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~Mistletoe ~

"Rini! Helios! It's time to go to bed" Serena called for her daughter and her friend. Rini and Helios sighed. They did this every year; they would stay over at each other's house and would always wait for Santa Claus and try to see if they could actually see him.

"Santa isn't going to come if you're awake" Serena said coming into the living room and putting her hands on her hips.

"AW, can't we just stay up a little longer?" Rini said pouting her pink hair flying up and down. Serena thought about and sighed.

"Okay but be in bed before midnight or else Santa will miss our house" Serena said. She walked out the room and into the kitchen.

"YES" Helios and Rini whispered loudly. They needed something to do so they ran into the kitchen. Serena was just getting the cookies out of the oven and putting them on the counter when Rini and Helios came into the kitchen smelling fresh baked cookies.

"Those smell good Mama" Rini smiled. It was time to eat and to be sneaky at the same time. Helios nodded. Serena turned to wash the dishes and while doing so Rini and Helios took a cookie from the tray.

"Mmhm" Rini said quietly to where her mother couldn't hear.

"Yummy" Helios whispered to Rini who nodded in agreement. When they were done with three cookies they cleaned the evidence away and just in time.

"WHAT HAPPEN HERE THERE WERE JUST 14 COOKIES HERE AND NOW THERE ARE 8!" Serena said twitching her eyes and pointing to the tray. Rini and Helios looked at each other before slowly getting down and tip toeing away from the counter. Serena saw this and her lip twitched.

"Children. Do you know what happen to the cookies?" Serena said her voice low and dark. Rini and Helios stopped and slowly turned around with an anime sweat drop. They thought that Serena would be like Helios's mother Hikari but clearly not.

"Well…yes…maybe" Rini said staring into her mother's eyes and putting her hands behind her back.

"It's a yes or no question my dear" Serena said calming down.

"It was Sparkles not us!" Helios said blaming it on the Rini's dog. The dog came in the room and jumped as her name floated in the air and saw her master's face. The kids ran out of the room and into the living room again as they heard Serena kick the dog out of the house.

"Sorry that I got Sparkles in trouble" Helios said.

"Oh don't worry Mama will feel sorry about in 10 minutes" Rini said as she looked at the ceiling quickly and back towards Helios. Darien came downstairs and saw the two kids under the mistletoe and grinned. He rushed to get his camera and hid from the two kids.

'Now this is something I want to take a picture of' Darien thought getting ready for the shot.

"Y-" Helios stopped in mid sentence as Rini kissed him on the cheek and at the same time Darien took the picture. Rini leaned away from Helios face and saw his face turn bright red.

"Y-YOU KISSED ME!" Helios said holding his cheek to his face.

"Yeah on the cheek" Rini said putting her one her hands on her hip and raising an eyebrow.

"WHY!" Helios exclaimed. They were too young for this!

"Oh…you didn't see it? Look up above our heads" Rini said pointing up. There above them was mistletoe…hanging above the young children heads.

"…." Helios didn't say a word. He still held his hand to his right cheek and was still a bright red. Darien jumped from his hiding place and ran to show Serena.

This was a very interesting Christmas Eve for the two.

Very Interesting.

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