Summary: Two pairings, one story. Beast Boy and Robin want nothing more than to be with their dream girls. When the Titans are invited to a ball, will romance blossom? Not only that, but at the ball, Speedy meets a mysterious girl named Jade-and he wants to know more about her-and Beast Boy reunites with a blonde girl who's trying to remember her past life.

A/N: Hey guys! Soooo I have been in a good mood lately. While I'm still working on the sequel to Run This Town: Titans Together-Bats, Aliens, Secrets, and the Sacred Journal-I've been inspired to do another! I even went on demand (the free side, hehe) and watched three episodes of Young Justice. I must say, I was confused, but I was also interested!

In this story, you'll find some Young Justice references when it comes to a few costumes. :) And technically, there's more than two pairings but it centers around RobStar and BBRae equally.

And also, the RobStar kiss didn't happen in Trouble in Tokyo.

Growth Spurts

Beast Boy looked at himself in the mirror. The fifteen year old changeling smiled at what he saw. With his enhanced sight and hearing, he could tell that he had experienced another growth spurt during the course of the night. His one goal was to be taller than Raven-he even memorized her height for this moment. Now a little older, he was lean and fairly toned-no longer the scrawny boy he used to be. He let his hair get a little shaggier, mostly in the front where his bangs were, even though it was still untidy-and now messy since it was eight in the morning.

He beamed.

"Go Beast Boy! Go Beast Boy!" He cheered himself, moon-walking out of his room with his hand on his hip. "Whoo!" He pumped his fist in the air and ran down the hallway to the Ops.

The doors slid open, and the peppy green teen stepped through.

"Alright guys-you're lookin' at the fourth tallest person in the house," he said smugly, pointing his thumbs at himself. "Try not to be jealous."

Cyborg, now seventeen, hadn't changed a bit; he was still the tallest in the house. He rolled his eye at his best friend.

"Have you had another spurt of growth?" Starfire asked excitedly, walking over to Beast Boy with clasped hands. The sixteen year old was from the planet Tamaran, and she was still getting used to the 'earthly customs'. When she first joined the Titans, she was very tall-and still is. As the years went by, she let her bangs grow out and kept more hair on the left side than the right these days. Her skin was a beautiful golden color, and she had green eyes with light-green scleras. Her physique had always been slim with the perfect curves that made several guys in Jump City swoon.

Starfire came up to Beast Boy, who was now at her nose, and giggled.

"Glorious!" she clapped.

The Ops doors opened, revealing Robin, the team leader, and Raven, the empath. Starfire's eyes automatically brightened at the Teen Wonder; it wasn't oblivious that she had 'the feelings' for her dark-haired friend.

"Good morning, friends!" she said. "I assume you both have had pleasant snorflacks?"

"Good morning, Star," Robin replied, and Raven nodded at her. Like everyone else, he was in his pajamas and his hair was messy; he didn't use hair gel as much as he used to, and he kept it shorter on the sides than in the front. He was now close enough to her that you could see that Beast Boy wasn't the only one with the growth spurt. The sixteen year old stood at least an inch taller than the Tamaranian beauty, and she had giggled and blushed throughout the day that they both realized how tall he was.

Raven was the quiet, and dark one of the group. She had grey skin, purple eyes, and purple hair. Under the influence of Starfire and the fact that she got lazy with keeping it in its short bob, the empath's hair now cascaded down her back-but it wasn't as long as her best friend of course. Her growth spurt wasn't very noticeable, but it made her more slim in physique. And, like Starfire and Robin, she too was sixteen.

"Hey, Raven!" Beast Boy ran over to her. "Check this out! I'm taller than you! See?" He turned around so they were back to back.

Raven looked over her shoulder at him and almost snorted. "Yeah. Barely."

"You're just jealous 'cause you're now the shortest in the house." Beast Boy snickered as he headed into the kitchen.

Raven rolled her eyes and walked over to the coffee maker to make herself some tea.

"So what's for breakfast?" Robin asked Cyborg, sitting down at the table; he opened up today's newspaper and started reading.

"Raven's favorite!" Cyborg cheered, and this caught Raven's attention.

"Waffles?" Beast Boy's eyes brightened. "Sweet! This'll go great with my tofu bacon!"

"Hey now-you ain't touchin' my waffles. I know what you're tryna do."


"I know you, BB. Mr. Sneak-Tofu-In-Cyborg's-Food."

Beast Boy snickered. "Despite that being an awesome idea..."

Robin stopped listening after that. He shook his head with a smile on his face. Starfire was standing by the table, watching their friends go back and forth with each other, and his gaze lingered on her. His teammates-mostly the males in this case-have been trying to set him up with Starfire ever since they've met. And to be honest, Robin did have feelings for her-but his stubbornness and nerves would get the best of him. He always gave the hero speech. Either 'they didn't have time' for things such as being romantically involved or taking vacations when they wanted. The world depended on them, and they always had to be there to protect it.

Sometimes, he wished he was like Beast Boy or Cyborg-they had a light-hearted side but knew when to get down to business. They could talk to girls and be at ease with them.

Of course, if you're talking about girls, then two in particular would be Raven and Bumblebee. Cyborg had a crush on Bumblebee while Beast Boy had it bad for Raven. During days where Starfire and Raven would venture to the 'mall of shopping', it gave time for the boys to bond themselves-so they knew about who crushed on who and what not.

Starfire flew over to where Robin sat and settled in next to him. Robin felt her eyes on him and he rose his head.

She smiled at him. "Do you find today's paper of news intriguing?"

"Um, yeah. Definately." He smiled back in return, fighting the urge to blush.

Starfire leaned forward, their arms brushing against each other as she rested her cheek in her palm. "What's happening?"

"Same old, same old." He felt his heart racing a bit. "Nothing too bad, since we're keeping villains in line."

Starfire giggled. "Agreed."

Raven poured the hot tea in her mug, watching the steam rise from the container with satisfaction. It smelled wonderful and soothed her.

"Hey, Raven!" Beast Boy said, leaning across the counter towards her direction, arms crossed on it. His voice had dropped a little, but everyone had a feeling that was only the beginning. Raven looked up, meeting his gaze.

"What?" she deadpanned.

"Want some waffles?" He flashed her a toothy grin.

Raven hesitated. Waffles was her favorite breakfast food, but she never showed the enthusiasm.

"Whatever," she said, and as she turned around to walk to the table, he watched her longer than necessary before returning his attention back to the waffles.

Cyborg noticed this with a smirk on his face.

"What was that about?" he asked the changeling.

"What was what about what?" Beast Boy asked. He had abandoned his plate of waffles and started to work on Raven's; he added blueberry syrup as artfully as he could, unlike the mess he usually made with his, and shuffled around for a knife and fork.

Cyborg continued to smirk at Beast Boy, making the green teen's ears turn pink.

"Shut up," Beast Boy muttered, ears still pink as he picked up Raven's plate and went over to the table. Raven looked up from her tea as he approached her, taking notice of his pink ears. "Here ya go." Beast Boy set the plate down in front of her, placing the fork and knife next to the plate.

Raven stared at her waffles. Beast Boy did this? But it was so neat! Are those blueberries...?

Starfire was almost beaming, and Robin was also observing; thankfully for his mask, it was hard to tell if he was looking at Beast Boy and Raven, or at his newspaper.

"Thanks," Raven said, her voice going an octave higher in surprise, and looked back up at him.

Beast Boy's ears turned redder as he smiled at her. "No problem." He ran his fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck.

"If only he had the class to do his own like that," Cyborg teased with a dramatic sigh.

Beast Boy shot him a look. "Shut up, Tin Man!"

"Make me, Grass Stain!"

"Guys..." Robin warned.

Starfire giggled. "Don't you just love mornings?"

Robin looked over at her and chuckled. "Tell me about it."


"Titans, listen up!" Robin said, coming in the room with a letter in his hand. His teammates looked up from where they sat on the couch, all in costume. Robin's suit had gone through a few changes; what once was green was now black, including his shoes, and his gloves hugged his arms more. Starfire's remained the same purple, now in a leotard form-there were cut outs in her hips, stomach, and showed more of her bust-but her neck, arm plates, and boots stayed the same. Raven's bodysuit now lacked sleeves, and Beast Boy's was short sleeved and white and purple.

"Trouble?" Cyborg asked.

"No. We just got this in the mail." Robin held up the letter. "It's from the mayor."

"What does it say?" Starfire voiced her curiosity.

"We're invited to a ball at City Hall on Friday," Robin informed. "In honor of our heroics for the past few years. And it turns out that Titans East, North, and South are invited too, as well as the Honoraries."

"Wait a sec-is this a formal event?" Beast Boy demanded.

Robin's eyes narrowed at him. "Yes."

"And we have to wear monkey suits?!"

Robin sighed. "Yes, Beast Boy."

"Don't worry, BB," said Cyborg, patting him on the back. "Me and Rob'll help you find your 'monkey suit' and the girls will-"

"-Venture to the mall of shopping and buy dresses of evening for this ball!" Starfire squealed, and Raven groaned. She didn't do dresses, but the Tamaranian princess sure did. "This is glorious!" She turned around completely, hands holding the edge as she looked at Robin. "Do we have to bring escorts, or are we allowed to go as...'stags'?"

"Uh..." Robin's cheeks went scarlet. "You mean like, dates?"

Starfire nodded. "Indeed."

"I mean..." Robin shrugged, "if you guys want..."

"We can?!" Cyborg and Beast Boy said in unison, exchanging glances.

Raven awkwardly got up and made her out of the Ops as quick as she could. Robin was about to follow suite when-

"I gotta go call Bee!" Cyborg said, getting to his feet and Beast Boy took the cue; the two raced out the room, leaving Robin and Starfire alone with each other.

Robin's teeth gritted in unease as Starfire continued to gaze at him.

"Robin?" she floated off the couch, doing a quick soar across the room until she was at his side before settling down on her feet.

Robin's heart was racing, and little did he know that the feeling was mutual from Starfire's point of view. He fought the urge to flee from the room or say something stupid that would hurt her feelings.

"I think you know...what I would like to ask you," Starfire started timidly, playing with her fingers. "But...but-"

"No, Star," Robin said, and the rest flowed out before he could stop them. "Do you...wanna be my date to the ball?"

Starfire's eyes brightened, her heart fluttering. "Really?"

"There's no one else I wanna go with," Robin said sheepishly, shrugging his shoulders as he blushed.

Starfire smiled, her cheeks as red as his. "Oh, Robin, I'd love to go to the ball with you!" She then glomped him in a bone-crushing hug with excitement, and unwillingly cutting off Robin's air supply.

"Great-um, Star?" Robin gasped. "Can't-breath-!"

Starfire gasped too. "Sorry!" She loosened her grip, starting to pull back but stopped abruptly when Robin's now-free arms wrapped around her in return. She relaxed into him with an inaudible dreamy sigh. She loved his hugs more than anyone else, and the hugs they shared were rare. These were the hugs that gave her butterflies; the ones where he kept her close for a little while longer. And now that he was taller, it made the whole situation even better.

As if reality set in both of their minds, they pulled away from each other quickly with wide eyes. Awkward silence passed between the too, neither of them able to look the other person in the eye.

"So, uh..." Robin cleared his throat.

"I will...see you later?" Starfire backed away towards the Ops doors, which opened as she got closer to them.

"Yeah." Robin gave her a little wave. "Later."

Starfire nodded at him with a shy smile before disappearing behind the doors, and the Teen Wonder sighed.

Later...He was going to look forward to it.

And that's it for the first chapter!

I have to say, one of my favorite parts that I wrote was as soon as Robin said ok to dates, Raven left the room xD I guess that kinda foreshadows who's gonna ask her ;D

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