Leia's nightmare

The princess lay beside her beloved scoundrel on the millennium falcon that was surely to take the four to bespin. Sweat covered her face and her breathing was heavier than ever before. Leia was in a grip of a terrible nightmare she pictured walking down a long cold white hallway next to Han she heard chewie growl something but didn't understand him. Lando walked ahead babbling something about a deal made with the empire when they stopped at the door she could feel his presence Darth Vader. When the door opened she saw Han draw and shoot but his blaster flew out of his hand and into Vader's gloved one. The next thing she knew two storm troopers slammed her into a cold dark cell right in front of her was a window she saw her beloved Han Solo be placed into a imperial electric torture grid. His screams frightened her she lay on the floor crying "Please stop somebody help him save my dear Han Solo please" she cried and saw him in pain. When she was dragged from her torture cell she was taken to another. The next moment she saw a cold dark carbon chamber with an orange glow she Han and Chewbacca were all taken there by binders. Then she kissed her lover goodbye with a warm desperate kiss as he was dragged to the platform "I love you!" she screamed to him "I know" he whispered back desperately but then she awoke when Han solo her lover kissed her forehead and was rubbing her back "it's ok sweetheart it's ok your alright" she found herself in his embrace and she was crying. "oh Han please don't leave me! I couldn't take it please oh please don't leave me" she cried shaking in his grasp "I'll never leave you princess I'm right here" Han Whispered rocking her in his embrace he told her a story of the stars the origin of his name. after his story the princess was soundly sleeping next to him but Han couldn't sleep seeing her fear was far enough to provoke him away from sleep he trudged to the kitchen and opened the fridge unit and grabbed the carton of white milk he opened the cabinet and grabbed a small glass then poured himself a cup of milk which for han solo this action was not normal but he desperately chugged down the glass of milk. He finally felt so sleepy that he passed out on the floor snoring arms and legs in a strange position. "Captain solo is that you?" threepio asked finally seeing Han on the floor gave him a warm quilt and a pillow

Even Han solo has nightmares….