Desires of the Heart

Characters: Thranduil x OC

Songs: Two Steps From Hell- Meant to Be, Two Steps From Hell- Clair Voyant, and Two Steps From Hell- Heart of Courage

Warnings: sexual situations, angst, etc.

Rating: M

Synopsis: Never before had he seen a beauty such as her, a mere human mortal having taken residence inside the halls of Imladris. Can the icy nature of the High King be thawed or will the bitter cold keep loving warmth from entering? Read the journey of Anolindë and Thranduil as they fall in love and feel the pressure of not only the family of Rivendell but the Woodland Realm.

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As the crisp morning due hung heavily in the air, Anolindë awoke once more. This time in an action that wouldn't cause her head to spin. Just as he bare toes hit the cold floor beneath her, fleeting images dragged at her mind. That dream was so real and even more so it brought about questions that refused to leave her head. Who was that man and woman? What were they carrying to Rivendell and where had the mysterious man gone off to? Thinking of how the man turned without a word cause her heart to pinch in discomfort. Why did it seem that every time she thought of his sad face, it felt as if her world had crumbled?

Without even minding that she was not dressed properly, Anolindë threw open her door and ran down the halls to her father's study. She needed to know and now. Something was telling her that by finding out the truth things would come into light that were shrouded by darkness. Passing by Legolas, Anolindë did not even pause in her steps when he called out to her. That was until she ran straight into a wall of flesh. Peering up, Anolindë felt her heart quicken not at her quick pace but at who she had run into.

Thranduil stood tall, his eyebrow slightly raised in wonder as he watched the Princess straightened herself and soon bow for forgiveness. Letting a small smile grace his pinked lips, Thranduil paid no mind to her hurried state and instead made sure she was alright.

"Are you alright, Anolindë?" With a wild blush, the woman stopped and nodded her head, not at all trusting her voice around this built and ever beautiful elven man. Looking into his eyes, she caught her breath halted as they shared a hidden message between them. It was then that she suddenly came to realize why she had been rushing in the first place.

"I am very sorry, My Lord for running into you, but I must speak to my father." Thranduil nodded his head as she slipped by, a small fragrance of lilies and another flower billowing in his face. Watching the Princess run, Thranduil couldn't help but wish to follow her. Brought out of his musing he quickly followed behind his son again, keeping a cold and ever straight face.

Elrond felt something approaching and fast. Closing his eyes, he waved away Erestor who merely shook his head and opened the doors to the library to take his leave. Just as he reached the handle, the door was flung open by a ever panting elven princess. Rolling his eyes, Erestor soon escaped the room to his own study.

"Why the rush my darling rose?" Anolindë took a deep breath, entered into the library and finally took a seat next to her father. Elrond watched as she struggled to gather what she wanted to ask in her head. Placing a gentle hand upon her equally smaller one, the Elven Lord of Imaldris, smiled lightly. "I know why you are here my dove."

Shocked and confused, it took her a moment to realize what he had spoken. Of course he would know. After all he was gifted with Fore-Sight and was sure to have seen her waking in the middle of the night in tears. Letting her hand rest in her father's she finally gathered the courage to ask what she wanted.

"Father, last night when I woke, I had a dream. It was unlike any dream I had before. It felt so real and I need to know about those who were in it. Wont you tell me? Tell me who Hithrandil and Nydessa are." Hearing those two name from his daughters lips, finally brought about a realization that she was finally remembering bits and pieces of her life before. Letting a sigh through his lips, Elrond took both her hands in his, paying more attention to the tips of her fingers then her eyes.

"The story of those two is a long one, my dear. One that would take hours to tell. Yet, you have a right to know." Anolindë watched the emotions liter across her father's face at the mention of the story. Something was wrong. There was a great sadness that lingered in Elrond's action that confused the young one as well as made her fear. "Hithrandil and Nydessa were lovers, as I'm sure you could tell. They roughed so many hardships for their love to continue. For you see Hithrandil was a elf and Nydessa was a mortal and it was almost unheard of for love to exist between the two."

"Nydessa was born into a small farming family. Her father worked all the day in the fields while her mother would sit in the house, cooking and cleaning their clothes. It wasn't until Nydessa turned eleven that her father passed from disease. Broken hearten, she and her mother moved away from their little farm and into Bree where her mother met by pure chance, a man from Gondor. Her mother fell deeply in love with the man who whisked them both away to live with him in the House of Gondor. It was peaceful for the two, living a life not known but welcomed. Nydessa had many other children to play with and learned everything she needed to know about becoming a true lady. Not to mention her standing with society went higher then what she had with that little farm. It was during her eighteenth year that she first met Hithrandil."

Nydessa, a strong and beautiful eighteen year old, stood and watched the other ladies in the court gossip and flutter over eligible bachelors. Her golden blond hair cascading down her back, while her sea green eyes took in the surrounding statues. Wanting nothing more then to escape the confines of the party, Nydessa soon took flight, rushing her form to the edges of the city where a beautiful secret garden hid.

Just as she reached the walkway leading to her sanctuary, a form blocked her from entering, the smell of stale wine and rancid meat hanging off the body. Taking a quick look up, she stared into the darkened lust filled gaze of the man that now towered over her small form. A rough hand, more then likely from metal work, grabbed at her fragile wrist and pulled her closer, despite Nydessa's tugging for escape.

"Hello Darling. Want me to show you back home?" The drunk chuckled, his breath hitting her in full force. Cringing Nydessa was about to retort a comment when a voice called out, breaking both from their silent struggling match.

"Forgive me, my dear, for leaving you alone back there." His voice was gentle, almost like the wind brushing through scattered leaves. Nydessa's eyes rested on his form first, her breath held as he came out from the darkness of the surrounding area, blue eyes tight. The drunk huffed and then smirked.

"Want to have your fun with her too eh elf boy?" The teasing went too far and with as much strength as she could muster, Nydessa made sure to slam her foot down on the man's toes, his hand releasing hers. With a howl of rage and pain, the man backed away. Pulling out a knife from his clothing, he raised it in warning, his eyes almost going red. "Come here you little bitch!"

The sound of steal slipping from its sheath brought Nydessa's head around to watch as the elven man she now stood by, release his sword and raise it in front of the other man. Realizing that he had no chance, the drunk scattered off.

"Well that could have gone worse." With a small chuckle on his part the elf turned towards a shocked Nydessa, his blue eyes shinning in a hidden delight. Something clicked then, as their eyes met. She was never one to believe that souls could find each other in the most random of situations, yet her stood a creature unlike any she ever met. He was different from the elves she had met before, and clearly more outspoken then most. His eyes glittered in mischief before he wrapped a gentle hand around her wrist. "Come with me? After all I did just save your life." Nydessa let a smile cover her lips as the strange elven man lead her towards the garden.

Anolindë sat quietly, listening to Elrond weave the tale of Nydessa and Hithrandil. Their love was something that the young woman herself knew well. But what didn't make sense to her was why she had that dream about the two lovers? Could they somehow be connected to her past or to Elrond?

Noticing the far off look his daughter now held, Elrond smiled and pushed back a small strand of hair that had fallen from behind her ear. Anolindë looked up into her father's eyes and could not hold back the smile from her face.

"You my child are a rare gem." She giggled slightly as she listened to the surrounding life in Rivendell.

"Father, why did I dream about them? Why did I dream about the night that Nydessa died?" At this, everything seemed to grow silent. Elrond rested his hands in his lap, now not knowing how to answer. It was almost as if the words had stuck in his throat.

"The reason you had the dream about that night, my child is because... Because Nydessa and Hithrandil... they were your birth mother and father."

-Years Before-

"Hithrandil, what has happened?" As the horse rode to a stop, those left of the company let out a collective sigh of relief and yet not all were happy with their escape. As he dismounted his gasping steed, Hithrandil moved towards Elrond his features encased in pain. Pain for his lost wife, pain for the guilt that no overpowered him and pain for loosing his bonded mate. Placing the bundle in Elrond's arms, Hithrandil said nothing more before remounting his horse and taking off. That was the last that any would see of the elven man.

As he watched Hithrandil take off, Elrond looked down towards the bundle that now rested gently in his arms. The outside was made from rough yet durable cow hide, more then likely something that Nydessa had made herself. As he slowly removed some of the hide away, his eyes went wide.

There resting sweetly within the wrappings was a beautiful baby girl. Her cheeks were a rose colored red, her beautiful sky blue eyes dancing wildly around in fascination at what she saw. Before too long her eyes came to rest upon his face, her toothless smile radiating up at him, her tiny fingers searching for his comfort.

Elrond looked back towards the pass which Hithrandil left, heart pounding in an unnatural way. Why would he leave his daughter here? Taking a glance back towards the baby in his arms, Elrond finally moved towards the entrance to his home where his beautiful wife awaited him.

"What has happened my lord?" Elrond handed the bundle over to his wife carefully, her eyes wide with confusion and wonder. A smile graced her lips before her eyes raised to take in the form of her husband, who watched them both with an expression not seen on the lord's face in a long while.

"Hithrandil has left her here." Was all he said before wrapping a loving arm around Celebrian as she cooed to the young girl in her arms who happily replied with giggles and noises. "We shall name her..."


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