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Chapter 1: Atonement

Fear. Horror. Confusion. These were the feelings of Bardock, who had returned to Planet Vegeta battered, bloody, and beaten. After taking his pod to Planet Meat to meet up with his crew, he was horrified to find that Dodoria, the spiky pink blob that was Frieza's second in command, had brought his elite and had wiped out Bardock's crew without mercy. Fasha, Borgos, Shugesh, all of them had been killed upon his arrival.

Bardock absentmindedly touched his blood red headband as he remembered seeing his best friend Tora on the verge of death. The headband was Tora's armband, and after his longtime comrade and best friend had died in his arms, Bardock chose to tie the headband around his forehead to remember his friend.

The full-blooded Saiyan kept running in the streets of Planet Vegeta, soaked in blood and sweat running down his body. His signature green armor was now cut and damaged, just like his chest. Suddenly, Bardock slowed down and fell to his knees as he saw the area around him change. The red sky turned green, and the city streets changed into a rural area with blue grass and plateaus.

"Bardock!" A soft voice called out. The voice seemed somewhat familiar to Bardock, but he couldn't place where or how.

"Who is it?" Bardock asked, breathing heavily as he came to a stop. "Show yourself! Who's calling me?" He continued, taking a look around him. This was definitely not planet Vegeta that much was certain. Where was he?

"Come on out! I know that you're here!" Bardock was getting irritated now. Why wouldn't they answer him?

"Bardock!" The voice called again, and Bardock turned and was petrified at the sight. It was like a mirror image of him, except in an orange fighting gi and a blue shirt underneath it. Some kind of insignia was on the back, and while Bardock would normally take the time to try to decipher the meaning to the best of his ability, he was too busy being confused as to what was happening.

"You know who I am, don't you Bardock?" The man asked, and now Bardock realized. This was his newborn son somehow. What was his name? Fuck, Bardock just had to forget at this time -Kakarot! That was his offspring's name. Bardock felt sort of ashamed that he couldn't remember his son's name, especially considering that he never had a relationship with Raditz.

"Yes…You're my son!" Bardock replied weakly, reaching a hand out to his son. Kakarot still hadn't looked at him yet, instead being focused on whatever was in front of him. Bardock was struggling to find the words to say, instead just silence coming out.

"It's not too late father, to be different." Now Kakarot turned around, and he was definitely a replica of Bardock himself. He also resembled a fellow low class Saiyan, Turles, who had left planet a couple of days before in a huff.

Now, Kakarot's face started to change, but his voice remained the same. "Then him." Before Bardock could ask who him was, he saw it. It was the man who had enslaved his race, the man who had betrayed him and his race. Frieza.

"Hahaha!" Frieza's eloquent but feminine voice was the only noise that Bardock heard. That evil laugh made Bardock become wide eyed and scream as he felt the ground beneath him break.

The beaten Saiyan suddenly snapped out of it, and the weird planet returned to the normalness of Planet Vegeta That was no delusion, that was real. The words of the Kanassan made their way through his head again, about how he would see the end of his race like the alien had seen his. Bardock kept running until he reached the roof of the capital building.

"Where am I? This is madness! Where I was seemed just as real as this!" Bardock said, coming to a halt as he reached the top. Out of breath once again, this didn't stop Bardock from looking up at the sky. And then, what he saw in the sky made him want to run away and never come back. It was Frieza's ship, he could see it in the distance! The visions had been true, Frieza was here to destroy the planet!

"I have given this gift to you, Bardock, so that you too can see the end." The words of the Kanassan echoed in his head.

"Well, I'm not going to sit around and wait for the show. I know now what I have to do in order to save my planet, as well as the Saiyan race from eradication!" Bardock tightened his armband and began to power up so that he could fly into the orbit, and take Frieza and his men on. He wouldn't let a feminine piece of work like Frieza eliminate him and his race after all the years of serving him and the Planet-Trade Organization.

I don't care if I have to do it with my own two hands. Frieza, I'm coming for you, you murderous self-serving traitor. Tora, Fasha, this is for you!" He thought as he clenched his fists in anger, starting to draw a little bit of blood. The man took off, now knowing that this was it. Either he defeated Frieza and would save his race, or he'd die.

Frieza stood in his throne room, looking out the window at the beautiful sky of Planet Vegeta. Such a shame, another pretty planet that had to be destroyed. Oh well, this was for the best. No Super Saiyan, or whatever they referred to it as, would stop him.

"What a stunning sight, hahaha. Sometimes I amaze myself with how smart and cunning I can be." The tyrant said with his arms crossed, smirking. Today would prove to be a momentous day in history, it would be the end of the apes!

"Agreed, sire." The delicate voice of Zarbon added. The teal-skinned beauty smiled as well. He hated the Saiyans just as much as Lord Frieza, if not more! They had absolutely no class or respect.

"Lord Frieza!" A soldier ran in, snapping Frieza and Zarbon out of their thoughts. "An intruder is making his way towards the ship! It appears to be a Saiyan, the same one that Dodoria let go!" The soldier announced, making Zarbon groan. But Frieza smiled at this.

"Bardock? Let the soldiers deal with him." Frieza instructed. The solder saluted and then ran to go to tell the men to head out.

"You rude ruffian. I know that you stand more then a chance against my soldiers, so you will die by me!" Frieza thought, laughing in his head manically.

Bardock kept flying off of Planet Vegeta, ready to avenge his comrades and friends. This would probably be the first thing that surprised Freiza, the fact that a Saiyan was in space. He had long been under the impression that Saiyans could not breathe in space, and this was only half true. For a long amount of time, they could, but after a certain amount of time, they would die after suffocating to death.

Bardock became wide eyed as he saw aliens of all different kinds of species flying out of Frieza's ship, each wanting to kill the Saiyan and gain favor with Frieza. The pure Saiyan smiled at the thought briefly, and then regained his look of anger as he approached them. Bolts of light came at him from the soldier's arm guns, but he flew straight through them and let an explosive wave surround him , killing all of the soldiers. One soldier that didn't go with them was punched in the face by Bardock a second later, his skull breaking on impact.

"Come on you cowards! You expect to destroy the Saiyan race like this?" Bardock dodged an oncoming soldier and kicked another, then propped him and used him as a shield from other attackers.

Now Bardock had a chance to use one of his favorite techniques, one that had saved him on Rygol 7 a couple of months before. This was called the Flash Spirit, which was an elbow, followed by a kick, and then an energy wave that would hit the opponent directly near his heart.

"FRIEZA!" Bardock screamed as about 20 soldiers surrounded him and clung tight to him, each one trying to be the one that would eliminate Bardock, but they all failed when Bardock used another Explosive Wave and an energy beam to kill them all.

"It's me he wants, isn't it?" Frieza questioned inside his ship.

"Yes sire, that would explain why he keeps calling your name." Zarbon remarked. Frieza wasn't even in the mood to respond to that, there was no point.

"Prepare my transport. If it's me he wants, it's me that he'll get!" Frieza ordered. Dodoria gasped and Zarbon was confused at the request.

"Sire, you wish to leave the ship-" Zarbon started.

"Are you questioning my orders, Zarbon?" Frieza asked angrily. Zarbon could only guess that there was an irritated look on his master's face, so he decided that it'd be a good idea to hush.

"No lord Frieza, I'll get it right now sire!" Zarbon hurried off. Frieza was clenching his teeth, he didn't think that it'd have to come to this so soon, but apparently Bardock had powered up since Dodoria had been asked to deal with him.

Bardock shouted like a mad man as he kept plowing through Frieza's men, each falling to the planet upon being hit by the physic Saiyan. Part of Bardock felt a little bad that he had to be killing them, after all most of them probably only did it because Frieza asked. But, this was not a time to feel sorry, this was a time to eliminate the tyrant.

A gloved hand made it's way around Bardock's throat, and he could feel that even more men were grabbing onto him and each other in an attempt to kill him, but Bardock just kept using his energy in order to keep flying. He could see the ship slowly and slowly getting closer.

"FRIEZA!" He yelled, opening his fist and letting an energy ball explode, letting him get free.

"FRIEZA! COME OUT AND FIGHT ME, YOU COWARD!" Bardock requested, shouting as more soldiers grabbed him. However, as soon as the ship opened and Frieza came out in his bubble car, the soldiers backed off of Bardock.

"It's Frieza!" One of the soldiers yelled.

"Long live Lord Frieza!"

"No way! You've lived long enough. Actually, it's been too long for my taste." Bardock started, not noticing Frieza point a finger upwards and a small reddish ball grow out of it.

"Now listen Frieza, we quit, all of us! Got it? We don't work for you no more! We're free, you can find someone else to do your dirty work! Oh yeah, there is one last thing!" Bardock continued, his ultimate attack, the Final Spirit Cannon, charging in his hand.

"This is for all the people that we killed in your name! I wish that we were never foolish enough to obey you! Here, have it!" Bardock yelled, throwing it at the feared Ician. Instead of showing fear, however, Frieza just started to laugh as his Supernova attack absorbed the attack.

"What! No way!" Bardock yelled in disbelief. His attack had never failed him before. With a hardy laugh. Frieza let the Supernova go. As Frieza's men cowered in fear and screamed, Bardock just stood there, shocked, and then the realization hit him. As he started to scream, he felt nothing when he was taken by the Supernova and his armor started to burn away.

"Kakarot…I'm sorry! I know that you will be the one that defeats Frieza! KAKAROT!" Bardock yelled as he disappeared, and a couple of minutes later, Planet Vegeta did too.

The first thing Bardock noticed was that he could feel his body. He had always thought that when you died, you lost your body, so this was odd. Opening his eyes, Bardock saw a blue sky, green grass, and trees and mountains to go around. This was oddly similar to the vision that he had before, except the colors were reversed.

"W-where am I?" Bardock asked, noticing that his armor was still in the bad condition that it was when he had stood up to Frieza. Wait a second, Frieza! He had done it, he had eliminated Planet Vegeta and the Saiyans. Bardock had failed.

"Still though. That doesn't explain where I am. Is this heaven?" Bardock wondered, but then he remembered that he probably wasn't going to heaven. All those years of killing innocents and purging, why would he go to heaven?

The ground shaking woke Bardock up from his daydreaming, and he could feel that something was happening a short distance away, some kind of momentous battle. If Bardock truly was alive by some miracle, he was going to find out where he was, how long it had been, and if he could find Kakarot and any other Saiyans.

"Whatever is happening here, I'll find out!" Bardock said, taking to the sky, flying as fast as he did when he had tried to stop Frieza.

And that wraps up chapter one. As you can see, Bardock's on Earth, and the battle that he's feeling is Goku vs. Raditz, as mentioned in the A/N. Chapter 2 is where the real plot begins, so to speak, and when that goes up, well you'll see what happens from there. Review questions will start in Chapter 2 as well.