'Mami! Mommy! Wake up! Wake up! It's Christmas! It's Christmas!' Lizzie Fabray-Lopez yells in one breath with joy, a grin adorning her adorable little face.

Elizabeth is a seven years old little girl with energy to spare. The cute little thing is Santana's picture, the only difference being she has Quinn's skin tone.

Quinn groans and drops a pillow over her face while shoving her wife.


'Lazy.' Santana say with a chuckle before sitting up and kicking the covers down. 'Gimme a hug, baby.' She opens her arms and her daughter jumps into them, throwing her back down.

'Mommy, wake up! It's Christmas! The presents!' Lizzie says from on top of her mami.

Quinn takes the pillow from her face and smile lazily at her daughter and wife.

'Merry Christmas.' She says.

'Merry Christmas, mommy! Now can we open the presents?'

Santana laughs before kissing the side of Lizzie's head and standing up.

'C'mon, babe. The presents!' The Latina says before jogging down the hall with her giggling daughter on her hip.

After five minutes, Quinn manages to drag her lazy self out of bed and into the living room, where her family is anxiously waiting for her. She sits down on the floor next to Santana.

'Go ahead, honey. Grab the first present.' Quinn lifts Santana's chin with her index finger and gives her a sweet kiss.

'Merry Christmas, Quinn.'

'Merry Christmas. I love you.'

'I love you too.'

'And I love you three!'