"Slade!" Raven cried, her back arching and her body convulsing. then she began to scream. She thrashed and kicked and fought against her restraints as if she would die if she was not freed.

Robin just stared. Slade. Slade was after her again. Slade was doing something to cause this. then staring at Raven, Robin saw what was happening inside. He saw as Raven's soul dimmed.

Robin watched in horror as his friend suddenly stilled. She was so unmoving, so silent. Then a sound filled his ears and froze his heart. Raven flatlined. Robin went into shock, and became a statue. Cyborg rushed forward, pushing past Robin.

Before Cyborg could reach Raven her heartbeat resumed as if it had never stopped. She opened her eyes. But those eyes, they were not hers. They were black, completely. Even the whites had become Black.

She got up and flexed her fingers, as if she was testing them. "Hello, Robin." She said, her voice holding a mischievous ring. Her lips curled up into an evil grin. In a flash she was up.

"Raven?" Robin asked. he girl shook her head. then Robin was flying. He hit the far wall with a grunt. Cyborg shouted, "Raven!"

Raven whipped around and used her powers to throw Cyborg out the window. Robin's mind filled with fear. What happened to Raven?

Starfire tackled Raven, trying not to hurt her friend. The seemingly possessed girl Blasted Star away and flew out the window. Robin ran to the window and watched her fly away. He couldn't help thinking Raven, wasn't Raven anymore.

A deep pit of despair opened in his heart, watching Raven's receding form. He knew, that Slade was after Raven again, but why? Slade seemed to take a special interest in Raven, even more profound than in Robin himself. Obsession. The word popped into his mind, and Robin knew that it described Slades interest perfectly.

How was he controlling Raven? Why was raven like this? Raven, Raven, Raven, the name meant a million things in his mind. It meant despair, hope, trust... and maybe, Love?

"Robin! What is up with Raven!?" Cyborg interrupted Robin's thoughts. The boy wonder turned around to face his team. They expected him to know the answers, to be the rock in a storm. But what they saw was not Robin, the trusted strong leader. It was a scared, sad, boy.

"I have no idea..." Robin said, his voice filled with hopelessness.