'Alice, can you take this out?' Bella tugs at the tie covering her eyes. The other woman squats her hand away.

'Bella, sweetheart, please, stop. If I keep looking at you to make sure you don't take it out, we'll have an accident on Christmas Eve. Is that what you want?'

'No.' The taller girl whines. 'Just hurry up. And where are we going?'

'How many times do I have to tell you? It's a surprise.'

'Ugh.' She huffs and crosses her arms. 'Fine.'


'I know you're smirking right now, Alice Cullen and I am not pleased.'

'Sorry, honey.'

Alice grabs her hand and kisses her knuckles.


'We're here.' Bella pulls the tie as soon as those words leave her girlfriend's mouth. 'You look eager, love.'

'At least now I can look.' She puts her tongue out at Alice and the vampire leans forward and takes her tongue between her lips.

When they break apart, Alice whispers.

'Look outside, my love.'

Bella's jaw hangs open.

'Oh my God. Alice… what are we… where are we?'

'In a small little piece of heaven.'

They're parked in front of a waterfall falling down to a beautiful lake and there's a small cabin at its side.

'This is beautiful.'


Bella turns to her girlfriend and finds her looking adoringly at her.

Bella blushes and kisses her.

'Merry Christmas, Bella.'

'Merry Christmas, Alice.'