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Post-canon story.

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Chapter 1 - The couple in love

Someone else's POV

The door bell rang once, twice, thrice but no one replied. Now, someone was pounding on the door impatiently. Who wouldn't after all? It was snowing outside so the weather was freaking cold. I shivered. I definitely wouldn't like being in the guests' place—they had been waiting outside for a long time now, not to mention the fact that their knocks were being drowned out by all of the loud music and chattering inside the orphanage.

"Yuusei!" Martha shouted from the kitchen, "The door! Can you open it? I'm really busy in here and I'm sure no one likes burnt cookies."

I tried to hold back my giggle; one point for Martha.

"I'm busy too!" Yuusei replied, a little irritated but not because of her.

I grinned at seeing him perched on a large ladder. He was almost hanging from the chandelier in a desperate attempt at decorating the room over the Christmas tree.

"Where is Jack then?"

"He's here with me holding the ladder," Yuusei replied and muttered a curse as some of the ribbons he was holding dropped from his hands to the floor.

"Watch your mouth young man!" Martha strictly scolded the raven-haired duelist.


Another loud thud sounded, like someone was banging the door angrily.

"Where is Crow?" Martha demanded to know.

"He's in the basement looking for some more boxes with ornaments," Jack informed her. "Why you don't ask Aki? I bet it's her parents," he suggested angrily.

"I'm in the kitchen too, you moron. Where are Ruka and Rua?" Aki said in an annoyed tone.

"They are in the basement helping Crow, that idiot," Jack cursed loudly.

"Jack, if I hear you talking like that again, I won't let you have any of my cookies, you hear me?" Martha warned him. The blond duelist looked like he had tasted something sour.

"Yes ma'am," Jack was pissed off. "Why only me? Aki called me a moron too," dropping his voice to a whisper, he asked Yuusei.

This time I covered my mouth with both of my hands, but a slight chuckle still escaped my lips. Jack was so hilarious. Seeing him pouting like that; I guessed that he was Martha's number one cookie fan. In spite of my amusement, however, I remembered that the guests were still out in the glacier.

"Where are the kids?" Martha queried.

"Lighting the candles on the first floor," Yuusei replied.

"Where is Saiga then?"

"He is watching over the kids, to make sure they don't burn anything."

"Did someone call my name?" Crow wondered as he rushed from the door holding three large boxes in front of him.

"If you heard the word 'idiot' then yes, I called for you," Jack scoffed mockingly.

Crow entered the room. The boxes were blocking his vision so that he couldn't see where he was stepping, "Ha ha! Very funny, you damn-"

"Crow, watch out!" Yuusei shouted and I turned my head on the orange-haired duelist. "Stop!" he ordered. At the same time, I gasped, placing a hand over my lips to prepare myself for what would follow.

"What the hec-" but Crow didn't manage to finish. Foot catching on the folded carpet, he fell flat on the floor, causing a raucous noise. The boxes slipped away from his hands whilst spilling their contents all over the living room.

I placed my hands on my head, holding my hat tightly and dipping my head in my shoulders. Unfortunately, the line of disaster didn't stop there. The domino effect continued: one of the boxes nearly hit Jack, who bowed abruptly and lost his grip on the ladder. The same time his hands left the ladder, Yuusei's balance was staggered. After swaying back and forth a couple of times, he fell with a small scream. He landed with a loud thud on the floor just like Crow, taking some of the ribbons with him.

I closed my eyes by instinct, waiting to hear what would come next. Thank Ra, I heard only groans coming for the two duelists on the ground.

"What happened?" Aki exclaimed from the kitchen.

"Is everyone alright?" Martha asked anxiously.

With my hands still on my hat, I lifted my head, peeking around and counting the damages. The living room was a mess of Christmas ornaments and broken items.

"Crow! Yuusei!" Jack yelled, "Are you OK?"

Both of them stirred and tried to get to their feet.

"I've been better," Crow was holding his head and Yuusei rubbed his butt.

They were both fine, looking around with wonder. I placed one hand on my chest and sighed in relief. Then, I burst into laughter. Spending time with them was definitely an interesting and entertaining way to spend my day. I couldn't get enough of them as I found my eyes waiting in anticipation for another amusing moment.

"What happened?" Martha entered the room with Aki, surprise written on both their faces.

"We heard a noise! Are you alright?" Ruka ran inside. She gasped, examining the damaged area with wide eyes.

Her twin stepped in hurry into the room, holding a small box. He looked around. "Wow! What happened here? Did a bomb explode?"

"I have no idea," Crow shrugged and looked around.

"You caused all this and you have no idea?!" Jack roared and glared his friend.

"I did all this?" Crow narrowed his eyes.

"Yes you did."

"I did not!"

"You did!"

I couldn't help it anymore and started laughing hysterically. Jack and Crow—what a funny combination! They looked like big kids and I could never get bored of them.

"Yuusei! Are you ok?" Aki rushed toward him.

I lifted my head to peer at them. He nodded and Aki sighed. I noticed the blush on her face and smiled widely.

'Does the psychic duelist have an eye on him? Clearly yes, but how does Yuusei feel about her?' I wondered and flew closer.

"I'm ok," he assured her and rubbed his butt again.

"You are not hurt, are you?"

"No, no!" Yuusei said hurriedly, likewise blushing. Glancing away, he rubbed his neck awkwardly, embarrassed at her sudden interest.

I giggled at the realization—he felt the same. There was nothing I liked more than some love popping up in the air. Aki nodded and stepped away, placing both of her hands on her face in an attempt to cover her crimson-red cheeks.

"What's this?" I wondered out loud, confused, pursing my lips.

Yuusei let her leave. He bowed his head to hide his own blush.

"You did!"

"I did not!"

Crow and Jack were still arguing and Martha couldn't take it anymore. "Guys, stop it now!" she ordered. Both of them did exactly what she told them to do. "I'm sick of this behavior; you are not five years old anymore. Grow up!"

No one complained or even dared to speak. I lifted one eyebrow. It was good to see that Martha could still boss them around, but my interest was focused elsewhere.

The guests knocked on the door again, harder this time. "Can someone open the door, please?!"

"I will open the door and when I'm back I want you to have cleaned all this mess," Martha said flatly and left to open the door for Aki's parents.

I stared at the young people in the room who clearly are in loved with each other, but hesitated to open up and confess their feelings. All they needed was a little push.

"Okay, here is the part where I'll enter. Let's make some magic!" I smiled and waved my scepter.

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