Raven's soul cried alone on the cold place she was being held. Her tears were unnatural, as a souls tears are usually found streaming down a body. Not down a cerebral form. But everything about Raven was unnatural. From her violet hair to her heritage, she was an unnatural being. One who held so many memories, so much pain. Raven had definitely blown a wide hole in her wall, but she needed more. She needed to crush the space between emotion and control, and she needed to allow it all to be free.

So she let her memories cascade back to that day, when her world shattered around her and she fled to her new home.

The sky had turned red with flames. Raven flew steadily away from her dead mother, tears of anger and grief flowing down her pale cheeks. Raven would avenge her mother, and kill whoever did this. She searched for tha o who did this, for the center of the storm. Seeing a hole in the clouds that had formed, Raven flew towards it.

Entering the eye of the storm, aven looked around frantically, searching for whoever killed her mother and destroyed her home. The flames filled her violet eyes, making them seem magenta. the shock of everything was floating away, leaving the burden it once held behind. Raven felt her sorrow threaten to overthrow her, and she searched frantically, looking for whoever did this. She had to avenge her mother before she let herself feel this pain the hovered all around her.

Then her eyes settled on a form. His skin was the color of blood, of death. He was huge, taller than the tallest building, larger than anything. He had four eyes, each glowing more red than his skin, and his white hair contrasted greatly with the blackened world around him. He was laughing, watching as a family was burned to a crisp. He was the one who did this. He destroyed Azarath, he killed her mother, he would die.

Even as Raven thought this, The giant man turned to face her. A smile lit up his face as he saw her. "Raven, my dear child." He said, smiling at her. Raven paused. How did her know her name? Child?

"I am no child." She replied, her rebellious nature always in the way. But the giant man-beast just laughed.

"I suppose not, you have turned into a fine young woman." Once again, raven was startled, this thing spoke as if he knew her. As if h had watched her grow up. "Raven, you must know who I am, right?" The thing said, noticing her confusion.

Raven wracked her mind, where was he from. Her confusion kept her emotions at bay, her curiosity stronger than her anger, for now. She thought of how she had learned her father was a demon... her father was a demon. No.

"You..." raven said, but she couldn't continue. This was her father. Her own father destroyed everything she held dear.

"Yes, Raven, I am your father." The man's booming voice echoed in raven's mind.

"No!" Raven screamed in her cage. "No, you are not my father! You never cared about me! You never bothered to see if I was ok! You were my worst nightmare, you haunted me, you still haunt me! I hate you and you will never be my father!" Raven's cried ended abruptly as she choked and sobbed. She was digging a knife into her heart, she knew, bur she had to do this. For her new family.

"What are you screaming about now?" A deep and terribly familiar voice broke her reverie. Slade came into view, his mask hiding the smirk Raven knew he wore. His soul self paused, seeing her tears. "Raven, the emotionless, silent, intuitive titan, is crying? That's a surprise. What, do you want your friends back? DO you want you body? Or maybe, do you want your Daddy?" Slade chuckled as he saw raven's glare of hatred.

"I have no father." She said, her rebelliousness returning with her emotions. "Just an evil demon who happened to sire me. That is all." Slade smiled again, at least Raven thought he did. "What do you hide under that mask?" Raven asked, her tongue sharp. "Too scared to show your face?"

Raven felt the atmosphere drop. She had hit a touchy subject. good. "You hide under that mask like a coward. Why? Why not show the world your face?" Raven heard Slade's voice stop. It was silent for a long amount of time. Then Slade lifted his hand up to his mask. Grasping the black and orange object, He pulled it off. As his hand fell, he dropped the mask.

Sorry about the abrupt ending, Had to continue into another chapter.