flames were ut out, But the water flooded her bedroom, threatening to drown her.

As her head ducked below the waves, a massive gust of wind came. The waster was blown out of the window. Raven grabbed on to her shattered windowframe, holding on for dear life.

The wind tried to blow her away, but Raven held on with an iron grip. But even iron can slip. As Ravens hands slipped, a stone wall came up behind her. sh hit it with a grunt. more walls surrounded her.

Then, three openings appeared. one, had wind blowing out of it so strong that she was getting blown away from where she stood. The other was cloaked in flames. The third, was an ocean the Rave knew had no end.

Raven stumbled toward the fire, the wind too strong. as she did, everything dissipated. Leaving Flames once more. So many flames. "Robin!" She cried out in the fire, screaming. then the world went dark as unconsciousness took her.

Robin burst through Raven's door. nothing was different. Raven was on her bed, asleep. nothing was torn, broken, or harmed in any other manner.

Robin went to raven, shaking her shoulders, trying to awaken her. But she had gone into a trance. A healing trance. Robin ran around the room, looking for the thing that had harmed her. but there was nothing. No one.

Robin ran back to her, lifting her into his arms. He walked to the hospital room and lay her in the bed. She hovered, still as death. Robin looked at her, tears forming. This girl, had been through so much. She had been told that she would destroy the earth since she was born. She had fought and defeated her own father. She had been captured by Slade who had used her powers for evil.

Now this. A mysterious person attacking her. Rabin absently wondered if it was Slade. he had gotten in once, and he could do it again. But getting out while Robin was alert and running to Raven's room was absurd. Robin was even running down the only hall to the exit.

Robin stared at the monotone face of his companion. She looked beautiful in the moonlight. Robin had placed her next to a window and hadn't bothered turning on the lights. Her short hair hung neatly. Robin remembered when he had caught her. When her hair was long and her leotard was ripped.

He liked her hair long. It was beautiful, I mean how many people have natural blue hair? Robin pushed lock of Raven's hair out of her face. A sudden urge to kiss her came to Robin.

"No!" Robin whispered, looking away. He was with Starfire, not Raven. Raven. She was so alike him. They had been through so much together.

Robin remembered when he had let her into his mind when he thought Slade was attacking him. He remembered hearing her cry out when she had been taken by Slade. He was so afraid. Afraid that she would never return, That she was gone forever.

Now, as he looked at her beautiful face, he realized that she was special to him. That he wanted to protect her, to his last breath.

"Oh, Raven." Robin whispered.