Naughty and Nice

Reid Inarus

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Reid sighed as Hotch drove them home, watching the flurries of snow in the dark and the Christmas decorations on every house as they passed.

"Well…" He said after a bit. "Other than the last twenty minutes, that went well… and those twenty minutes could have been a lot worse…" Hotch glanced at Reid, and smiled. "Just think of it this way… they all know and we don't have to dread telling them anymore."

"I know… I just… still have a bad feeling about it all…" Reid admitted.

"Don't. Everything's going to be fine." Hotch said, reaching over the center console and taking Reid's hand. Reid turned and looked up at the man, and smiled. "You really didn't eat much at dinner, Spence…" Hotch said after a moment. "Are you still hungry?"

"… Yeah… kind of…" Reid admitted. Hotch nodded and pulled over into the parking lot of a little Chinese restaurant.

"Wait here." The man said, and ducked out of the car and jogged to the door, nearly slipping on a patch of ice as he did so. Then he vanished inside. Reid smiled and shook his head and turned on the radio to the classical station, which was playing Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker". Reid relaxed and enjoyed the music, lightly closing his eyes… Hotch's return about ten minutes later startled him, but he reached out and accepted the food containers from the man, allowing him to slide into his seat and buckle his seat belt before backing out of his parking space.

"Mmmm…" Reid inhaled, and pulled an eggroll out of the bag of food. Hotch just smiled and turned the radio up a bit and drove them home, scolding Reid playfully for his snacking along the way.

When they arrived at home, Reid took his German Shepherd, Blitz, out to go to the bathroom while Hotch showered, and then Reid showered while Hotch got the food unpacked and onto plates. And when Reid emerged from the shower, Hotch had a fire going in the grate in the sitting room of the Master Suite, and he had set up dinner on the plush rug before the fire.

"What's this?" Reid asked. Hotch rose and walked over, taking the boy's hands and leaning in, pressing a kiss to his lips.

"I love you…" Hotch murmured into Reid's mouth. "And it's dinner."

"I see you've already dug in."

"What do you mean?" Hotch asked.

"I can taste…" Reid swiped his tongue over Hotch's lips, sending a jolt of heat between Hotch's legs, "my Sweet & Sour Chicken…" Hotch chuckled at that.

"Guilty." He said, curling his arms around Reid and pulling him in for another kiss.

"Mmmm…" Reid sighed, smiling. "I'm hungry, Aaron…"

"Alright, alright…" Hotch groaned, and reluctantly pulled away, then leapt for the food. "HEY!" Kamikaze bolted, a piece of chicken in his mouth. "Stupid cat!" Reid just laughed, moving to sit on the rug before the fire. Hotch plucked up a piece of the Sweet & Sour chicken in some chopsticks, and offered it to Reid. Reid opened his mouth and accepted the offering.

The meal was romantic, for Chinese take-out. Words were few, kisses and caresses were many… when the plates were empty, the pair found themselves on the rug before the fire, bodies entwined and lips were nearly fused.

Reid was arching and moaning into the domineering body that was pinning his own with its weight… He let his head drop back onto the carpet as a mouth teased down his throat. But Hotch stopped when he felt Reid's arousal pressing into his hip… all he could think was, not until he's ready… And he pulled back. Reid whimpered.

"Shhh…" Hotch murmured, taking Reid's hands and pulling him to his feet. And once Reid was on his feet, Hotch swept him right off of them again, kissing him as he carried his lover into the bedroom and laid him to rest on the bed. Reid smiled up at him, but pouted when Hotch said, "I'm going to clean up our dinner so the animals don't get into it…" And then he was gone. Reid grumbled to himself in disappointment… but then, an idea came to him. And he blushed at it, but grinned. He snuggled into the blankets, and when Hotch returned, he allowed the man to hold him close, kiss his lips gently, and then the pair drifted to sleep, smiles on their lips.

Hotch was a bit disgruntled when he woke… mostly because he was so comfortable…

"… Maoooooo…"

Hotch opened an eye and stared at the cat. It was Apollo. The flame point Siamese began purring as soon as Hotch looked at him.

"Mao-ao!" Chirped Artemis, appearing at her brother's side. Hotch sighed and lifted a hand, petting one, and then the other. Then his hand fell to pet Spencer. But all he felt, was an empty bed…

"Spencer?" Hotch mumbled, groggily. He turned his head. The bed was, indeed, empty. He sat up, looking towards the bathroom. "Spencer?" It was dark, and empty. Outside, a soft snow was falling and the light filtered through the windows. It was a quiet, and peaceful Christmas Morning… And then he heard the music.

Pushing the covers back, Hotch identified Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music. Reid had taken a liking to it…

Reid… what on EARTH was he doing?!

Hotch began to stumble down the stairs, wiping crusty eyes. But less than halfway down, he froze. He blinked. He blinked again.

"I am NOT seeing this…" He murmured to himself, now rubbing his eyes.

"Hm… Good morning." Reid purred, smiling at the look on Hotch's face. Hotch just stared back, eyes wide and jaw dropped. Reid was lying on his belly by the Christmas Tree, facing the fire place. He had lit a fire and was alternating between sipping hot coffee and sucking on a peppermint stick… There was a Santa hat perched at a jaunty angle on his tousled curls, but the thing that caught Hotch's attention was… Reid was completely naked…

No… wait… there was a thin strip of red nestled between his buttocks. Oh God, he was wearing a…

Hotch's mouth went dry and a coy smile touched Reid's lips, the boy's eyes settling on the front of Hotch's pants… he took a long, luxurious lick at the candy cane.

"W-What… what the hell are you doing?" Hotch managed to get out, his voice strained.

"Waiting for you." Reid said calmly, lightly kicking his feet before bending both legs and crossing his ankles… he continues to kick slowly and leisurely, his heels almost tapping his buttocks before his legs were bent at a 90 degree angle again. He sipped his coffee and stared into the fire before licking the peppermint again.

"… I stuffed your stocking." Reid said, suddenly. Hotch's mind immediately went into the gutter.


"I said, I stuffed your stocking." And Reid glanced up at the mantle.

Garcia had knitted stockings for everyone on the team… Three stockings hung over their fire place… A a black one with a green Christmas tree on it bore Hotch's name… a green one with red and white candy canes on it bore Jack's name… and a golden stocking with Holly and mistletoe bore Reid's name…

Mistletoe… Oh dear God, Reid had hung mistletoe on the Christmas tree, right over his own head.

"Well?" Reid asked, suddenly.


"You gonna look?" Reid clarified.

"Oh…" Hotch mumbled, and slowly made his way down the stairs and across the living room. He reached the fireplace and stood before Reid, who was staring into the flames, a knowing smirk on his face. Hotch reached out and removed his stocking from its hook, feeling the weight of something inside. He took a deep breath, and reached in.

His fingers closed on a long smooth shaft… he withdrew it from the stocking. And his eyes widened.

"Uh…" Was all he could get out. Reid's smirk widened to an amused grin as Hotch stared at the bright blue vibrator. He fumbled to put it down and reached into the stocking again… this time, he pulled out a cock ring and a tube of lubcrication. He set these down and reached in again… and pulled out red furry handcuffs. He looked down at Reid… who was slowly sliding the candy cane in and out of his pursed lips, watching Hotch from under hooded eyes.

"Spencer…" Hotch said slowly, setting his stocking down. "What… what is all of this about?"

Reid finished off his coffee mug and pushed it aside. He sucked the peppermint stick into his mouth, regarding Hotch thoughtfully for a long time before he withdrew it… veryyyyy sloooooowly… Then he hung it on a branch of the tree and lifted an index finger and wiggled it, beckoning Hotch closer. Hotch slowly approached and knelt. And as he did, Reid rose to all fours and reached out, snagging the collar of Hotch's t-shirt and drawing him close, giving him a deep, coffee and peppermint kiss, taking his breath away…

It was a long time before they parted, and Hotch was speechless when they did…

"I'm tired of waiting." Reid whispered, and Hotch ran his tongue over his lips… for a moment, he thought he could taste Spencer's breath… "My soul has healed… and I'm ready." Reid continued, watching Hotch open his eyes and meet his gaze. "I want you, Aaron." Hotch's eyes widened and his brow furrowed in concern. "I want you to make love to me… I want to feel you inside of me… it's been so long… I want to be intimate with you again. I promise… I'm ready, Aaron. I want to be with you as your lover… Please… make me yours again. Please…"

Hotch just sat there, frozen. His mind was officially blown. Reid smiled and leaned in, claiming the man's lips again. Hotch twitched, and then threw his arms around Reid and held him close, plunging his tongue into the younger's mouth and tasting all he had to offer. Reid arched into the man and groaned, rubbing against him.

"I love you, Aaron…" He gasped. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, Spencer…" Hotch rasped, his voice rough and ragged.

"Please Aaron… Please take me… Oh… God, yes…" Reid gasped as strong hands slid over his body. "Take me… take me, I love you…"

"Shhh..." Hotch hissed, sliding a hand down Reid's flat belly and smiling as he felt it tremble under his touch. Hotch nuzzled Reid, then pulled back and looked down. "And… what is all of this?" He asked, gesturing to the front of Reid's body. His chest, stomach and thighs were patterned with… spirals of red and white paint? Reid grinned and wiggled his eyebrows.

"Peppermint and Vanilla body paint."

"Are you serious?" Hotch asked, a laugh in his tone. Then he grinned and leaned over, kissing Reid's lips again. "I love you…" And then he lowered his head and brought his tongue across his lover's chest, following a white stripe. The soft, gentle flavor of vanilla sweetened the journey, almost as much as the quavery moan that rose from Reid's lips. Hotch ran a hand down Reid's waist as he licked a trail over a sharp red peppermint stripe, making a brief detour to swipe over a nipple as he passed. Reid let out a soft cry at that, his long fingers coming to rest amidst Hotch's dark hair. Hotch smiled, taking the nipple into his mouth and suckling softly, bringing a whine from his lover's throat…

Then he followed a double stripe of vanilla and peppermint, curving around one nipple, crossing the chest and then curling around the other, leading him into nipping and sucking at the previously neglected one.

"Oh God… Aaron…" Reid moaned, squirming. "Please, yes… God… Aaron…"

That tongue, hot, wet and rough, followed the spiraling patterns over and around his chest, down his stomach, circling his navel, and then back up again. Over and across, swirl here, twirl there, up and down the oblique muscles and across his abdomen below his navel… And then a soft, hot breath.

"Well well… what is this?" Hotch asked, grinning. Reid propped himself up on his elbows and looked down, bending one of his knees. Hotch raised his eyes, locking gazes with Reid, and then looked down again. "Where did you get this?" And he tucked a finger under the front of the thong and ran it along the length of it, across Reid's hip.

"… Garcia may have helped?"

"Why am I not surprised?" Hotch asked, admiring the white fluff along the top hem, and the little ribbon with tiny jingle bells on it… and of course, how the red fabric bulged and strained to keep its contents confined… He flicked the bells and chuckled as Reid gasped and twitched, hips bucking slightly. Hotch smirked as he noticed the damp spot beginning to form… He gently teased his fingers up and down the bulge that was encased in the naughty underwear, then lowered his head to begin licking away the body paint that was all over Reid's thighs.

Reid's head fell back onto the wood floor with a moan, rewarding Hotch for his efforts… Hotch just smiled, sliding both of his hands over Reid's hips and up his stomach to his chest to tease his nipples.

"Aaron… please…" Reid whimpered as Hotch's tongue licked up the last of the vanilla and peppermint paint.

"Shhh…" Hotch hissed softly, then finally turned his head and stared down at the straining red material and the damp spot at the very front. Hotch smiled and bowed his head, taking it gently into his mouth and pressing his tongue to the damp spot. Reid gasped and thrust up his hips, tossing his head to the side and biting his lip as Hotch began gumming over his erection. And then, a finger was teasing under the hem of the thong.

"Hmmm…" Hotch hummed, smiling. And then he hooked a finger under the fabric and gently tugged it down. Reid let out a soft cry, arching his back as his erection sprang free, and the fluffy hem pressed on his sensitive skin beneath his erection and above his scrotum. Hotch just stared, flabbergasted. Reid took one look at his face, and then burst out laughing. It was several long moments before Hotch blinked himself out of his shock and chuckled, staring at the pre-ejaculatory fluids smeared over the flushed head of his lover's penis… and the red and white flavored body paint that Reid had painted spiraling down his length like a candy cane.

"You." Hotch said, pointing a finger at Reid, "had WAY too much fun with this stuff."

"I'm having even MORE fun with you cleaning it off." Reid snickered.

"I'll bet you are." Hotch snorted, then he slid his arms under Reid's body and lifted him into his arms, transferring him into the sofa with a kiss.

"A-Aaron…" Reid whimpered, spreading his legs to allow his lover to settle between them. Hotch slid down his body, leaving Reid propped against the pillows and the arm of the sofa to watch what he did.

This scene has been removed due to the restrictions on explicit content

The gray light of the morning outside was further dimmed by the gentle snow fall. In the houses up and down the street, children were beginning to wake, excitement soon overcoming them at the realization that it was Christmas Morning. In the back yard of a decently sized home that was designed to resemble an Old English stone cottage, a German Shepherd frolicked happily in the snow. Two cats watched from the windowsill, and a third was curled up napping on the love seat in the study. The fire crackled merrily in the fireplace in the living room, and beside it, the Christmas tree sparkled. Soothing music played in the background, Mannheim Steamroller's "The Holly and the Ivy".

And on the sofa, two bodies lay entwined. Aaron Hotchner rested atop the slender body of his lover, his hips being hugged by creamy thighs. The shaft of his manhood, soft and spent, remained nestled deep within his mate's soft body. His fingers were carefully cradling the youth's head, tangled in his long chestnut hair and massaging his scalp. And his lips were gently kissing over the young man's face, a loving reverence in each and every one…

Reid's body twitched, and his eyelids fluttered. He drew in a breath, slow and deep, his rib cage slowly expanding as he filled his lungs. And as he released the breath, he turned his face into the kisses and uttered a soft coo as the next kiss was placed onto his lips. Finally, he opened his eyes.

Aaron Hotchner stared down into the glazed eyes, and Reid slowly blinked, then smiled.

"… Hey." He whispered, and Hotch smiled back.

"Hey." He answered, his voice just as soft as Reid's. "Welcome back."

"What happened?" Reid asked, and Hotch smiled.

"… you fainted." Hotch said.

"I'm… not really all that surprised." Reid confessed after a moment's thought. "That was… the most intense… mind blowing…"

"I know." Hotch smiled. He shifted slightly and watched as Reid's eyes fluttered, and then rolled back with a moan as he shuddered. Hotch gasped softly as Reid's inner muscles quivered around him. Both were still and silent for a long time, Reid staring at the ceiling. Then he frowned and looked at Hotch.

"It's kind of fuzzy… but… did I…" He wet his lips with his tongue. "Did I just have… um… multiple orgasms?" He flushed as soon as the words passed his lips. Hotch blinked, and then slowly allowed a wicked grin to overtake him. Reid's eyes widened, and then he let his head fall back to the pillows with a soft, tired laugh. "I'll take that as a 'yes'…" He mused.

"That was… one of the most arousing things I've ever seen in my entire life." Hotch blurted suddenly. Reid blinked and looked at him, quirking a brow, but then he just grinned and leaned in, capturing the man's lips with his own.

"It… generally isn't supposed to work like that." Reid suddenly said, looking very perplexed. "I mean, men can achieve multiple orgasms, but it's supposed to be through a practiced technique, in which you can withhold your ejaculate when you climax, even though the muscle contractions are occurring, and then when you finally do allow yourself to ejaculate it—" Reid was cut off by a gentle kiss.



"… My mind is still too muddled and fuzzy to process something so complex. Just appreciate the fact that you have officially become even more amazing to me."

"Oh." Reid said, smiling and biting his lip as a pleased flush spread over his cheeks. "Well… thank you, I guess." Hotch kissed him again, and then finally withdrew. Reid gasped and shivered as his still-sensitive body tingled at the movement, and he felt a pang of loss as he suddenly was empty again…

"You're one of a kind, Spencer Reid." Hotch chuckled and stood from the sofa, took Reid's hands in his and pulled him to his feet. Reid gasped and stumbled, not expecting the ache to be as strong and pronounced as it was.

"Oh…" Reid gasped, softly. "I think we may have overdone it a bit…"

"Just a bit?" Hotch asked, looking a bit concerned at Reid's stiff posture.

"I'm okay." Reid assured him.

"You sure?"

"Yeah… nothing a hot bath won't cure."

"… I don't think there's any way we're hiding this…" Hotch said, frowning.


"Christmas dinner with the team at Rossi's." Hotch clarified. "I don't think they'll believe you slipped on ice, this time." Reid's eyes widened and a look of horror overcame him, and then he let out a loud groan.

"Garcia's gonna be all OVER me!"

Hotch chuckled, wrapping an arm around his lover. "You'll live… come on now… let's get you that hot bath and some Aleve, hm?"


"And Spencer?"


"… I love you."

Reid looked at Hotch, and then smiled. "I love you too." He said. "Merry Christmas." Hotch blinked, and then drew Reid in close.

"Merry Christmas…" He murmured, and gave him a tender kiss before guiding his beloved up the stairs for a hot bath.

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