Desires of the Heart

Characters: Thranduil x OC

Song: Two Steps From Hell- Meant to Be, Two Steps From Hell- Clair Voyant, and Two Steps From Hell- Heart of Courage

Warnings: sexual situations, angst, etc.

Rating: M

Synopsis: Never before had he seen a beauty such as her, a mere human mortal having taken residence inside the halls of Imladris. Can the icy nature of the High King be thawed or will the bitter cold keep loving warmth from entering? Read the journey of Anolindë and Thranduil as they fall in love and feel the pressure of not only the family of Rivendell but the Woodland Realm.

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Anolindë could feel the sunlight prickling her skin, could taste the morning dew upon her tongue, could hear the sweet melodies of the birds whistling in her ears as she awoke. Golden blond hair cascaded over her pillow as a soft breeze swept through the room, arousing her further. Standing her nightdress crinkled slightly she stepped across the cold ground and towards one opened section of her room, pushing back the satin curtains that hung there. Pure sky blue eyes looked out towards the rising sun that covered the lands of Imladris. The beautiful waterfalls crashed against the rocks, sending rainbows of colors in ever direction. It was peaceful, just how Anolindë liked it.

Watching a small flock of birds pass by, she finally turned in order to dress for the day. The white gown lightly graced the floor, the rest plastering against her like a second skin. Adjusting the straps and waist of clothing to her liking, Anolindë soon exited her room and took off down the many halls, passing others along her way. Many elves stopped and stared after her as she quickly made her way around them. It was not an uncommon sight to behold so early in the morning. In fact most had gotten quite used to seeing their adopted princess flying down the halls.

Passing the dinning area and up the steps of Imaldris, Anolindë finally came upon her favorite spot. High above the kingdom of her father's, she sat on a protruding ledge overlooking the vastness of her home. The sounds of water lapped at her feet as she took in the pure amazing site of the space surrounding her. For hours she would sit upon this spot, staring off into a world unknown to her. For years she would dream of flying beyond the boarders of the elves. For so long she wished to experience a world that held the most interesting of places, the most interesting of people. Inside her heart a small shard of hope begged for this freedom, but how could she leave the only place she's ever known? How could she leave the only man whose dared to call her his daughter?

Not at all noticing the time flashing by it seemed like minutes before a noise alerted Anolindë to the presence of another within her sanction. Turning towards the intruder, she stopped and smiled wide. The man standing not but a few feet away was beautiful by even mortal standards, with long hair as dark as the trunk of an old elk tree and eyes as blue as the sea. The man spread his arms as Anolindë ran into their warmth, feeling every once of love that came with them.

"Father." Lord Elrond chuckled as he wrapped his arms tightly around his adoptive daughter. Every day he had watched her grow and every day he watched as she became a stunningly beautiful woman. Lifting her head, the Lord of Rivendell, stared into her pools of blue as her infectious smile grabbed his own lips. Running a hand over her tender curls, Elrond could not help but wonder where all the years had gone. "What is it?"

"I am merely admiring how beautiful my daughter has become." A small blush graced her pale cheeks as she pulled away slightly from her father grip. Once more taking her perch, Anolindë watched the world below her wake. "Come, you should eat."

Nodding, the human girl took one more look out into the horizon, her eyes growing dimmer as she thought once more what lied beyond. Noticing his daughter's far awake look, Elrond's smile dropped. How he hated keeping her locked with the boarders of their lands. Ever fiber of his being wanted nothing more then for her to be happy, to know what her true world was like. But like ever father he was too stubborn to let her out of his sight, knowing exactly what could happen to her. His hand gently took encased her's as Anolindë was shaken out of her thoughts. Retreating towards the lower levels of her home, she was lead gently towards breakfast and her awaiting family, who sat patiently for her entrance.

All throughout breakfast Anolindë listened the the chatter of her adoptive brothers as they told their tales of hunting trips past. Those two were always making trouble of some kind but they knew their place among the house well and were respected by all. Twins of course would always be some trouble of its own. Arwen sat with their mother listening lightly but also commenting to each other on the side, as Elrond watched on in utter fascination as his son's retelling of events. Anolindë couldn't help but smile. This was her family , despite their differences. Before long breakfast ended and the boys were gone, more then likely showing off their amazing archery skills again. Arwen excused herself to speaking with a man who had recently taking shelter in their home, a ranger from the north.

Celebrain kissed Anolindë's head before she too left the room. Elrond watched his daughter as she ate slowly, her mind once again miles away. Standing he too placed a kiss upon her forehead before leaving. In the silence she sat for a while, thoughts drifting from one thing to another, her mind wrapped around actions and consequences. Though she soon dismissed all those ideas from her head before she set out to her special place once more. Before that, she made sure to take a detour and headed towards the library, picking out books of Dwarves and battles past. Even since hearing the tale on The One Ring from her father and his involvement in the war to defeat the evil Sauron, Anolindë was interested in knowing more and more of what happened. Of course she was taught of these battles and their histories but it was one thing to hear about the battles then to read the account form many different points of views.

Reaching her safe haven, she sat to read when a noise brought her out of her thoughts. Taking a glance down towards the steps leading out of the city and towards the boarder lands, a group of riders approached, all dressed in colors of the earth. Banners were held high and in front an elven man rode a large elk towards the entrance. From the distance she was at, Anolindë could not see his face but he seemed very important to have traveled with so many in his company. For a few moments longer she watched as her father's figure strode from the halls and towards the elven man up front, who gave a the Lord of Imaldris a traditional elvish greeting. Elrond responded before he lead the stranger up the steps. Behind him a young elf followed as well as the trickster twins.

'Strange' she thought before turning her attention back of the many books that littered around her. Usually her father would have called upon her. Smiling she began her readings, getting adsorbed in the descriptions and the tales of battles as well as the pride among the races. Before too long though, the sun began to set. It was only then that Anolindë realized not only had she missed lunch but also had been reading for hours in the same spot. Stretching her legs, she soon gathered the books she had thankfully finished and made her way back down the steps. There were still too many stories that needed to be read but thankfully she had all the time in the world to do as she pleased. Arriving in the library she failed to realize that there was another among her as she quickly rushed inside and placed each book where it previously belonged.

Thranduil felt weary, his shoulders and back tense from the journey. His fingers danced across the spines of each book as his mind drifted into thoughts that even he failed to realize he had. Most were of the past, remembering his late wife's fascination with the books that he had collected over the years. His thoughts deepened to their times together before suddenly the doors to the library were thrown open in haste. The woman that entered took no head to the elven king in the room as she bustled about, placing books here and there. Thranduil stood still, watching her grace as she moved from one end of the room to the other. Was she a servant here? Never before had her seen her face in the many visits that he usually graced Elrond with. Questions rose in his head as he watched the last book slip into place. A smiled spread across her rose red lips as the king watched on in wonder, unaware that another pair of eyes watched them both.

Celebrian smiled at the look upon the elven king Thranduil's features. Taking her leave, she left the two wonder now what might transpire. The Lord was in need of something to bring joy into his life and she knew that this would be a wonderful way of allowing Anolindë the freedom she so dreamed. Elrond turned the corner as she exited, an eyebrow raised at her upturned lips of joy. Shaking her head at his silent questions, she merely planted a small kiss upon his lips before turning towards their bedchambers to get ready for the night's celebration. Elrond shook his head at his wife antics and followed her, not knowing that only feet away his adoptive daughter was finally realizing that someone was inside the library.

Anolindë turned to exit the library when her eyes caught a flash of blond. It was then that she stopped in her tracks. Standing not but feet away was a stunning elven man, his long blond hair falling down to his lower back and his piecing blue eyes seeming to search her soul. Locked in a silent battle, both Thranduil and Anolindë could not tear their eyes away from the other, the world around them fading into the background. Neither made a sound, neither taking any step close or back. Thranduil could and would not dare take his away his eyes from this interesting creature. With her rushing around he had never had the decent change of taking a good look at her and now that he had, he was almost shocked to say the least. She was beautiful, even despite her obvious human qualities. Where she had been hiding, he wondered.

Suddenly the doors to the library opened as another elven man entered, his features reflecting those of the man before Anolindë. 'A son' Bowing her head, she quickly escape, but not before stopping at the doors and taking one last look at the mysterious stranger who took her breath away. Thranduil watched the mysterious beauty escape as his son eyed the apparent change in his father's form.

"Father?" Thranduil shook his head free of thoughts before turning towards his son, guilt for his thoughts gathering in his chest. How could he think of another woman, a human at that, while he still harbored love for his passed wife, an elven woman of exceptional beauty? Legolas was no fool to turmoil as he watched his father battle with himself. Grey eyes watched on in fascination as he father finally realized that his son had in deed been standing next to him. "Lord Elrond has requested our presence for dinner."

"I understand. Go now my son, I will follow behind shortly." Legolas bowed his head before retreating out of the library and towards the rooms set aside for him and his father. As he passed a set of stairs leading up into the high reaches of Imladris, a flash of blond caught his attention as he watched the lady from before step on a low hanging balcony. The retreating sunlight reflected off her skin, illuminating her features. Now Legolas could understood the feelings that his father felt. He could now see what would make his dear father react the way he did. A small smile lightly touched his lips as he passed by, retreating to his room. He only imagined what would happen now and whether it would be something to take interest in.

Anolindë watched the sun retreat behind the mountain tops as lights began to illuminate Rivendell to its glorious midnight image. Behind her Arwen watched on, lightly picking through her adoptive sister's dresses. Something was on the mind of the human woman who she cared deeply for. It was then that she heard a small startled gasp from Anolindë. Fearing she could be hurt, Arwen rushed to her sister's side only to see the object that caused the commotion. King Thranduil stood below, staring up at Anolindë, his icy blue eyes searching the blue orbs of her sister's. With a smile of her own, Arwen retreated back into the room and once more went through the dresses. Finally she rested her soft hand on something she was sure she had never seen her sister wear before. The dress was magical, its color pure white. Tiny diamonds of light reflected off each stitch as the train of the dress hung of the bedspread to rest delicately on the floor. This was the one. This dress would surely bring out her sister's looks and maybe also grab the attention of a certain Lord of Greenwood.

Anolindë could not help but continue to stare at the spot that the elven man had stood. Having retreated to another part of her home, she only thought of those piercing eyes. Once again it felt like he was trying to reach deep into her soul, to know who she was without words uttered between them. Feeling a gently hand placed on her shoulder, Anolindë turned towards Arwen who smiled gently and handed her a beautiful dress. Looking into her sister's eyes Anolindë could only see happiness resting there and an emotion she knew well thanks to her brothers. But what could her sister be planning? Without any words between them both, Arwen helped Anolindë into the dress, watching as her adoptive sister glowed in the moonlight that now littered the floors of Imladris. Both girls giggled slightly before a servant was sent to collect them both for dinner.

Walking through the halls, many an elf bowed not only out of respect but out of love for the two young daughters of Lord Elrond. Hand in hand the girls finally reached the doors leading them into the dinning hall. Upon seeing his daughters enter, Elrond stood alongside Celebrain, her eyes glittering with tears at the beauty both her daughters radiated. Legolas stood, eyes wide as he caught site of the human before him. Thranduil raised an eyebrow towards his son's quick actions before he too turned, stunned by what he saw. He rose from his chair as Arwen rushed up quickly towards her mother and father, giving them small kisses before seating herself next to her brothers. Anolindë's eyes caught Thranduil's as both seemed to space out of time, everything behind them disappearing once more. Walking as graceful as she could towards the Lord, their eyes managed to never once leave the others.

"My Lord Thranduil, I would like to introduce my daughter, Anolindë. I'm afraid neither you nor your son had a chance to meet her earlier during lunch. Anolindë, this is King Thranduil and his song Legolas of the Woodland Realm. They are visiting for a few weeks." Anolindë bowed gently towards the Lord as he took her hand in his, holding it almost as if she would break under his hold. Elrond watched the transaction with his eyes hardened as his wife placed her hand on his, calming him. The smiled that rested on her lips dispelled any anger he had left as he watched on. Thranduil let go of Anolindë's hand and pulled out a decorated chair for the princess, as soon she sat beside him. Across from him, Legolas watched his father with shock never having seen him behave as such. The only other time he had done such actions was then his mother was still around, though Legolas knew it was more a force of habit then a good nature call.

All throughout dinner Anolindë and Thranduil would sneak each glance here and there. Elrond could only watch on as he figured out exactly what was happening between his daughter and the lord. Celebrain could only smile, her heart filled with so much pride and love for the youngest addition of her family. The twin joked behind their hands and sometimes included Legolas into their banter. Arwen watched on, enjoying her choice for the evening. Both were clearly interested in each other, despite knowing nothing more then their names. Anolindë excused herself towards the end with her mother and Arwen yet before she could travel far from the table Thranduil's hand took hers. Their eyes locked again as he brought his lips to her knuckles, placing a gently kiss there. Redness covered her cheeks as she bowed and was soon off, exiting the room without even a small look back. _

What was going on? Never had Thranduil acted in such ways, not even when courting his wife. His heart beat hard in his chest and he felt almost as if he was a young elf once more. He stood for a few moments after she had left the room, her name gracing his inner thoughts over and over again. Elrond watched with a small chuckle as the twins joined him. Legolas smiled towards his father taking a few more bites of his food. Thranduil soon rejoined the table trying to seem as if the actions he just took had not occurred. Silence settled over those still sitting as Thranduil debated with himself on how to proceed. This was Elrond's daughter and a human one at that. Could he really take an interest in finding more out about her? There must be a story behind how she came to be a daughter of Elrond. What happened to bring her to the gates of Imaldris and how was she able to take his interest when none could before?

One thing was for sure though, now that he had met her, now that he knew her name, there was no going back. She was all he could think about. Those stunning sky blue eyes that held so much wonder and so much innocence. It was then that he came to the conclusion.

Thranduil would speak with her once more. He would settle this strange fascination.

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