Sam opens his door to find Puck with a small present on his hands. At the look of confusion on his boyfriend's face, the brown eyed boy shrugs.

'I don't give Christmas gifts since I don't really celebrate Christmas but you do and you're my boyfriend so merry Christmas, babe.'

'Puck, this is really sweet.'

'Don't tell anyone.' He winks.

Sam pulls him into a kiss.

'You're gonna let me in or what? It's freezing.'


They're in Sam's room, the blond boy with his head on Puck's chest, the brown haired boy has his arms around his boyfriend's torso. Sam opens the present and finds a silver frame with a photo of them. The camera was so close you can only see their faces, Puck with his tongue out and Sam doing a duck face.

'I know I promised not to let this picture come to life but… c'mon, babe, we look so freaking happy!'

Sam turns around and kisses him thank you.

'I didn't got you anything.'

'You're all I need.'

'Merry Christmas, Puck. And thank you.'

Puck kisses him again.

'Merry Christmas, babe.'