"Are you the real one? or just another copy?" Raven asked Star.

"The real what? Raven, are you alright?" Star asked.

"What do you think!" Raven cried, lunging at Starfire. But Robin caught her and held her back. "Robin? who are you?" Raven asked, looking at him. He just looked at her, his eyes filled with sadness. he then pulled back his arm and punched her, knocking her out.

"I'm sorry," Robin said as Starfire carried her back to Titans Tower.

"What's wrong with Raven?" Beastboy asked, looking at the girl.

"I honestly don't know." Robin replied, looked at his dark friend, thinking that this was all his fault. That the reason Raven had gone insane was that Robin was not there in time. Someone had done this to her, and no matter what, Robin swore then he would get his revenge.

"What did you see when you burst into her room?" Cyborg asked.

"Nothing. Just Raven's normal room. nothing was knocked over, nothing was broken. " Robin replied.

"Are you sure?" Starfire asked.

"Yes." Robin said. Robin remembered every detail.

Suddenly Raven began to thrash once more. She pulled on her bindings, and opened her mouth to scream unheard screams.

Deep within her mind, Raven fought. She fought Slade. This battle was for her mind. If slade one, then he would possess her body and attack her friends.

"No!" Raven cried. But Slade just laughed and punched her, flinging her back. Raven knew she was weakening. She knew that in this state, with fear and sadness weighing upon her, She would never win.

Slade was not like her. That she knew. He was not filled with such a hatred and darkness as she. Thus he would win. Because he did not fight out of hatred, but enjoyment. And enjoyment, evil or not, was the key to winning.

Slade lunged again. Raven dodged, but The man whipped around in time to hit her in the back. Raven flew across the Mindfield and landed with a grunt. Slade stalked in for the kill.

Robin watched in utter pain as Raven began to scream. She thrashed and screamed as if she was about to die. But the worst p art was what she screamed.

"Help! Please! He's winning! He going to Take all that I am! Some one! Starfire! Beastboy! Cyborg! Robin!" Raven cried out. Rabon flincked at his name, but still watched.

Slade landed upon Raven, pinning her. He then beat her mercilessly. All raven could do was scream. Then her last hope came. "Slade!" Raven cried within her mind.