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This is Berk, boasting the kind of balmy, fun-in-the-sun climate that will give you frostbite on your spleen. The one upside is our annual holiday. We call it Snoggletog. Why we chose such a stupid name remains a mystery. And after 300 years, it still does. It's been a year since the chaos last Snoggletog, and things are getting more extreme, as usual. The dragons are getting their annual migration holiday to lay their eggs, including a 2 ton luxurious Viking ship to bring their hatchlings back in the spring, courtesy of me and Gobber. Some of the dragon chose to stay behind, like Stormfly and surprisingly, Hookfang. Toothless had also insisted to stay behind, even though I had already fixed him a new automatic tail for the day. I was pretty reluctant to let him stay, since all the other dragons would be away, but if that stubborn reptile really wants to stay, I guess I don't really have much choice do I?

It was cool evening, and Snoggletog was right around the corner. The dragons were long sent off, with tears and well wishes, and a bit of relief for the other villagers. Toothless and I had our usual morning flight, practicing the new tricks we were working on. Lunch was a grilled fish on the cliffs, and another round of flying continued on. It was only until the sun started to set did we actually went home to Berk. But Toothless didn't look particularly tired.

"Hey buddy, think you're done for the day?" I asked as we slowly made our descend to Berk.

Toothless shook his head slightly, meaning a no. I was hoping he would say yes, since I was quite tired from a whole day of flying, but an active toothless, meant a sleepless night of hearing the roof shake. I looked around to see what we could do. Then I noticed. The forest. The place where Toothless and I met. A perfect place for a good evening stroll to end the day.

We landed at Berk and continued our way towards the forest. There were many trees in the area so it wasn't good for landing, not to mention I had to tell dad we would be late. We made a quick stop by the house to get my snow shoes for my leg. It would be hard to walk through 3 feet of snow with a scrawny piece of metal. As I left the house, dad walked in, in his arms carrying a stack of firewood big enough to keep the fireplace going for a month.

"Not coming back for dinner son?" He asked as he dumped the whole mountain at the corner of the room."

"Urr... Yeah. Me and toothless are gonna take a walk in the woods, so we won't be having any." I replied, before whispering something into his ear. "And also, toothless made me have some of his regurgitated fish."

He smiled that feisty Viking smile, though revealing a very awkward look on his face. Most likely his worry on me being forced to eat undigested raw meat because of a dragon. "Okay son. Be careful."

The forest was very different than the last time we visited in the fall. It was dark, but had a strange mysterious glow as the moonlight bounced off the white fallen snow, making them shimmer like the reflections of the star lit sky. Many of the trees were bare and grey, but some, the taller ones were evergreen, building up the height of the forest with its majestic large trunks and deep green leaves. Snow had found its way into every single crevasse it can squeeze itself into, adding to the icicles dangling from the bottom of the large rocks and boulders. As we walk, deep footprints marked our way home, as the coolness of the crisp night breeze nipped at our noses.

"Hey buddy, remember the first Snoggletog we had together?"

Toothless gave him a curious crooned, tilting his head slightly in wonder.

"Well... When I first put on the tail for you, I thought you would still hesitate before you left."

The dragon nodded with a small grunt. An "uh hur. Yes?" in human terms.

"But well... You didn't. You just hot up and left. And I thought... I would never see you again..."

I watched as toothless slowly stopped in his tracks. I could see in his eyes that he was guilty of his actions. I stopped too. Stroking his smooth black scales, I continued.

"But when you came back with my lost helmet. It wasn't the helmet I was so happy about. You chose to fly with me instead of being able to fly freely by yourself. And I'm really grateful for that. Thank you."

"You really did give me the best present ever."

Smiling I gave Toothless a hug. I really was grateful for all he did for me. Lightening up the mood, I joked.

"I can't wait to see what you'll come up with this year."

We walked ever so onwards into the middle of the forest. The moon was in full form, and we were quite far from the village. Suddenly, toothless stopped in his tracks. The noise of our footsteps stopped as silence filled the air. I watched confusingly as the dragon lifted his head to smell the air, like a predator searching for food. Just as sudden as he stopped, he turned his head to the left, and without warning, quickly ran off towards that direction.

"Toothless come back here!" I cried out as I started to chase after him.

I was glad he ran, because if he flew, I would never be able to catch up with him. Struggling to run with my prosthetic leg, I shifted my weight around to be able to get better grip on the soft snow. "TOOTHLESS!" I cried, but he never turned to look behind. He sniffed the air again, and turned another corner, dashing through the snowy forest. That split second he turned, I saw his face. It looked strangely frantic, like he was searching for something.

We continued running, but as fatigue slowly got me, Toothless got further and further away, not to mention it was dark so I could hardly see his black body disappearing into the dark. The last glimpse of him from the distance was him dashing straight, jumping into some thick evergreen bushes. Slowly with what little energy I could exert left, I got to the bushes. Already struggling with my leg, I pulled myself out of that bush, into the clearing. A small lake rested in front of me, sealed in ice and drenched in snow. The view of moon was so clear, the reflecting beams of moonlight shimmered off the surrounding snow like candles, lighting the whole area. Its glow so bright the view of the lake was perfect.

And there was toothless. Walking straight to it. Onto the frozen lake.

"Toothless! Come back here you stupid reptile the ice isn't going to be able to support your weight!" I scolded him, hoping his dragon smartness would see through what in Thor's mighty name he was doing. But of course, he didn't listen and strolled lightly onto the ice like it was some smooth flooring. He suddenly stopped and looked at me, gesturing me to follow him there, shaking his head in his direction.

"No way toothless, I'm not going there. What if the ice cracks?"

"If I knew it would crack do you think I would be standing on it?"Said his face. I knew I didn't have a choice in this. Again.

I slowly inched my way across the slippery ice. The snow on it didn't make traction any better, as I slipped slowly to toothless' big body. I could see the signs of the dark blue depths below me under the translucent ice. It was pretty deep for a small lake. And the icy darkness of blue black seemed to go down for an eternity. I finally got to the big reptile, which had, and still, was gesturing at a spot on the ice. He knocked the ice lightly, just enough to hear the "thunk" sounds of the thick ice. Since standing didn't give me any good holding, I knelt down beside him. Looking at the pile of snow Toothless was stamping on.

"You know Toothless, if you wanted some fish we could always head home and get some there."

Toothless gave me an annoyed grunt, then continued looking at the same spot. I looked too, puzzled by what on earth had made him so interested in the lake.

"Toothless, what do you want? What is...down...there..."

I swept the blanket of snow away, expecting the deep black darkness of potential doom to show itself to me again. But it didn't. Instead, it remained white, like snow was stuck under the ice. Puzzled, I swept away more snow, something revealed itself.

A boy. Under the ice.

The boy was around my age, maybe a few years older. His face was pale, not surprising inside such cold frigid ice. He wore a small and brown open vest that fell just past the slim knees of his legs, as well as a brown cloak made of some sort of animal hide and fur, a white woollen shirt was visible underneath it all along with a pair of tattered trousers bound with lighter material starting from the knee down to the end, and in his lifeless hand gripped a long wooden shepherd's crook. But the most peculiar and amazing thing about him was his white hair. It was snow white, almost silver. As the moonlight shone on his face, it gave him a lifeless glow.

"Is he alive?" I stupidly asked. Of course he's not. Judging by the thick ice and not a breathing hole in sight, he should be long dead by now. But I never saw a boy like him in our village, and the next town or village was miles away. So how did he die here?

Dead he may be, but I couldn't let this guy continue his watery grave without a proper burial.

"Come on buddy we gotta get him out of there." I said, as I started to pound the ice. Toothless follow suit, but it was a dangerous and risky task. It we hit the ice too much, the whole thing might crack, which might end up with a dark and cold swim at the bottom of the lake. The ice was much thicker than it looks, toothless' pounding could only crack the top half of the ice while I could hardly make a dent. It was getting darker and harder to see. But something in my mind told me not to give up, that this mysterious frozen boy was something important. Slowly but surely, I used up what's left of my energy. Toothless was panting too, but still continuing to crack the ice. 'It's no use. The ice is too thick.' I thought to myself. I know I couldn't give up now, but what could I do?

Suddenly, as if the great Odin had heard me, the moon suddenly glowed a great beam of white, shining its moonlight onto the boy's body. From inside the frozen lake, he started to rise, slowly, carefully, but rather than colliding with the ice and having his progress halted, he moved through it quite easily. The ice effortlessly started to crack up, breaking into smaller and smaller pieces as the boy rose higher and higher, like it was just a thin sheet of ice. Finally, the boy was lifted from the depths. He didn't stop moving after that either, floating upwards until his bare feet dangled freely in the air. As sudden as it began, he started to sink, falling steadily and ending up in my arms. He was very light, almost weightless, like it was the wind resting on me. A sparkle of moonlight gleamed into my eyes and a voiced ringed in my head.

He's name is Jack Frost. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock, please take care him until the time comes…

"Who are you?!" I yelled at the moon, but it didn't reply. "What do you mean until the time comes? He's already-"

Suddenly, a tiny jerk came from the unconscious body.


The boy stirred, yet he remained unconscious, like he was dreaming. As I listen closely, I could hear the sound of his breath.

"My lord. He's still alive..."

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