"This is absurd! There's no way that such a large-scale operation will succeed. Fairy Tail has us both in terms of power and brute force! If we rush into this, we'll all be killed." Org shouted, hands pressed to the table as he lorded over its wooden surface.

"I think that you're severely underestimating our men. Besides, we have insider information. There's no way that they'll see an attack of this magnitude coming." Belno countered, her voice also raising as she heatedly glared at Org.

There was a soft sigh from a Michello before he attempted to calm the two down. "Before we discuss whether we should attack or not, shouldn't we at least let Lahar's subordinate finish?" He nodded at Doranbolt, who nodded once gratefully.

"Anyway, as I was saying, their forces aren't consolidated in any way. They spread their numbers about their territory." He gulped, his damn conscious kicking in at the worst of times. If he sold them out… "It seems that every month, however, that the family at my current apartment throws a large party, filled with alcohol, drugs, and most of Fairy Tail's main forces. If we were to hit them then, not only would we consolidate a large portion of the enemy, we would also catch them whilst inebriated, and therefore, increase our chances of eradicating them for good."

"But what if the police are called!? If they come in the middle of a fight, we'll all be apprehended. I refuse to rest this gang's future on the word of some petty underling." Leiji sneered.

Doranbolt felt cold fury bubble in his chest, but bit it back. Losing his temper would do no good here. After all, if they refused to listen to him, his plans for revenge would fail. He winced, Wendy's face flashing in his mind's eye. There was no use thinking about her here.

Lahar was miffed by Leiji's hasty words, however. "I would appreciate it if you didn't disregard my subordinate's claims. He's the only one that has successfully infiltrated Fairy Tail and lived to report. If you have an issue with his report, please kindly send some of your men into Fairy Tail's territory."

Doranbolt forgot that sometimes, he loved Lahar.

Leiji sputtered, his face red as he glared at Doranbolt hatefully. Doranbolt just shrugged it off. This wouldn't be the first time an authority loathed him. "Well, during my observation, they had three parties, all at consistent dates, so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to assume that someone over there has a police contact that keeps them away during their parties. We should be safe."

"That sounds wonderful. Good job, Doranbolt. It was a good idea to send you in lieu of another." Guran Doma finally walked into the meeting, his two top officers, Siegrain and Ultear, flanking him.

Siegrain's smug smirk widened as he caught Doranbolt's angry twitch, seemingly visible only to him. Doranbolt attempted to look away, but Siegrain's tattoo-encircled eye refused to let Doranbolt's go. Ultear was the one that finally broke the contact, her hand resting subserviently upon Siegrain's shoulder.

Biting back sarcasm, Doranbolt replied, "Thank you, Sir Guran Doma. It is my honor to fulfill your wishes."

"Is that the end of your report, Doranbolt?" Ultear cut in, voice high and whiney as she clung to Siegrain's shoulder, closer to the man than was considered either professional or appropriate. "If it is, I'm sure that we can debate the issue."

Doranbolt's fists clenched. "With all due respect, I wish to know what you decide upon."

"Leave him, Ultear. He's done a lot for us. The least we can do is allow him to know what his work has brought about." Keen intelligence flashed in the woman's eyes, the kind that made her earlier behavior seem staged. She still clung to Siegrain, but her posture seemed off, as did Siegrain's. The two of them made Doranbolt uncomfortable.

"Thank you, Sir Siegrain. I appreciate your kindness." Doranbolt intonated, following proper protocol even as his head spun. He sat down, allowing the three leaders to pass him with his head bowed.

Siegrain swept through the room, his voice elegant and charismatic, Ultear clinging to him and sashaying her hips provocatively along with his every step. "Now, this is an opportunity that we can't pass up. Fairy Tail will be completely vulnerable, and we'll be ready. I say that we use this chance to unleash our greatest weapon yet: Etherion."

"No! Absolutely not! Do you have any idea how dangerous Etherion is? We would wipe out the entire complex with that attack!" Org shouted immediately, eyes furrowed beneath his white brow.

Ultear finally detached herself from Siegrain; instead choosing to slink over to Org, pressing against his chair as her hands danced atop his head. "We have no other choice. If we don't, more council members will lose their lives to the endless gang war. This is our chance to save hundreds of our own men and it only costs a few lives. I would say innocent, but…" she pursed her lips as she trailed off, eyes fixated upon Doranbolt. "…for all we know, the entire building is swarming with them."

"An entire massacre…that's going too far. Most of the members in that gang are children. We can't kill children, no matter how corrupt they are." Yajima simpered, looking as if he wished to take the words back.

Guran Doma rose, his staff slamming into the ground as he demanded silence with his mere presence. "Let it be said this time and this time alone. Fairy Tail is not a group to be taken lightly. While they have many young members, their age is not relative to their bloodlust when they fight. Their savage need for their enemy's blood is the reason that they are both a force to be feared and a force to be hated. The second we let sympathy for the enemy take root is the second that the Council loses everything. Let this be pondered amid your deliberations."

Siegrain smirked and Ultear curled back inside his embrace. "Well, I think that a vote is in order. All who approve of attacking Fairy Tail during their next party, raise your hands." All hands went up, save for Org's and Yajima's. Siegrain's voice dropped an octave and his smirk grew predatory. "All in favor of firing Etherion, raise your hands."

Silence pervaded as tentative hands rose into the air. Everyone looked about at everyone else, eager to see everyone else's reaction. The verdict became clear as shadow obscured Siegrain's eyes and his grin contorted the rest of his visible face.

Guran Doma rose, his staff striking the floor thrice as he threw his arms back in exhalation and exclaimed, " The day has finally come, the day in which we, the Council, can overthrow Fairy Tail and start a new chapter in our gang's history. Let us celebrate this sure defeat of our most-despised enemies." Glasses rose as everyone cheered in jubilation.

Doranbolt felt nausea swirl in his stomach, along with a starburst of emotion-heightened pain. Disbelief clouded his mind. He had really done it. After all the inner-turmoil, all the self-loathing, he had done what he'd hoped he would never have to do again; betray the one that he loves.

Siegrain wrapped a solid arm around Doranbolt and Doranbolt vaguely registered a congratulatory thump on his back. "Thanks to you, Doranbolt, the Council can finally achieve its goals. You're this gang's savior."

Funny, he felt like the opposite.

In his state of befuddlement, he shook the superior off him and strode away. Lahar attempted to come near him, but he too was turned away with many a cruel word. Noises registered in Doranbolt's fleeing brain as idle chatter and happy exclamations, but he hurt too much to care. Finally, he broke free of the main room and the tears that had been pricking at his eyes finally streamed down his cheeks.

I'm sorry, Wendy. I am so, so sorry.