Hey guys... Sorry this took so long, shit happened but now i'm back... and hopefully, I won't kill you guys again. So here we go... Unmasked, Part two

Slade lifted his hand up to his mask. Grasping the black and orange object, He pulled it off. As his hand fell, he dropped the mask.

A metallic clang broke the silence as Rave stared at the oddly familiar face in front of her. Blue eyes met her violet ones and Raven stumbled back. "No... No... No!" She cried, staring at the man before her. It brought back memories, thoughts, secrets, it threw her back in time.

Raven flew about wildly, searching for something, anything. She had to end her life, now. She had to. Her crazed violet eyes flickered around until she found a burning building. Inside she heard screaming. She flew for the building, hoping she could save whoever was inside before taking herself out.

As Raven entered the home, she was in a new world. Flames burned everything, family photos lay burning, heirlooms spread about the floor. Raven realized with a start that she knew this place. Se had been here many times. She flew through the home more frantically, hoping it wasn't true. The screaming had stopped.

As she flew into a room, her eyes fell upon a horrifying sight. A boy, around her age, lay there, a wooden beam stabbed into his chest. He was so still, still as death. His long black hair lay in matted tangles, his blue eyes staring straight ahead. His pale skin was orange in the firelight. "No!" Raven screamed, rushing forward, lifting the cold body into her arms. It was so limp, so cold...

"Leon." Raven could not believe her eyes. Slade- or Leon- glanced up at the sound of his name.

"I haven't been called that in many years, Rachel." Raven cringed at her given name.

"I am no longer the Rachel you remember. And you are no longer The Leon I remember. Slade." Raven's voice was full of venom, but she couldn't deny the small part of her that was overjoyed to see him, that hoped she could change him back.

Slade's face fell. "Rave... I'm-" Slade cut himself off. " I have better matters to attend to." Picking up his mask, Slade swept out of the room, leaving Raven to her thoughts.

Robin remembered all the reason why he thought of her, and he knew, without a doubt, that he did, in fact, love Raven.

Robin's footsteps echoes around the alleyway, his thoughts far away. He thought about his sudden realization. How had he not seen it sooner? His emotions were always so hidden, even to him... but he knew he'd had some sort of feelings towards the dark girl. He just hadn't been able to put a name to it. He remembered how her strong gaze used to chill him. He remembered when he had found her, falling to her death, her clothes ripped to shreds. He remembered the rage he'd felt that day, how much he wanted to go back and rip Slade apart, piece by piece.

Robin was so lost in thought he didn't notice the shadows shift behind him. And he never saw the form coming.

"Robin." It whispered in his ear before wrapping a single arm around his throat. The shadowy form pulled the boy back into the alley, away from the commerce of midday. Robin struggled, but the form's grip was iron. When the pair were safely in the alley, the form shoved robin into the wall.

"Listen here, boy. Your friend, Raven, her mind is under the control of Slade. That's why she attacked you. What you have to do, is attack Slade's empty body while he's out of it. Got it?" The form said in a raspy voice. A cloak hid the person's face, and it's voice was unrecognizable.

Robin's voice was filled with questions as he replied, " Who are you?"

The form released the boy at once, and took a step back. "A friend." it said, then turned and disappeared into the alley. Robin watched, a million thoughts brewing in his mind.

Yeah... I know it was short but... At least I stopped leaving you hanging.