Wendy jumps in surprise when someone slaps her ass. She turns around but only sees Catherine walking inside the lab and decides to go after her. The blonde has her back to her and Wendy is about to get revenge when she looks at her over her shoulder with a smirk adorning her lips.

'Busted.' Catherine says.

'Very amusing back there. What if someone saw that?'

'No one did. I checked. Besides,-' Catherine puts her hands on the younger woman's hips. '-I needed to find a way to wish you a Merry Christmas. It's midnight.'

'In that case,-' Wendy puts her hands on the other woman's shoulders and kisses her softly. '-merry Christmas.' She mumbles against Catherine's lips.

'Merry Christmas.' Catherine smiles into the kiss and slips her hands to her girlfriend's ass, squeezing.

Wendy slips her tongue inside Catherine's warm mouth and a moan escapes – either from her or from the blonde. They break apart and smile at each other, making their way to their respective tasks with a grin on their faces.

Sometimes, working on Christmas can be bearable.