Brittany kisses Rachel's neck from behind. The small brunette smiles and turns around.

'How are my two favorite persons this Christmas morning?' She asks, getting on her tip toes to kiss her wife's nose.

Brittany pouts and points a finger to her lips. Rachel giggles before wrapping her arms around the blonde's waist and dropping a kiss to the awaiting lips.

'I'm way better now.' Brittany grins and wraps her arms around the brunette's shoulders, bringing her as close as her growing belly lets her.

Rachel nuzzles her neck before pulling back.

'Breakfast is almost done, I'll take it to the living room. Go sit down, I know how much your back's going to hurt if you don't.' The prior diva orders before turning to the pancakes.

With a smile, Brittany kisses the top of her head before doing as she was told.

'Mama's gonna get food.' She looks down at her belly, at her son and smiles. 'Pancakes, your favorite.'


Half an hour later, they're watching a movie, Brittany sitting with her back against the right arm rest and her legs dropped over the couch. Rachel's laying on her wife's right side, her head propped on her right hand and her left one on Brittany's belly.

The brunette lowers her head and kisses the blonde's stomach.

'Merry Christmas, baby boy.' She whispers.

Brittany smiles down at the image before turning her head to the left, her eyes once again on the screen. Next thing she knows, Rachel's pressing a kiss against her cheek.

'Merry Christmas, Britt.'

Brittany kisses her forehead.

'Merry Christmas, Rach.'