Chapter 5 – Mistletoe

Someone else's POV

Satisfied, I smiled above Jack and Carly. My auburn couple was facing no problems with their feelings. Jack was still trying to play it cold but Carly's warmth was strong enough for both of them.

They were sitting on the small couch at the corner of the room near a large table. The young girl was now more familiar with his touch and he was likewise with hers. I flashed a smile in Martha's direction—her idea was just perfect. Now, Jack had his left arm around Carly's shoulders and she rested her head on his occasionally.

They were chatting casually. In fact, Carly was talking incessantly, trying to pull Jack into a conversation and elicit a few words from him. I didn't want Jack to start bragging about himself so I was very careful when giving him a little push. Carly was lucky and heard some exceedingly kind words from him.

"Really Jack?" her expression suddenly became serious. "I know you care about me, but I never thought you cared that much."


She bit her lip, blushing. "You know… I think my feelings for you all this time were clear enough, but you never showed… I mean…" she paused, trying to come up with the proper words.

"They're doing well. All we need is a more proper environment here," I mused, throwing a bit of auburn light over them.

Suddenly the lights shut down. "We have 15 minutes left," Martha announced as the kids started to wonder what happened.

"Thanks, Martha," I giggled.

"You really don't remember?" Jack's voice was a whisper.

"Remember what?" she frowned.

"What I told you in our duel years ago," his eyes became barker at the memory.

"What did you told to me, Jack?" Carly asked trying to catch his eyes with hers. He avoided her gaze easily and glanced away.

"It doesn't matter now."

"Yes it does, Jack. Go on and tell her again—or, better yet, show her since I know your stupid pride won't allow you to say those words again."

"Jack, please," Carly sounded a little sad.

He turned his eyes and locked them on hers. Carly stopped breathing when Jack dipped his head.

"Wow! Easy, lover boy. You can't kiss the girl without the right ambiance," I chuckled.

I rushed to wave my scepter again, but this time in a different way than before—a more complex manner. Green lights appeared in the middle of the room.

"Now, Christmas Spirit, I leave the rest to you," and I waved my wand to transport some of the emerald light above the couple.

"Mistletoe," Carly murmured, looking at it growing.

Nodding, Jack lifted up his gaze before turning it to her. He placed one hand on her face. "You want to know what I told you back then?"

Carly nodded sheepishly.

Jack closed his eyes. Bowing his head, he crushed his lips on hers, moving them hard and kissing her fully. At the beginning Carly was ready to faint until she relaxed and started to respond to his kiss. When she kissed him back, I saw a great explosion. I cheered, clapping my hands. Their auburn light burst like fireworks and spread all over the room with vigor.

"Ten minutes!" Martha informed with loud voice.

I had to hurry. My silver couple was sitting on the big couch near the fireplace, surrendered to the desires of the kids and the twins. Crow and Sherry were talking and relaxing.

"I came because I wanted to—not because I wanted to be polite and keep a promise. I…I wanted to spend the holidays with you, Crow," Sherry assured him.


"Are you thick? She just said so!" I chuckled.

"Well…I wanted to spend the holidays with you too, Sherry. Actually…" he rubbed the back of his neck, hesitating. "I want to spend more time with you, doing more stuff…" his cheeks gained the same color as the fire. "Stuff that…only special people share and do…"

"You are so sweet, Crow! Look at you two, you're just like all the other romantic fools," I giggled, waving my scepter in the same complicated way. The green light split into two marbles and I drove one to float above Crow and Sherry.

Winking, I flew higher. "Now, it's up to you two."

I watched my green light as it blossomed into a beautiful sprig of…

"Mistletoe," Crow muttered.

"You know what that means?" Sherry chuckled.

He stared at her, confused, saying and doing nothing.

"Kiss me, you idiot!" she laughed softly.

And Crow needed only one second to react. He caressed her face with both hands and leaned forward to capture her lips. He kissed her passionately as Sherry kissed him back. One impetuous torrent of silver light poured out from them and coated everything. The light was so powerful—I had to close my eyes for a while.

"Aaaaaaaww!" the girls reacted and started clapping their hands as the boys' expression contorted, as if they had bitten something sour. Rua whistled with excitement. All of the girls started giggling nonstop, including me and Ruka.

Crow smiled, a little embarrassed. "Alright, guys, can we have a little privacy here?"

"Leave them," Sherry muttered. Grabbing him by his shirt, she brought him closer, this time kissing him fiercely.

The kids giggled hysterically and I released a satisfied laugh. The silver light united with the auburn in the middle of the room. Now, I had time left to pull off the last one.

"Five more minutes," I heard Martha's voice again.

The golden couple was sitting on the floor near the Christmas tree.

"And now for the finale…time for the last of my magic," I exclaimed joyously, flicking my wand for the third time.

"Yuusei, I want to tell you something. Something I should have told you a couple of years ago but…" she paused, squeezing her fists. "Do you remember…the night I came up to give you a proper goodbye…?"

Yuusei looked at her softly. His hand tilted her chin up to meet his gaze. "Of course I remember, Aki."

"Come on, Aki. You can do it; you can tell him now," I encouraged her.

"Yuusei I always lov-"

But he placed one finger gently on her lips.

My jaw dropped. "Why did you stop her?"

Smiling, he stared into her eyes. "I know. I always knew and I want you to know that I love you too."

Aki gasped and I did the same, absolutely astonished.


The last marble of green light flew on its own to soar above my golden couple. I blinked, watching it changing into…

"Mistletoe," Aki whispered.


I held my breath. Yuusei nodded and brought his face closer. He stopped only an inch away, seeking her approval.


Those two were going to make me collapse. Finally, she gave her consent and Yuusei touched her soft lips in a tender kiss full of emotion.


"Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" I was taking deep breaths, one hand resting on my chest, before a smile appeared on my face.

Their golden light ejected into the air, filling everything. It flew with great speed to meet the silver and the auburn ones, all together creating a bright sun. The whole room was shining—all the three colors were united, making all of the Christmas magic possible. I waved my scepter one last time. The sun trembled before exploding like fireworks in the middle of the room.

"What's this?" Aki's parents wondered.

The kids were cheering, jumping up and down, and chasing the colored lights. The twins stood, smiling and looking around. Surprise and happiness was written all over their faces.

"Maybe some Christmas magic," Martha smirked.

Satisfied with myself, I smiled. I watched my loving couples, kissing under mistletoe and embracing each other with warmth and love. All of them were glowing and I couldn't help but feel my chest swell with pride—for I had helped them to share their lights.

Yuusei and Aki—they were soul mates. Fate chose them to be together from the time they were born.

Jack and Carly—what a scoop for Carly! The great Jack Atlas loved her. Only she could handle his coldness and his pride because she was so sweet and always smiling.

Crow and Sherry—the raven bird duelist's light was not black at all. Actually, he was silver, glistening like a knight's armor. Only he could see deep into her heart to her true self. Only she could love him as much as he loved her.

I yawned, feeling the tiredness taking away my energy. It was time to leave, time to go back home. I came here only to give some help and was no longer needed.

Grinning, I surveyed their lights. "You are going to be OK and happy…just as long as you love each other."

"I'll make sure they do," Martha winked at me and this time, I smiled back.

So, she could both see and heard me—that was why she helped me. I didn't bother asking her or wondering why. Christmas magic was full of surprises. I winked back and lifted my scepter one last time to make their light stronger and brighter.

"Time to go! My part is over but my work will remain. Take good care of each other and make me proud!"

I flew off when I sensed one last silent question. Thousands of people were asking me and pleaded me to answer before I took off.

I turned my head and pointed myself. "Who am I? I'm a friend!" I grinned, "but for good manners, you can call me Dark Magician Girl," and, flashing one last smile to everyone, I winked and faded away, going back to my world.

The end

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