Author's Note: Scenes and parts of scenes where dialogue is vague are exactly the same as they are in A Goofy Movie.

A Pete Movie

Solitude, beautiful solitude. PJ sat alone by a lake reading. He breathed in the fresh air, happy and free. Then came a flying fortress, and out wandered a spider. The spider looked like Pete, but was smaller, at first. Then suddenly it grew while PJ shrank until it was big enough to stomp him under its foot. He braced himself for the blow and suddenly woke up. He looked at the clock in his prim and tidy bedroom. 6:00.

He tried to sneak out as quietly as possible. He spotted a video camera on the shelf of a closet. He looked around suspiciously three or four times.

"What are you doing?" a voice bellowed from behind him. He flinched.

"Uh… nothing…" PJ said. He grinned unconvincingly.

"You better not be," Pete responded, eyeing him suspiciously and walking away.

PJ, shaking, grabbed the camera and cradled it between his left arm and his stomach, running quickly back to his room and hiding it in his backpack.

"What's the big rush anyway, son? It's not even 6:30," Pete said.

"Uhh…" PJ responded, "I promised my services to someone at school. You know how you're always telling me that I should do what people tell me to, right? Well, Dad, I'm doing that, but… I gotta go, bye!" He ran quickly out of the house.

"And clean up that eyesore of a room when you get back!" Pete yelled, "The dust bunnies are getting dust bunnies."

Maybe (All sung by PJ)

Why do I keep doing this? It's all so strange and weird,
No matter what I say I always go.
The harder that I try to speak my mind the harder the
Entire world keeps me from saying "no."

And though this is the way it's gotta be, my upbringing
Has sadly made me who I am today
For in my bleakest mind and racing heart all that I think
Is if it goes wrong then there will be heck to pay

But there's nothing stronger than a true friend in need
To sway a victim of pride, wrath, and greed

And maybe, just maybe
If we're lucky, If things go right
Maybe, just maybe,
Max will end up with Roxanne tonight
Maybe, just maybe,
It's a risk I have to take
It's probably a mistake
But I must help my friend!

Look at me so tensely walking hours before everyone
Has even started to go down the hall
And if it goes right Max might get the girl he's always wanted
But if it goes wrong I won't survive at all

Yet there's nothing stronger than a true friend in need
To sway a victim of pride, wrath, and greed

And maybe, just maybe
If we're lucky, If things go right
Maybe, just maybe,
Max will end up with Roxanne tonight
Maybe, just maybe,
It's a risk I have to take
It's probably a mistake
But I must help my friend!

PJ arrived at school, towing the camera. He looked around. "Max? Max?"

"May I help you?" a teacher asked.

"Oh, yes," PJ responded. "Is Max Goof here?"

"I don't think so," the teacher responded.

"Thanks anyway," PJ answered. It was 6:50. Max was supposed to meet him at 7:00. PJ started to tense up a little bit but remembered that not everyone was as punctual as he was. He proceeded to wait for an hour. At this point, PJ decided to call Max. He walked into the principal's office and asked "Excuse me, Miss Maples. May I use the phone?"

"Of course you may," she responded sweetly. The principal was not around at the time. PJ dialed Max's number. He waited for an answer.

"Hello, hello?" came the groggy answer on the other end.

"Max! Where the heck are you, man?" PJ asked.

"PJ?" Max confirmed.

"You should have been here an hour ago," PJ said nervously, gripping the phone uncomfortably.

"What? What are you… hold on," Max said. PJ tried to hold on and heard Max say, "Oh, no."

"Look, maybe we should just call the whole thing off," PJ said.

"No way, man," Max responded, "It's now or never." Then it sounded like he fell.

"Well you better get a move on!" PJ said, "I'll meet you at my locker." He waited for Max to hang up. Then he went over to his locker and waited, trying to avoid the glances of any passersby who arrived before Max did.

Once Max arrived, PJ was impatient. He asked Max once again if they really had to do it, and Max answered that, yes, they did. Bobby arrived with the equipment needed to pull off the stunt and Max handed him a bag containing spray cheese. Bobby proceeded to make a complete fool of himself.

But soon enough it was time for the school assembly where Stacey gave the rundown of her end of year party and then gave the stage to Principal Mazur. Max, PJ, and Bobby prepared the stunt, though PJ was still really reluctant. Principal Mazur was shocked when the music and screen started to go up. Bobby dropped him in a trap door. Max commandeered the stage performing a dance to Powerline's "Stand Out," impressing Roxanne. PJ and Bobby were both happy at the success of the plan. They pulled some trickier stunts but unfortunately were caught.

Meanwhile, Goofy and Pete were working. Goofy was having difficulty making a little girl smile until he accidentally swallowed a toy squeaker, at which point he started taking as many pictures as possible. Pete knocked the squeaker out of his throat and Goofy gave the little girl back to her mother. The next mother showed up and Pete insisted that he take care of this girl, who kicked him. He had to chase her around just to pick her up.

"Gawrsh, Pete," Goofy said, "You sure are good with kids."

"Oh, yeah, well they love me," Pete responded, "Why, PJ, he's been begging me to take him on vacation this summer."

"Really?" Goofy asked.

A week earlier, it was shown that PJ was toiling at removing weeds from the yard. Exhausted, he said, "Man, this is hard… at least professionals get a vacation," not expecting his father to hear, but he did.

Pete grinned devilishly, looked his son in the eye and asked, "Did you say you wanted to go on vacation?" Without waiting for an answer he left and said, "Great! Let's go camping!"

PJ got up and said, "Wait, that's not what I…" He noticed his father was out of earshot and sighed in resignation.

In the present, Pete said, "Nothing like the great outdoors to strengthen a bond between a father and a son" while velcroing the girl to her seat.

Goofy said, "Oh, Max would never go for anything like that!" while handing the girl a toy.

Pete then proceeded to attempt to convince Goofy that Max not spending time with him might have made him a criminal, which Goofy didn't believe.

"Peter, what on earth has gotten into you? You don't usually act out so," Principal Mazur said. PJ was wringing his hands and trembling. "Now, I could tell your father what you've been up to today…"

"Please don't…" PJ squeaked. "I'm sorry and it won't happen again and if it does you can…"

"Peter, please calm down," Principal Mazur said. He gave a friendly smile. "I don't want to be the big scary principal. I just don't want you throwing your future away. You know this could lead to suspension or even expulsion, right?"

"I…" PJ's eyes were downcast. "I'm sorry…"

"So, I can forget all about punishing you and I won't call your father if you sign this paper saying you were coerced into it by that Maximillian Goof." He pushed the paper over to PJ with a pen.

"Sell out Max to protect myself? Who do you think I am?" PJ asked with surprising assertion, pushing the paper back with the same pen.

"Very well, then I guess I'll just have to tell your father what you're up to," Principal Mazur said. PJ began to tremble faster with every digit dialed.

"Hello?" asked Pete picking up the phone.

"Hello, Mr. Pete, this is Principal Mazur. I'm calling about your son, Peter Jr."

"What did he do this time!?" Pete yelled so loudly PJ could hear it from the receiver in Principal Mazur's hand.

"Mr. Pete, relax, your son didn't cause a riot by himself or anything," Principal Mazur responded. "He was just… an accomplice."

"An accomplice to the starter of a riot? My son! Oooh, when I get my hands on him I'm gonna destroy him, tear him limb from limb! Don't bother to punish him, princy pal, because I can do it all myself, see?" Pete yelled. He slammed down the phone. PJ was petrified.

"Very well." Principal Mazur said, "You may leave."

PJ exited the room. Face unmoving, he uttered monotonously, "Oh man. My dad is going to smash me like a bug."

"Hey, PJ, detention!" Bobby shouted and then he laughed, but PJ was already mostly out of the room at that point, and he certainly wasn't listening.

PJ stared vacantly at the wall and had trouble paying attention. Bobby rushed up to him and said, "Hey, doom-n-gloom! Cheer up, dude."

"Not now, Bobby," PJ said, shooing him away without changing his expression. "I'm not in the mood for antics right now."

"No, dude, you will be once you hear the news," Bobby said, "Lover boy got Roxanne to say yes!"

"Wait," PJ said, his expression finally moving, "He did?"

"Yep! Max started dancing with the receptionist and everything! It was funny," Bobby said laughing.

"You think everything's funny," PJ said, although he was starting to smile himself. "Well, let's see if we can catch up to…" Bobby was gone. "Him?" PJ asked. He shrugged and then walked out after Max. He spotted Max from behind but didn't expect to get his attention normally so, against his better judgment, he jumped on Max's shoulders. He congratulated Max, Max dumped him off.

"See, see," PJ said, winking, "I told you our plan would work!" Max rolled his eyes. PJ then started a crowd chant which Max wasn't too happy about… until it turned into a bigger crowd chant. After Max left, PJ said, "Wait," he said, "No I didn't! And… oh, great, now I'm thinking about it. Did I seriously just…?" He covered his face in embarrassment and ran.

He got home and saw Pete standing looking at him firmly. "Uh… hi, Dad," PJ said.

"PJ, I received a phone call from your princy pal," Pete responded.

"Yeah, I was… uh… there," PJ said. He rubbed his arm nervously.

Pete reached for the buckle of his belt. PJ panicked. He got on his knees and groveled, "Please, please, please, no, sir! If you don't beat me I'll do anything! Anything at all!"

"Anything?" Pete asked. "Well, sure, son. I'm a reasonable man. I promise not to beat you with my belt if you promise not to gripe about your chores until we get back from our camping trip."

"My chores being… everything that needs doing?" PJ asked.

"I said no griping," Pete said. "Don't make me change my mind."

"Thanks, Dad! I really appreciate you going easy on me, y'know," PJ said. "I promise I'll do everything without complaint."

"Great," Pete responded, "You can start by packing the RV. Me? I've got a game to watch."

"But sir, don't you want to umm… pack the TV?" PJ asked.

"Yes, PJ, but not this TV. I have a nice big screen upstairs," Pete started.

"That I have to carry by myself," PJ finished. Pete glared. "That's fine! I'll do it!"

"Don't drop it or else," Pete said, turning back to his game. As PJ continued to move things to the RV, the phone rang.

"PJ!" Pete called, "Pick it up! I don't want to miss the play."

"But my hands are full, sir!" PJ responded.

"Put it down," Pete responded.

PJ put the box down as gently as possible and then picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Yo, Peejmeister. I bet you were the first to hear, weren't you?" Bobby asked on the other end.

"Hear what, Bobby?" PJ asked.

"About Max going onstage at the Powerline concert? I heard from Lisa that she heard from Chad that he heard from Stacey that Roxanne told her that Max was going to be onstage at the Powerline concert," Bobby said. "It's wicked ca-razy dude!"

"Wow, that's really cool! Man, I wish I could be there with him, but Dad is kidnapping me so I can't," PJ said.

"Oh, bummer, dude," Bobby said, "Better luck next time, PJ."

"Sure it will be," PJ said sarcastically, hanging up the phone.

"Who was that?" Pete asked.

"Oh, it wasn't anyone you care about, Dad," PJ answered. "I'm almost done packing, by the way."

"Great!" Pete said. "Just let me watch the last two minutes, okay?"

"Okay," PJ responded, knowing that the "two minutes" could last up to an hour.

"Come on, PJ, the great outdoors are waitin'!" Pete said, once the game was done.

PJ nodded and got into the RV.