You asked for BBRae...And this is what I came up with.

Fair warning though ;)

"Hey..." Raven ran her fingers through her scalp. "I wanna try something."

"What is it?" Beast Boy asked from the other end of their transmission call huskily.

Raven almost smiled. "This is gonna sound really corny but...when you go to sleep, I want you to think about me."

Beast Boy blushed. "U-Um...I kinda do that already so..."

"Oh." Raven's blush was faint but he saw it. "Well, good. Keep up the good work. Do it again."

Beast Boy chuckled. "Okay."

"Remember, think about me."

"Think about you."

"Try not to focus on anything else."



"Got it."






"You are so pretty."

Well that was random.

Sweet, and dorky, yes.

But random.

"Flattering. I'm gonna go to sleep now. It's getting late."

"Sleep tight."

"Goodnight, Gar."

"G'Night, Rae."

Beast Boy got himself comfortable, his mind already on the empath. It had been a long day, and he was ready to get some rest. Whatever Raven was up to, he was getting excited just thinking about it.

And before he knew it, he was pulled into his own little dream land...

"Alright...I'm asleep now, I think," Beast Boy said, observing his surroundings. "Testing, one, two, three!" He was standing in a strange white mist. "Weird foggy stuff, but okay! I'm just gonna keep on walking..."

And he did just that with a pep in his step. Eventually he began to see trees every now and then; leafless trees. There weren't too many to freak him out though.

"Beast Boy?" a female voice spoke, and Beast Boy whirled around.

"Raven?" he called back.

"Beast Boy..." her voice echoed as he began to run the other way.

"Raven! Raven, where are you? I'm here!"

"Beast Boy!"

Beast Boy turned his head, his eyes settling on a familiar pair of purple ones...a dark blue cloak...grey skin...

Raven took her hood off, and the mist cleared some.

"Raven?" A big, goofy smile spread across his face in recognition.

Raven's lips curved up. "Hi, Gar."

He rushed to her, and she to him, but he reached her first and scooped her up in his arms. Raven giggled and he set her down.

"I think it worked..." she murmured.

"What worked?" he asked.

"Being half demon has its drawbacks..." She looked up at him. "But benefits as well. Can you feel this?" She ran her hands up his triceps, then back down to his hands.

Beast Boy's arm shifted.

"I think so, because this feels too real," Beast Boy said, closing his eyes and gripping her wrists as her hands explored his face. "Like...I feel this here...but at the same time I feel this-"

"Outside of your mind, right."

"Raven, are you in my mind? Like, legit?"

Raven smiled softly. "In a sense, yes. I'm here, and you're here."

"Can I do the same to you?" Beast Boy asked, and when she lowered her hands, he took them in his own and gently massaged them.

Raven's fingers twitched.

"Do you feel that?"

"Yes..." Raven sighed in contentment as his hands traveled up her arms and shoulders, then her cheeks, through her hair, and down her spine. "You know I think the others could do it too. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg I mean. We're all connected now."

"Is that what you did before we left?"

"Mhmm. I'm not sure if there would be any side effects..."

"Like what?"

"Well, remember when I...became the portal?"

They both shuddered at the haunting memories.

"Yes," Beast Boy said hoarsely.

"I gave each of you some of my powers so you'll survive. I think the same applies here, but I'm not sure. I mean, since Robin and I have had our mental link for some time, I figured that the rest of you guys, you especially, deserved the same. I think it's best for the team, because when we're all together, the mental link is at its strongest and we can communicate by thought."

"So that's why you wanted to come!"

Raven arched an eyebrow and deadpanned, "How do you feel?"

Beast Boy laughed, pulling her towards him, their bodies pressed together. He leaned his forehead against hers and said, "I'm happy."

Before Raven could reply, his lips were already on hers. Her eyes fluttered closed, legs buckling against him; his strong arms kept her firm on her feet. She kissed him back, fisting her hands in his hair.

"I miss you," she murmured against his mouth, and he broke the kiss to whisper in her ear.

"You have no idea how right you are," and he grazed his teeth against her earlobe, making her shudder.

"You need to come home," she breathed out shakily, feeling his hands travel. "And soon."

"I know..." He sucked in uneven breaths as her lips came in contact with his neck. "Dammit, Slade," he muttered.

He retaliated, and a long, drawn out moan escaped unintentionally from the empath's lips; the beautiful sound made the changeling smile against her flesh, although it did send chills down his spine. "If I had known this was waiting for me back home..."

"Defeat Slade within the next couple days and you got yourself a deal," Raven purred in his ear.

Beast Boy's heart jumped out of his chest. "Well damn...and we haven't even had our first date yet."

"Two by my count," Raven said, closing her eyes and tilting her head to the side, giving him more access. "Probably more," she panted out, "if you consider the times we've 'hung out'..."

"And did you...think of dates?"

"Now that I think about it...-Oh Azar-yes..." Her hand came over his, which was now located on one of her mounds now.

"Awesome..." He gently bit down on her bottom lip, dragging the soft flesh through his teeth.

"When was...the last time you, uh...,phased?"

He shrugged, and then he stiffened.

"What's wrong?" Raven asked breathlessly, feeling disappointed when he pulled away from her.

"I've been wanting to show you something." Beast Boy stepped back from her.

"You're not gonna turn into a dragon again are you?" she asked skeptically and he laughed.

"No. It's...something I noticed. When I do phase." He reached for the hem of his top and pulled it over his head.

Briefly distracted, Raven watched the changeling morph in front of her eyes. He didn't change all the way, but enough to where hair grew a little shaggier and darkened, eyes black, fangs and claws unsheathed.

And, on each sides, were the black markings. They normally appeared when he was fully phased but never when he was still...humanish.

"They get harder to get rid of," Beast Boy explained as she approached him, dainty hands touching the blackened skin, "every time I change back."

"Maybe it's a sign," said Raven. "Maybe your...wolf side is becoming a big part of you."

"Not sure if that's a good sign or a bad sign," said Beast Boy, letting her hold his hands so his claws could retract. He phased back, but the marks were still there.

"Are you trying to get rid of them now?"

"...Not working is it?"


She ran her hands down his arms, then over his sides and down his abdomen, making sure her hands covered every black mark.

"I'm not sure how I feel about this..."

"If it makes you feel better...I kinda like it..."


"Yeah. It's different."

"...Then I totally love this! OMG let's post a TwitPic!"

"...You're unbelievable."


"AHHHH!" Beast Boy woke with a start, meeting the eyes of his two best friends. "DAMMIT, WHAT?!"

Robin and Cyborg suddenly weren't looking him in the eye; Robin was looking lower, and Cyborg was looking higher and trying not to snicker.

"What?" Beast Boy demanded, looking down at himself. His eyes widened. The marks...they were still there...

"Um, B?" Cyborg said through snickers. "Why are there dark purple lookin' hickies on your neck?"

Beast Boy sat up even straighter, now sitting up completely and covering the side of his throat. "Uh...I can explain?"

Robin noticed the love marks on Beast Boy and even smirked himself. "Can you?"

Beast Boy blushed. "Uh..." He looked at the time. 9:00 a.m. "Think it's a bit early to call our favorite girls?"


Raven's eyes snapped open. "What? What's wrong?"

Starfire dragged Raven out of bed. "Come! Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg are requesting to talk via video chat!"

This had Raven wide awake.

"Your laptop?" she asked.

"Ops-eep!" Starfire held onto Raven as she phased them through the floor and down into the Ops. They walked very quickly to the big screen, smoothing out their hair, shaking themselves from sleep, and accepted the video chat request.

The city of Jump was replaced by the teen wonder, changeling, and half-robot. Robin was sitting, and Beast Boy and Cyborg hovered over him.

"There they areeee!" Cyborg singsonged.

"This better be an emergency if you're calling at six in the morning," Raven growled, but it didn't meet her eyes. She was actually happy to see Cyborg and Robin's smiling faces.

"Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy! It is glorious to see all of your faces!" Starfire's tone was ever so bubbly, now floating with glee.

"Ladies," Robin said back.

"Aye, look! Rave's got hickies too!" Cyborg pointed, and Raven's eyes widened, automatically placing her hand over the green love marks. The changeling and empathy blushed while their teammates smirked.

"Something you wanna tell us?" Robin asked innocently.

Raven and Beast Boy looked at each other, blushes deepening, and then Raven finally noticed that her boyfriend was shirtless. "Guess they didn't go away, huh?"

Beast Boy shook his head. "Nope."

"Well, don't worry. We'll figure something out."

"You're the best."

Raven blushed again.

"Ahem, lovebirds," Cyborg cut in. "Pay attention."

"So...?" said Robin.

"Oh. Right. Ahem," Raven cleared her throat. "You see...before you guys left...You know how Robin and I have this 'mental connection' thing?"

The rest of the Titans, excluding Beast Boy, nodded.

"Well, before you guys left, I kind of did the same with the rest of you."

"So we're all connected?" Cyborg said.

Raven nodded. "All five of us. We're linked to each other, through me. But it has limitations. We can't hear each other's thoughts if we're so far apart, and, I don't know if there will be side effects."

"Side effects?" Robin repeated.

"Yeah. Like you may or may not have gained some of my power because of it."

The boys and Starfire exchanged glances.

"I'm sorry if you guys might think it's creepy but..."

"No," the three boys said in unison, making her head snap up.


"No," said Starfire with a smile.

"That just means that it really makes us a family," Cyborg said with that big grin of his.

"Definitely," said Robin.

"Oh." Raven smiled a little. "Well, that's good."

Cyborg and Robin looked pointedly at Beast Boy.

"What?" questioned the changeling.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Robin asked.

"Yeah, man," said Cyborg. "You're quieter than usual."

"Oh. Um...yeah, that's the thing..." Beast Boy laughed nervously. "Raven and I...sorta talked about this last night and-"

"Last night?"

"Last night?"

"Last WHAT?!"

Raven shuffled awkwardly and Beast Boy continued, "See the thing is, if I think about Raven before I go to sleep, she'll appear in my dreams. Like legit, be there. And whatever happens to us in the dream, we can kind of feel it outside of the dream too."

"And does that explain the hickies?" Robin deadpanned, he and Cyborg still fighting laughter.

"Yes, it does," Raven almost snapped. "And you guys can do it too. Especially you, Robin."

"Me?" Robin repeated.

Raven nodded. "You and Starfire, I think. It can probably work. Just think about each other and concentrate on how much you want to be together and..."

"Boom!" Beast Boy cut in.

The empath sighed. "Yes...'boom'. You should be able to be mentally connected in your subconscious."

"I wish me and Bee could do the same thing..." Cyborg murmured under his breath, but they all heard it. Beast Boy and Robin patted his back, Starfire teared up, and Raven looked sad.

"Oh Cyborg! I wish I could come over there and give you the biggest of hugs!" Starfire wailed.

"Don't worry, Starfire," Raven said before Robin could. "We'll all be together soon, and we can even have a big group hug when the boys come home."

Starfire's eyes brightened. "REALLY?!"

"Oh Azar," Raven uttered, but said out loud, "Yeah. Sure. But no kisses."

"Aw, naw!" Cyborg said, grinning again. A happy one this time.

"Not so fast," said Robin, smiling too.

"You just wait, Rae." Beast Boy winked. "As soon as we get home, we're gonna give you big, wet, slobbery kisses!"

"Oh joy, I cannot wait," Raven deadpanned. "My dead heart beats again at the thought of my loves coming home after such a long departure," she finished in an ancient English accent.

The Titans laughed, and she couldn't help but join it. But she couldn't help it, and neither could they.

These five truly loved each other.

The Titans bonding ^.^ Don't cha just LOVE it? :D Figured a lighter chapter was overdue.