"Leave me alone!" Raven screamed at Slade. He lunged at her, pinning her. The girl shoved him off, and flew into the air. He pinned her once more, and began to beat her mercilessly. Raven screamed, and released her power, flinging him away.

"Raven!" A familiar voice cried. She searched for Robin, but could not see him.

Then two of his soldiers pinned her down. She Screamed and threw them off.

Then she was in titans tower. Robin was there, beside Slade. "Robin, Help me!" Raven cried at the boy. But he just stared at her like she was insane. Then Slade lunged at her.

Raven screamed, and grabbed Slade with her power, flinging him to the side. She looked at Robin one last time before running out of the room. SHe heard him give chase, his footsteps soon joined with two others. Raven looked back.

On both sides of Robin was Slade. "Robin! Why are you working with him!? Why are there two of him!? Help!" The terrified girl cried.

She looked forward, seeing a window. She broke it, flying out into the open air. Slade can't fly, right? Wrong. One of the Slades flew out after Raven.

" Raven! Friend, I will not hurt you," Slade called after her. Friend? Friend!? He will never be her friend. Raven's anger rose.

'Shut up!" Raven cried, whipping around. She launched a burst of her power at Slade. The evil man fell like a stone.

Raven looked at Titan's tower once more. She saw Robin, staring at her incredulously. Slade was behind him. Then Raven looked down to the water. She looked at Slade's unconscious face. For a second, just a millisecond Raven thought she saw Starfire in his place. Then Slade returned.

Raven turned and flew for the city. She searched for haven. When she looked at the street, Her vision horrified her.

Thousands of Slades lined the city. Raven screamed, And began to blast. She hit As many Slades as she could. The slade's screamed. Raven heard her name, she heard terror, and most of all, she heard Robin.

"Raven!" He cried from behind her. Raven turned around and saw Robin. He stared at her like she was insane, like she had betrayed him. But He had betrayed her.