"Robin! What is up with Raven!?" Cyborg interrupted Robin's thoughts. The boy wonder turned around to face his team. They expected him to know the answers, to be the rock in a storm. But what they saw was not Robin, the trusted strong leader. It was a scared, sad, boy.

"I have no idea..." Robin said, his voice filled with hopelessness.

"No! Stop, please! Those are my friends! Please!" Raven screamed. Her soul self, no more than a group of dust formed into an almost solid form of raven screamed from the invisible cage that held her.

"My dear Gem, you are powerless now, no more tricks." Slade said, in a powerful voice. Raven could not see him but she knew he was there. Slade inhabited her mind, controlling her body, but Raven knew that he was not the owner of the mind. If raven's soul self died, she would take Slade with her. If her body was hurt or killed, the same injuries would show on slade's own empty body.

She had seen the fight. She had watched as her own hands, attacked those she loved and cared for most. And, she could not stop it, it was far too late for that. she was trapped, as hopeless as she had been last time Slade had kidnapped her. Except, he didn't kidnap her this time. He stole her body. He used her powers to hurt those she loved. that was unacceptable.

She was angry, but not angry enough. It would take a considerable amount of emotion to break her free, and her training to suppress her emotions caused her to douse her anger before it could become a blaze. But her spark of anger did not go unnoticed by Slade, if he pushed her too far, she would come back at him. chances are, he would not survive an encounter of that size.

He left her be and continued his path. Flying over jump city, he laughed at what it would soon become when his plans completed. A smoking husk, his domain, his city, his world. All with Raven at his side. She didn't know the full extent of her powers and he planned on showing her. even iff she wasn't the one using them.

Tears fell down raven's face. Her mind flashed the images. Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast boy. They all looked at her with such contempt, not understanding that she was not herself. That the person doing this wasn't her, but another. They all must hate her, must be hunting her. No, not hate. something told her they could never hate her. Like she could never hate Terra. Their friendship ran deeper.

It was the betrayal. In their eyes, she could see it. and, in some way she felt she had betrayed them, even though her body was not her own. The tears seemed to sink into the ground, and in her mind she relived it all. over and over again. And the worst part was, a small part of her took a sick sense of pleasure in it all. Raven knew it was just her Demon, and that That part of her was part of her personality.

but it still made her feel sick. Even more so since she was trying to destroy her walls. But she had to feel these emotions, to destroy her shell, to reveal the desperate, sad girl behind them. and so she did, she forced herself to feel. And she began the long process of breaking her own heart, and her prison with it.