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It's kind of hinted here, but Ash is 16, Misty too, and Brock's 21.

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By the fireplace

Ash, Misty and Brock were once again far away from home, in some Pokemon Center. The blizzard had been so hard they hadn't made it home for Christmas. Now it was the 24th of December and Ash was getting rather impatient. Being ten or sixteen, it didn't matter, the Pokemon Master to-be was still "immature" and "childish", as Misty often pointed out.

"Hey Brock, when's dinner ready?" Ash asked for the thousandth time that evening.

"Almost ready, Ash," replied the cook, Brock.

Nurse Joy had let them use the kitchen since no one passed Christmas there and she had gone to her own Christmas party, with lots and lots of Joy cousins. Needless to say that Brock tried to invite himself for that party, only getting his ears almost pulled out by Misty.

"You know that if you keep on asking him every single second it won't change that much!" Snapped a rather annoyed Misty, finally laying an asleep Togepi on her pillow, in front of the fireplace.

"But I'm hungry!" Ash pouted, pointing to his stomach. Misty rolled her eyes at him and sighed in exasperation.

"You're always hungry Ash!" she stated matter-of-factly, raising a finger to prove her point. "Someday you'll be a big Snorlax rather than a Pokemon trainer if you continue eating like that!"

"Well, I'm as fit as a fiddle!" he argued back, folding his arms in front of his chest. "And I'm not the one that has a craving for desserts! Ha!" He said triumphantly.

Misty's eyebrow twisted as a little blush from embarrassment found its way to her usually pale cheeks. "Are you insinuating that I'm fat?" Misty started to shake from anger, her fists tightly clenched onto her lap.

Pikachu, currently next to Brock, helping him with dinner, sighed and its sweat dropped while watching the daily argument of the two. Brock also shook his head, quite amused by the two now teenagers attitude.

"C'mon guys! It's Christmas! Can't you two just get along for a little while?" Brock asked before tasting his 'Special Christmas Stew', and humming in approval.

"Pi pikachu!" it nodded its agreement.

Said teenagers just turned their gazes away from each other with a humph!. Brock, having enough of it, stared down at Pikachu, bended down and whispered something in its ear. The little yellow Pokemon nodded enthusiastically in accord.

"Dinner's ready!" Brock finally announced, causing Ash's eyes to light up like candles. The raven haired boy rushed past a stunned Misty to get his share. "Geez Ash, take it easy, will ya?" Brock half laughed at his friend's behavior.


Later that night, after every stomach was fully filled, Misty excused herself for a 'quick' shower. Ash, Brock, Pikachu and Togepi were on the living room, the last one still deeply sleeping. Pikachu had curled itself on the middle of Ash's bed for a nap before midnight. This left Ash and Brock on their own, both sitting in the orange couch, gazes lost in the dancing embers in front of them. The room was dark, except for the fireplace and the Christmas Tree soft lights.

"What's taking her so long?" asked Ash, finally breaking the peaceful silence they were sharing and interrupting Brock's thoughts.

"Well, she's a girl, Ash." Brock simply responded, as if that would be the only answer to his question.

"And so?" he insisted.

The breeder sighed. "And so, girls take their time on the bathroom." The trainer just groaned in frustration, getting up quickly and making his way to the bathroom. "Uh, Ash, I don't think that's a good…"Said boy disappeared from his sight, up the stairs to the bathroom, "…idea." The brunette then shrugged it off and turned to the laying body in front of him. "Hey, Pikachu, do you wanna try it out now?"

The sleepy Pokemon yawned, but after understanding what he meant, quickly stood up and gave Brock an animated thumbs-up.

A rather fretful Ash walked up the stairs, planning on scaring the hell out of his best friend when he saw something that stopped him in his tracks. And he stood there, surprised and feeling quite guilty.

What Ash was spotting was Misty, already on her sky blue pyjamas, in front of the bathroom's mirror, staring at herself, touching her belly to find any evidence of grease. Obviously, she found none, because she was the same as those years ago – thin - though now, her curves had formed and she became a slim, elegant teenager. Ash approached the door quietly, watching from the gap between the door she had left slightly open to let the steam out, and the wall. His best friend had certainly grown taller, but he beat her on that part, finally; her hair was a little longer - shoulder-length - and she let it down more often. Her now worried and upset eyes were still the same unique color, so as her smile.

Hold on a second, am I noticing her smile? an alarmed Ash thought, quickly putting some distance between him and the door as if it had any kind of disease. Then, recovering from the shock, he reflected some more. But what have I done? Of course she's not fat! She's as thin as always! he scolded himself, glancing back at her. Beautiful… When reality hit him, his eyes widened and he blushed a cute pink, before hurriedly making his way down the stairs. He couldn't be thinking that about her. Hormones, he thought, yes, that's the problem.

Gulping and huffing, a flushed Ash arrived downstairs to find Brock and Pikachu right where they had been before. Brock's head popped up from the couch to look at Ash, who had stopped to catch his breath.

"So, did she hit you with her mallet? You look kinda edgy," the breeder teased. Ash just slowly shook his head and made his way to where Brock was sitting.

Once again silence filled the room, just the sound of wood cracking in the fireplace audible. That is, until the redhead finally arrived downstairs and installed herself at Ash's left, who stiffed and inhaled her perfume. It smelled really nice, and he had to fight the urge of getting closer to her.

"Is something the matter?" she asked in a soft, curious voice. "I've heard some noises while I was upstairs."

Ash and Brock immediately looked at each other and Ash stuttered a reply. "N-no! Course not! We were just-"

"Playing some Christmas games!" Brock cut Ash off, saving him. The boy mouthed a 'thank you' with his lips.

Misty blinked at her companions' strange manners. "Oh, and what game was it?" she asked more cheerfully, bending front in Ash's direction and almost giving the boy a heart-attack.

"Well…" Ash started, but was once more interrupted by Brock.

"It's called 'Guess What Christmas Carol I'm Singing'. And I believe the title says it all."

"So, you two were playing that," Misty repeated, to which they nodded, "and all that noise of steps and stuff was caused by it?" Her left eyebrow rose in a suspicious way, and now they knew she was not buying it.

"Well, when you can't guess, the person may start to dance to help…" Brock drifted on. Misty's eyebrow raised higher on her forehead. "I'll go get the cake I baked for us!" Brock said and ran out of the room, leaving just the two of them in a uncomfortable silence.

"I don't want any, thank you," Misty yelled so Brock would hear her.

"Are you sure? It's your favorite Misty!" Brock shouted back from the kitchen.

She bit her lower lip and Ash's eyes met hers quizzically. "Yes, I'm sure." Misty glared back at him. "What?" she asked.

"Why do you think you're fat?"

The question erupted without second thought. But there, he had asked it. Ash watched as her face turned red and her eyes gleamed from astonishment. She opened her mouth to speak, but then closed it again.

Finally, she frowned in irritation. "You're the one who suggested I was!" She stood up, gazing down at him with a mad look. Ash flinched a little, but recovered fast and also stood up.

"Did not!"

"Did too!" She replied, approaching him with furious eyes.

"Did not!" He continued, also getting closer and angrier. Did she not understand he just meant that as a joke?

"Did too!"

Brock and Pikachu watched from the door, the breeder carrying two plates with chocolate cake and Pikachu on his shoulder. Turning to each other, Brock smirked and winked at Pikachu. "Hey guys, do you two realize where you're standing?"

"WHAT?" The two yelled in unison, only for Brock to point up their heads. They looked up and realization washed over them. They were standing beneath mistletoe. "BROCK!" They screamed. Said breeder was laughing almost hysterically, causing Pikachu to hold for dear life to his hair.

"Well, I guess you know the rules!" he managed to say after deeply inhaling to control himself.

"There's no way I'm kissing her!" Ash cried, pointing to Misty.

"Oh, come on Ash, don't be such a chicken!" Brock teased. "Just look at her, beautiful and all, you won't get many chances like this!"

Ash's cheeks turned even redder, even when he thought impossible. Misty's cheeks were almost equal to his, her expression of terror.

"And I… I refuse to be kissed by such a rude and immature person!" She shot back, standing her ground.

Ash crossed his arms over his chest in a pout. "I'm not any of that!" he protested vehemently.

"Sure not," she rolled her eyes, also crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Why don't you just prove it Ash?" Brock's left eye sparkled mischievously. Now he knew Ash wouldn't back up – he had been dared. "Go on, kiss her," he incited.

"I may as well do that," Ash declared, turning to his best friend Misty, her face completely flushed. He approached her, but was cut off by the girl.

"Hey! If you're going to do it, at least do it properly!" she shrieked, putting her arms in front of herself protectively.

"What do you mean?" Ash asked with his arms wide open.

"Be a gentleman, Ash, that's what she means." Brock clarified.

"Got it," he nodded, turning to her. "What do I have to do again?" His head twisted again to Brock's direction. Misty fell in anime style and Brock's sweat dropped.

"Pi pika cha…" The thunder-type's sweat dropped as well.

"Just be gentle," Brock moaned.

"Right, I can do that." Ash assured. Brock nodded encouragingly.

The raven haired boy looked at Misty, who had her lips in a thin curve from anticipation. He closed the distance between them and held her forearms gently. Misty was terrified. He was really going to kiss her. The arms that once protected her from him currently rested on his chest. Her eyes had widened, staring right into his.

Ash lowered his head, resting his forehead on hers, his heart threatening to perforate his chest any time soon. He felt so nervous, and so good at the same time, he was certain he was going mad. Feeling her hands gasping his t-shirt and her eyes now clenched shut he whispered for only her to hear. "Don't worry, it won't take long." She opened her eyes to meet his warm smile. "Then you can hit me with your mallet if I don't do it properly." A shy smile also lit up on her features, and once again Ash's mind haunted him. Beautiful, his stomach flipped, his heart beat raced even more.

"Are you two going to kiss or what?" Brock urged, getting rather impatient. Pikachu had also bended forward to watch the two of them.

Finally, Ash cupped her face with his hands, closed the gap between then, and kissed her. He didn't know if it was because it was her, or if to kiss did really feel that great in general. Her lips tasted sweet, soft, and addictive. His insides melted like hot chocolate, and his knees felt weak. Misty was having similar thoughts, and subcounsciously pulled him closer, leaning on the boy part of her weight. Ash had lowered one hand to her back, wanting his best friend closer, and when he felt her weight he was certain of two things: one, she was not fat at all, and two, he wasn't able to hold them much longer because he felt so weak he could fall on his knees any time soon.

His mind was everywhere and nowhere, and in between the little sounds she was making and his own, Ash couldn't decide who was enjoying it more. The trainer was conscious of her presence, and at the same time, his brain had just switched off the world, all to enjoy this moment.

Finally reluctantly stopping, completely breathless, the two best friends stared at each other in bewilderment, silently asking what the hell had happened and why they were feeling like that. The argument had been temporaly forgotten, as well as the other presences in the room.

"Now that was a damn hot kiss!" Brock said in approval, somewhat taken aback by the passion he had seen in it. I wonder if it really was meaningless though. Hum… his eyebrows furrowed. "Shall we move on to the cake?" he suggested, after deciding to let that for another time.

"Sure," Ash replied, glancing for one last time at Misty, as if wanted to say something, before finally letting go of her and walk into the kitchen. As he did though, he felt a strange feeling, he felt some kind of euphoria, different from the one he had when he won a badge. He also felt empty at the same time. What is happening to me?

Misty embraced herself and touched her lips. They were still warm from the kiss they had just shared. She smiled dreamily and let out a content sigh. Her cheeks were still flushed pink, her eyes gleaming more than usual. She looked down at the asleep figure; Togepi was still sleeping even with all that noise. It was quite amusing.

She remembered his promise of letting her hit him with her mallet if he did not kiss her properly. And now she knew she wouldn't hit him. Misty chuckled bitterly when she realized that Ash had owned her this time. Nonetheless, she couldn't help to feel ecstatic.

They had kissed.

Under the mistletoe.

By the fireplace.

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