'Hey, Lily. Want a cool one?' Robin holds up a beer when the other woman walks inside the kitchen.

'Thanks, Robin.' The smaller one takes the offered beer and drinks half of it in one sip.

'Wow. Easy there, tiger.' She takes a sip herself. 'You doing alright?'

'No. Marshall and I signed the divorce papers half an hour ago. It's official.'

'I'm sorry, honey. I can only imagine how hard it is. Especially on Christmas.'

Lily shakes her head.

'I'm fine with that. The problem is something else.'



'What?' She scrunches up her face in confusion.

'Marshall and I got divorced because he realized I didn't love him anymore and had fallen for someone else. He was really great about it though.'

'And that someone else… is me?'

Robin is actually afraid of the answer. To have the woman of her dreams with her, and on Christmas night, none the less.


'And you're okay with that?'


'So if I were to kiss you…?'

Robin puts her beer on the table and walks over to her, wrapping her arms around her waist. Lily puts her arms around her neck.

'I'd kiss you back.'

So Robin kisses her and Lily kisses her back.

'Merry Christmas, Robin.'

'Merry Christmas, Lily.'