Here we are in Chapter 2, in which Rosalie goes to Gatsby's party with Nick and Jordan. If anyone was curious, this story was named after the song of the same name by U2, but I'm using the cover by Jack White since it was in the trailer for The Great Gatsby. Sorry about the delay but I hope you all had a happy holidays and here is Chapter 2!

After spending some time adjusting the furniture in my new home, as soon as Nick left, I looked at the clock and knew that I had to get ready for Gatsby's party. It was nice to see my best friend after all this time and to hear how he was happy. I ran to the bathroom, after grabbing a clean towel and took a shower before the party. I was about to finish getting ready for the party when I heard the doorbell ring. I adjusted the sparkling black headband that I was sporting, took one last look at the sleeveless black dress that I was wearing with black pumps to match. Getting closer to the mirror, I began to put a light shade of red lipstick onto my lips sine I had put on my eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow the minute I got out of the shower. I was already enjoying living in West Egg and not even one day has passed by. Boston was nice but it got a bit dull at times. When I first arrived in Boston, I didn't go to any parties or see my best friend, but rather I stayed home and fixed things up in my home until it felt like home. West Egg was already starting to grow on me since it was my first day here and I was already going to a party at my neighbor's mansion. How much better can it get than this? I ran down the stairs to see my best friend and his date waiting for me at the door. Nick smiled and said,

"Ready to go?" That's when I heard his date cough and then he spoke again. "Rosie, I'd like you to meet Jordan Baker. Jordan, this is Rosalie Sinclaire, my best friend since we were kids." I shook Jordan's hand as she held a strong grip.

"It's finally nice to meet you. Nick's told me about you and I got excited when he told me you would be going to the party with us." Jordan was just like how Nick told me she would look. She also sported a black dress, but hers seemed to be more of a loose-fitting type while mine was a bit more conservative. She had short dark hair and sported darker makeup than me, but this suited her and who was I to judge someone my best friend fancied. Like I had done, Jordan looked at me since Nick probably told her stories about me as well. Nick straightened himself out by slightly tugging his jacket before running a hand through his slicked back hair. During our years at Yale, whenever Nick did that, it was a sign that he was nervous. Giving a small smile to my best friend, I saw that he had calmed down and stood proudly next to Jordan.

"Nick told me things about you as well. Like how you two grew up together, went to Yale, and well I just had to come and meet you. So, why don't we shake a leg and get going to Gatsby's party? If we keep standing around here and talking, we might miss the good liquor." I laughed and Nick responded by saying,

"Jordan, you know as well as everyone does that Gatsby spares no expense when it comes to these parties. We'll get a chance to taste whatever he has to offer when we get there. Besides, these parties usually last until dawn but even then some partygoers still go at it at the early hours."

Everyone, and anyone who was anyone, was at this party. The street lined up with cars for what seemed like a mile and there were people who were still coming. This was telling me that Gatsby's parties were something that no one ever missed, even Jordan explained this to me as we strolled into the mansion and joined the crowd. Drinks were poured and served to partygoers everywhere who already looked as if they were losing their sanity and sobriety by the minute. I was given a glass by one of the waiters walking by with a tray full of glasses, as were Nick and Jordan, and while taking a sip, I saw Jordan wrap her hand around Nick's and said,

"Shall we?" Nick merely went along with her and they were pulled into the crowd of people who were dancing and going wild at such an event. I looked around for a way to get a better view of the entire party and saw that there was a staircase that had a balcony for people to watch the party. No one was up there which made me happy and so I began to climb up the stairs as I got closer to the balcony. I began to drink some of the alcohol that was in my glass and watched my best friend try and dance with his date who was enjoying herself the whole time.

The thing about Nick was that he always knew how to please anyone who was in his company and yet still retain a small amount of dignity while doing so. Yet I see him acting in a way I had only seen a few times when we were kids. He never liked to dance, always passed up the opportunity to do so, but I guess Jordan had a way of making him change his mind. There was something about her, and I didn't know what it was, that impressed me the minute I met her. Maybe it was the fact that she was the complete opposite of Nick and the fact that they were together sparked my interest. I don't know, but what I did know was that she had won me over with the fact that she got him to dance. I continued to stay lost in my thoughts until I heard a rough and slightly angry voice break my train of thought.

"What is a pretty thing like yourself doing up here all alone?" His voice was slurred and the smell of alcohol radiated from his very being. The man who stood before me was close to losing self composure as well his own clothing, judging by the way he was clutching his black trousers. His dark hair was shaggy and messy from every which way and his dark brown eyes were drowning in the drunken state he was in. I was starting to get scared because he was blocking my only way back down to the main floor of the party. "I don't think I've ever seen you here before. You look new. Maybe you're a lot more fun in the bedroom," he said, slowly and stumbling as he tried to get closer.

"Please, stay away from me!" I said as I was on the verge of tears due to being struck with fear. I wanted to scream but fear began to take a hold on me, making it impossible to do so. I closed my eyes in the hopes that this was all a nightmare and that this drunken man would be out of my sight by the time I opened my eyes. Then that's when it happened.

I heard the sound of the man getting beaten and punched in the face, slowly opening my eyes, I see him getting bruised. I covered my mouth with my hand and watched as this young man, who appeared like a Knight in shining armor, was beating the drunk guy for almost wanting to hurt me.

"Didn't anyone ever teach you how to properly treat a lady, or at least some manners? I think it's time you got going on home!" He threw the drunken man onto a pair of men who were waiting to escort him out. He walked slowly towards me and saw that I was sitting on the ground, shaking from the whole ordeal. He took off his black tuxedo jacket and wrapped it around me as he knelt down beside me. He had nicely combed blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and the face of an Angel. Underneath the jacket, he was sporting an all black outfit that consisted of a black dress shirt, black slacks, and black dress shoes. He looked at me with those eyes of his and I gasped at the sight. He too slightly jumped before saying, "It's okay, miss, I won't hurt you. I promise." He looked down at the partygoers and shook his head slightly with a smile on his face. "It's funny. I throw these parties out of boredom and the things that people do to entertain themselves once their sobriety has disappeared is interesting. Don't you think?" I forgot that he was talking to me until I found myself shaking my head as a response. He stood up as I looked once more at the party as well and held out his hand for me to grab a hold of. Pulling me up, I quickly fixed myself before looking back at this mystery man. "He did say one thing right. I've seen the other goers here plenty of times but I've never seen you here before or anywhere for that matter. So I'm guessing you're new to life in West Egg, am I right?" I nodded my head. "Well then, my name is Jay Gatsby. But my friends call me Jay. Sometimes they call me Gatsby. Either one is okay with me. What's yours?" My eyes went wide at the fact that I was rescued by none other than the host himself. Gatsby had come to my aid and he was now being a sweet and kind gentleman. I wish Nick and Jordan were here so I could tell them but sadly they were still partying downstairs.

"Sinclaire, Rosalie Sinclaire. But my friends call me Rosie for short." He took my hand before saying,

"Then do you mind if I call you Rose?" He paused for a moment. "What's in a name? That which we call a Rose, by any other name would smell as sweet?" The way he quoted Shakespeare was the definition of elegance. I felt my face turn red at the thought of how gentle and kind Gatsby was. I caught myself and then answered him.

"Sure, you could call me Rose. I don't think anyone but you should be allowed to call me by that name since you just quoted my favorite play." I laughed and he joined me. Good Lord, his laugh was something that sounded like the heavenly choir. While he still held my hand, he gently placed his lips on my hand and I wanted to scream in delight. I wanted to know more about this man since he had caught my attention from the moment he saved me. A soft and smooth jazz number started to play and Gatsby's face lit up when he heard the first note. Once again, he held out his hand for me and he bowed. I was surprised to see this and I held onto his jacket for a minute.

"Miss Sinclaire, would you care to have this dance with me?" With a smile on my face, I took his hand in my own.

"I'd be delighted, Mr. Gatsby." He placed an arm around my waist and then slowly pulled me closer to him as he took my hand and we started to sway in time to the beat of the song. I placed an arm around his neck and I guess Gatsby could see that I was a bit of a nervous wreck since he said,

"Don't worry, I won't step on your lovely feet if you don't step on mine." I couldn't help but laugh when he said that and it made me feel comfortable dancing with him. But there was one thing I was still a little nervous about while I was dancing with him. Without him noticing, I looked at him and then he returned the gaze. His eyes were staring straight into the depths of my soul and I knew that this meant he could tell that I was slowly beginning to find myself enamored by him. This was something that I had to learn to control because I felt silly falling for Gatsby when I had just met him moments ago.

I know, it's crazy! Here I am dancing with the owner of this fine establishment and the host of this party, and already I started to feel an attraction towards him. He did save me from what would have ruined my night and life in its entirety, after all and I was grateful for it. Not to mention that he was beautiful and he could have any woman he could possibly want and yet he was here and dancing with me. And like all good things, they must come to an end. The song ended and yet I still held onto Gatsby as he did to me. We continued to sway for a few moments before the next song started to play and I looked up at Gatsby to see he was smiling. "We could share another dance?"

"I'm a horrible dancer, Gatsby. I'm lucky that I didn't step on your feet since that dance was easy and... well, it was a lot of fun." He looked out the nearby window for a minute and then turned his attention back to me.

"Okay, we don't have to dance. We could get to know each other better since we just met and I enjoy being in your company, Rose." I felt my face turn red at what he had said and smiled back at him.

"I'd like that very much." He held out his arm for me and I grabbed it as we began to walk down the staircase. Out of the corner of my eye, I could spot Nick and Jordan looking for me and I knew that my time with Gatsby was coming to an end.

"Nick, there she is!" Jordan yelled as she pulled Nick towards Gatsby and I. I looked up at Gatsby for a moment and then heard Nick speak.

"Hey, Rosie. I told you this party would be fun, huh? May I ask as to who this fine gentleman is?"

"Nick, Jordan, I'd like to introduce you two to the host. This is Mr. Jay Gatsby, himself. Gatsby, these are my friends Nick Carraway and Jordan Baker." Gatsby held out his hand and shook hands with both Nick and Jordan. Jordan gave me a wide-eyed look as she was shocked to see me standing with Gatsby. Like she had seen something that was worthy of juicy gossip or something to blab about with the girls during Sunday brunch.

"It's a pleasure to meet the both of you. I was just about to show Rose around my home, you're more than welcome to join us if you'd like." Jordan began to turn red at Gatsby's hospitality which Nick had caught onto.

"I'm afraid we can't since it's getting late. Maybe some other time, perhaps?" Gatsby smirked and he could see the exhaustion that both Nick and Jordan were radiating. I was nowhere near tired but I knew that it would be rude of me to stay behind while my best friend went home with his date. Of course, they would want time alone together but Nick had this look that told me it was also my turn to say goodnight to the host.

"I suppose it is, old sport. How about we have lunch here on Friday? Noon?"

"That sounds fine. We'll be there, Mr. Gatsby." I nodded my head in agreement with Nick and Jordan did the same.

"So I'll see you all here on Friday. Until then I hope you have a pleasant evening."

"Same to you Mr. Gatsby." Nick and Jordan said in unison which earned them a slight chuckle from Gatsby. They walked away and that left Gatsby to bid me a farewell as well. "I'll see you on Friday, Rose?"

"Of course, Gatsby. Thank you for a lovely party." He took my hand and gently pressed his lips onto it.

"My pleasure, Rose. Hope you have a wonderful evening and see you on Friday." I walked away and giggled like a schoolgirl when I joined Nick and Jordan.

"Is it just me or is Rose falling for Mr. Gatsby?" I held back another laugh and lightly slapped Nick on the shoulder and this time it was Jordan who laughed. "What? I was just making a simple observation."

"Was it that obvious, Nick? I mean, if I'm not mistaken, I could have sworn I saw you dancing and having a good time with Jordan." I turned to look at my best friend and in the moonlight, his face had turned a slight shade of pink. Wrapping an arm around his shoulder, I continued. "But what's important here is that we all had a great time tonight and now we're invited to come see Gatsby again."

"I know, that sounds so swell since we get to see what he's really like and see if the stories about him are actually true." Jordan agreed.

When we reached my home, I offered Nick and Jordan to come inside and stay for a little bit before they retired for the evening. They politely declined and Nick insisted that he was going to take Jordan home before he headed home himself. I nodded my head and bid them a good evening as they left, knowing that we would soon reunite once more for another day of merriment. As I slowly closed the door, I relished on the idea that maybe, just maybe, Mr. Gatsby may have the same feelings for me. Still, it's just a thought and nothing more. With a smile on my face, I proceeded to walk upstairs to my room and hope that this crazy fantasy of mine would soon turn into a reality.