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Deep grey storm clouds slowly blended in with the fading light. Evening was settling itself in, oblivious to the darkness that has already took over the skies. It wedged itself among the scatter of cracks, turning grey to dusk, and dusk to utter blackness.

Among the blackness, however, were two figures, descending slowly as the horizon behind them gradually ate itself away. Jack and Hiccup had flew over to reunite with Toothless on the island's beach; a small margin of sand and rocks surrounding what seemed to be the cropped off section of a dense coniferous forest. Snow drew marks where the land met the sea, indicating the wax and wane of the tides with a gradient of yellow ochre to white. A quick discussion of the exhausted group led to the plan of camping on the beach for the night, hoping that maybe, with any luck, a small dragon would spot the glow of the campfire and return.

Jack scoured the beach for firewood as Hiccup rested with Toothless around a cluster of large rocks. The lightning had messed with Hiccup's eyes that he found it a blur just looking straight, more so searching for supplies, or even make a proper supper, and with daylight at its end, there was no time to hunt for food. Dinner was the stale bread that Hiccup had packed for the journey; hard at first, but a few drops of water and a quick heat on the flames made it a satisfying dish for their hungry and awaiting taste buds.

"Wait, you're telling me you got struck by lightning before?" Jack asked as he nibbled on the last of his bread. Hiccup was lying down on Toothless' side, his hand supporting his head. A wet cloth covered the boy's eyes as he ate his food.

"Yeah. Not long ago. About last summer in Berk. Knocked me out for a couple of days but nothing else really."

"Man... "Jack leaned back slightly, watching as the night fully kicked in. "You must be pretty lucky. This lightning doesn't just look like it's there for show."

Hiccup grimaced. "I'm not so lucky this time though. Maybe I should've just let the damn thing strike me."

"Then I'll have to tell your father that a lightning bolt fried his only son."

Hiccup paused for a moment, imagining the scene in his mind.

"That's not funny, Jack." He replied.

The white-haired boy gave him a grin, but his expression darkened soon after.

"So, how are they? Your eyes I mean."

"They're fine, I guess. Though they still sting a bit," admitted Hiccup, removing the cloth from his face. "Being amongst all that light for too long must have been rough on them."

Jack stared at him worryingly, looking at the two emeralds that were still shining even after the ordeal. Despite his distorted vision, Hiccup could feel the continuous stream of concern from his companion, even Toothless, who was resting as they talked, had woken up upon hearing about the status on his eyes.

"Relax." Hiccup tried again in assuring the boy, "It's just bit blurry, that's all."

The doubtful face before him questioned his words.

"I'll be fine, Jack," reaffirmed Hiccup. "It's not like I can't see. They should be back to normal in a couple of days, hopefully. Struck by lightning before remember?"

Jack gave Hiccup a smile of relief, before reaching over and taking the cloth, still warm from Hiccup's heat. With a touch of his staff, the heat escaped from the cloth, and cooled to an icy temperature. "I know its cold out here and all, but I think this'll help to ease that sting of yours."

Gingerly, Hiccup place it back over his eyes, despite the initial sharp chill on his tired face, it numbed the pain, appeasing his discomfort. "Thanks Jack." He said, the edges of his lips curling in soothing relief. "It feels much better now."

Jack smiled in returned, glad to be of help to his friend.

"I'm gonna get some rest, I think some shut eye would help too." Hiccup added, turning slightly to his side. "You should sleep as well. We've got a long day ahead tomorrow if we're gonna fine our missing dragon."

"Sure, I'll keep watch for a bit before I do."

The conversation ended, leaving Jack alone in his thoughts. He looked over towards the sea; the dark pool of liquid went on endlessly for miles, shimmering slightly as the fire's vivid glow reflected faintly on the water, along with the sound of empty crashes of the waves. Jack didn't like it, the silence; it made him feel uncomfortable for some reason, especially with his companion lying down with a cloth on of his face like a deceased man.

"...Hey Hiccup?" Jack started.

Hiccup didn't reply. The lad was sound asleep. Jack had watched the young viking sleep many times during his few weeks with him, and he always found it intriguing that no matter how mighty or menacing or heroic a person was, once he was asleep, he was reduced to a mere child with his dreams. Even Hiccup, who he knew deep down was probably extremely worried about Peka, had a smile so calm, so peaceful, without any sign of worry concealed in his bright, green eyes.

Jack laid down, his head towards the stars.

"Don't worry Hiccup. We'll find her." He said, before closing his eyes. Slowly but surely, he too drifted off to sleep.

The trio started their search for the missing dragon early the next morning, looking around the beach for any signs or clues on her whereabouts. Even though it was morning, the skies around them looked as dull as they evening before, with no trace of the winter blue sky that always greeted them on Berk. Jack took a circle around the beach, but there were no tracks of the gronkle, or any other dragons or creatures at all. In fact, other than the dense cluster of coniferous trees, the island had an eerie lack of any sort of life form. And with another breakfast of leftover bread, the list of unfortunate events went on and on and on.

One thing that did have a positive light, at least, was Hiccup. He felt better after a night's rest, but although he was well enough for it, he still decided against flying through the unfamiliar forest without getting hurt.

"There's no sign of anyone around the island. Do you think she flew somewhere else?" Jack asked his companion. The forest itself was eerily barren of any life form. No chirping of birds, or scurrying in the distance, only the empty rustling of the tall pines that seem to go on around the whole island.

"I doubt so," he replied, remembering the empty horizon. "She might be a baby, and even if there were any islands nearby, she should know better than flying off aimlessly in the dark."

Jack sighed, "This smells troublesome, Hiccup."

((Yeah... This forest smells weird, Jack.))

Jack look towards the other voice. To Hiccup, it was nothing but a grunt or a growl, but to him, it was the voice of his other companion. Toothless and Jack have been talking to each other since the day Jack found out about it, and as promise, he kept their conversations secret. Usually they would only chat when Hiccup wasn't around, when Hiccup was busy preparing lunch or while he was away or asleep, but the boy was on the other side of the dragon, and that wasn't very far at all.

"What do you mean it smells weird? Smells like any other forest to me," Jack whispered as he tried not to blow his cover. "And didn't you tell me not to talk to you when Hiccup's around?"

((I wouldn't talk now either unless it was important.)) The dragon responded. ((And I'm saying that this forest doesn't smell like the rest of the island, like it was placed here.))

"The forest smells weird, so what? There's no way that anyone can plant a whole forest here, Toothless." hissed Jack. "I may not have much experience with a lot of things, but even I know for sure that that can't be done."

((I know that. But something's definitely not right here.))

"What do you want me to do then? Tell Hiccup?"

((What? No! How's he going to react when you tell him that I said-))

"What's wrong bud?" Hiccup suddenly interrupted, stopping to stroke the dragon's scaly head. "Why all the growling? Did you figure out where Peka is?"

Toothless turn his head to face Jack, shifting himself closer towards Hiccup.

"Is something the matter Jack?" Hiccup asked, turning his attention towards the other boy. Toothless at queue gave a short huff.

((Go on. Tell him.)) It meant.

"What?" Jack's expression responded in disarray.

((Just don't come to me if he starts questioning your sanity.)) The dragon eyed in response.

"Traitor!" Jack eyed back.

He then noticed his friend, who was still waiting for an answer, watching every movement he did, and most probably judging his sanity.

"I… Ur…umm…"

Hiccup raised his eyebrows.

"I… I think something's up with this forest Hiccup."

"Hmm? How so?"

"It's… hard to explain," Jack's mind rummaged through what Toothless had said to him. "Like somebody placed it here?"

The boy's eyebrows furrowed. "That's not possible. Stop acting weird, Jack."

The reply he received was swift, in comparison to the amount of hesitation put into his own little sentence. Picking up what's left of his pride, Jack continued walking, slowly catching up to Hiccup and the snickering dragon who had continued off without him.

As the trio, got closer to the centre of the island, the trees panned out into a beautiful glade, shaping an empty white field with its thick leaves into a large round circle. The ends of every branch touched tips with another's, until they surrounded the place like a tall fence, cropping a circle out of the sky.

"What is this place?" Hiccup said in awe as they stepped into the ring of trees. "I never seen something like this before."

Jack on the other hand, wasn't so keen about it. "Toothless was right." He muttered. "There's something up with this forest…"

Toothless growled in agreement, sniffing the mysterious air.

"Oh come on guys it's beautiful!" Hiccup remarked, pointing up towards the grey circle that parallel the field. "I think it'll be a great place for future uses!"

Jack was about to reply when his ears caught something familiar. It was soft, and muffled, but it was an unmistakable jingling. He turned his head to face the sound, and noticed a lump of brown amidst the snow on the other side of the field.

"Hiccup over there!" He yelled in excitement as he flew towards it, putting his staff down to sweep the snow off its back. And there, asleep in the snow, was Peka.

"That was easier than I thought." Hiccup panted as he caught up with Jack. "I was pretty certain she would gone off further than that."

"It doesn't matter does it? We found her and that's all that matters-oh her rope is stuck." The rope was tangled between a couple of tree roots partially buried in the snow.

"Well, at least that explains why she was sleeping out here, I guess." Walking over to Toothless, Hiccup grabbed a small knife from the supplies. "Let me take over."

He exchanged places with the white haired boy, kneeling down beside the dragon as he started to cut the tangled rope. He was about halfway through when Peka start to whimper. Her sleepy face start to tense up in worry, struggling as she tried to break free.

"It's okay girl, it's okay." Hiccup tried to calm the struggling dragon. "Hold on, we're gonna get you out soon."

But Peka wasn't the only one in a fret. Toothless was on edge too. His ears were bent back, glancing around anxiously as he tried to hurry the group. ((Something's coming. We need to leave!)) He warned Jack, who was confused to why the dragon was so nervous. Until he looked up at the sky.

"Urr… Hiccup? We need to leave…"

"Give me a moment. The rope's build to hold dragons you know."

"Then can you explain to me what that is?"

Out of the blue, the sky had darkened, faster and more ominous than any of them had ever experienced before. The calm grey shrouds of clouds from before started to coil and writhe. The snow around them start to follow the increasingly strong wind, circling around them in a large frenzied swirl.

"Are you done yet?!" Jack yelled as the bellowing winds got louder and louder.

"Almost…. There! I'm d- "and Hiccup's voice suddenly disappeared.

"Hiccup?" Jack turned towards his companions, only to find them missing from their spot. They had yet to move, yet to speak finish their sentence, but they were not there.

"Hiccup?! Where did you go?!" He cried out, but the chaotic wail of the wind muted his voice and the snow blurred his sight.

"Hiccup! We have to leave…" Jack trailed off, something knocking his foot had caught his attention.

"…What the?"

Jack's staff had begun to shake on its own, bouncing from side to side like a possessed stick beginning a wild and crazy dance. It lifted itself in the air, wobbling slightly, before it was grabbed by its owner just in time for it to jerk towards the centre of the storm, tugging violently in his hands like a struggling child. The staff was telling him something.

Cautiously, Jack followed the staff's will, walking ever closer to the centre. With every small step, gusts of violent wind hurled cold snow onto his body, only to be blown off and replaced with even more snow. And with every one of those steps, the staff shook even more violently. Jack only gripped tighter with each tug, not noticing the faint white swirls starting to emit from the tip of the staff. And with a final step, just like a tornado, he walked into the eye of the storm. The centre was quiet and still, a hollow tube of white carnage, spinning a wall of wind towards the darkened sky.

It was then that he realised what his staff was doing, the white swirls had accumulated and increased in size, fanning out like vines around him. Jack, without a thought, focused and closed his eyes, continuingly gripping the mad stick as it waved wildly in his hands. Until, all at once, a tiny spark of blue flashed within the spirals of magic, and in that instance, the storm started to collapsed. Starting from the top, it was absorbed by the staff, sucking it in like a genie to a lamp, a whirlpool in the sea, forcefully, violently, and with every amount absorbed, the staff shone brighter and brighter.

A faint silhouette appeared in front of Jack whilst he focused all he had on the staff. It watched him intently, the staff continuing to absorb the storm. Even among the chaos, Jack still noticed it, and an uneasy feeling welled up inside him. He knew that person, the shadow beyond the wall was so familiar to his eyes. Yet, he didn't.

"Who are you?" Jack asked through the storm.

The figure did not reply, but pointed to his staff. Jack looked down; glowing blue veins were travelling from his staff, to his hands and up into his sleeves. He dropped the staff in surprised, tripping and falling onto the snow just as the storm disappeared entirely into it, revealing an utterly bewildered boy and two dragons behind, far behind, between the trees. The figure was nowhere to be seen.

Hiccup rushed over to Jack, just as the veins vanished from the boy's arms. The staff calmed down as well, no longer the violent, almost uncontrollable wooden stick it was before.

"What in Odin Almighty's right name were you thinking?!" Hiccup yelled smacking the boy in the head.

"Ow! What was that about?! And where did you go?"

"Where did I go? Where did YOU go! When the storm came up, Toothless and I were bringing Peka into the forest and when I turned around you were walking into the storm like a mad man!"

"Wha-what…" Jack turned to look at the two concerned dragons rushing towards him. It was only then that he realised that was in the centre of the field, far away from where they were originally standing.

"I tried to go after you but the wind got stronger when I tried to get closer…" Hiccup's words trailed off, his logical mind rattling in his head for a reason he could not find. Even so, he knew it wasn't the time to think about this, the bizarre storm could come back at any moment. "I'm glad to see you're okay." He reached out his hand towards the boy. "You are okay, right?"

The boy looked towards his arms, then towards his friend. "…Yeah." He nodded.

"Then let's get out of here before something even crazier happens."

A few hours later on the high seas, the group spotted the island they've been heading for: Dragon Island. Even from a distance, the screeching and cries of over tens of thousands dragons could be heard, and a multitude of colours decorated the whole island in shades of blue, green, brown and red. As Jack guided the group towards the island, Hiccup made sure to inform them to keep low as they head closer, remembering the accidental return migration he let off the year before. They were just about to start their decent onto secluded part of the beach when Peka steer away to the left, whizzing off towards the land.

Afraid to lose sight of the dragon once again, they followed after it. However, this time, the gronkle seemed to know where she was going. Eventually, they followed her to a small, less populated part of the island that was nearer to the sea, a small beach that instead of sand, was covered primarily of what appears to be rocks, pebbles and gravel. The boys watched and followed as the gronkle sniffed its way down the rocky path, reaching a cluster of boulders, before digging into the ground around it. After a quick pile of sediments beside the hole. Peka rose, and in its mouth was a piece of dirt covered fabric.

Hiccup coaxed the object from the dragon's mouth, sweeping of the dirt as he examined the item that the little dragon had dug up. Dirty, battered, and wet, one could still make out what it used to be. An orange scarf, decorated with floral patterns and figures of tiny dragons.

"A scarf?" Jack asked, confused. "What's it doing all the way out here?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe it washed up here from somewhere."

"Maybe… Peka, is this Excellinor's?"

Peka perked up hearing its owner's name, wagging its round tail in confirmation.

'We tried to fly there ourselves but we didn't make it very far.' Hiccup recalled the little girl saying.

He connected the dots, trying to make sense of the whole situation.

"Excellinor said she wanted to see the other dragons, and that she and Peka tried to fly there themselves. They must have lost it while they were trying to get here. "Hiccup deduced. "Peka must have been worrying about the scarf, and figured out it would have washed up on Dragon Island, so she- "

"She wanted us to guide her here to retrieve it back." Jack finished.


Peka nodded, seemingly understanding what the two boys had meant. She bounded along the rocky beach, itching to head back the way they came.

"So we came all this way, got caught in a weird storm, to get caught in ANOTHER, EVEN WEIRDER storm, and then fly our tired bodies here just for this?!" Jack yelled, gesturing to the soggy wet pile in Hiccup's hands.

Hiccup just laughed. "It seems so. This must've been precious to her." He petted the little one as she returned from her victory stride. "A dragon always gets what it wants huh, Peka?"

Peka purred in agreement.

"Well then, I think it's about time we complete our little quest and head back. If there's no other problems on the way back we should be able to make it before night falls."

Jack agreed. "You don't mind if I ride with you, would you? I think all the flying is finally getting to me."

"Not at all, climb on up." It had been an arduous journey, combing the land and sea to find Peka, he wasn't surprise that the white haired boy would be exhausted by now. Giving it a pat, Hiccup steadied himself on Toothless, with Jack settling himself for the flight.

"You know, did I tell you the story about the time Toothless left me to find my helmet the last Snoggletog?"

"Toothless did that?"

"It's a long story which I'll tell you on the way home."

Toothless' ears pricked up at the sound of 'home', eager to head back to his comfort zone over the yonder too. The boys and the dragons quietly took off, leaving the mass of dragons undisturbed in their habitat. They were having such a smooth and relaxing flight that they didn't notice as they passed by the cluster of islands, that one particular island had mysteriously lost all its trees.

As the Sun settled on the second and final day of their short adventure, the heroes finally arrived home. A warm welcome from the villagers greeted the gang as they reached Berk, the Night Fury's large wings casting a large shadow upon their decent. Unsurprisingly, Excellinor, who was worried when they didn't return in the morning, was first to run up to the group, and naturally, she was at first confused to why Peka had return with them.

Hiccup reached into his bag, handing the scarf to the little girl. "It's a little messed up now, but nothing a good wash and a few stiches won't fix."

"My scarf! I thought I lost it!"

"The little one got us to go all the way to Dragon Island to get it for you. It must have been important."

"My mother made it for me for my birthday, and I really like it a lot. But for you to go all the way there to get it for me?" The little girl gestured her dragon towards her. "Come here you little rascal, apologise to Hiccup."

"It's fine, don't worry about it." He smiled. "I'm glad you got your scarf back. But next time you wanna fly out to Dragon Island, ask an adult first."

She nodded, and gave him a cheeky smile, before running off with her companion towards her friends. "Thank you guys!" She waved.

Hiccup waved back, giving a slight chuckle as he watched the children surround Toothless with handfuls of goodies, and realises that Jack wasn't with him. Looking around, he noticed his other companion had walked off by himself.

"Jack? Where are you going?"

Jack turned around, his expression looked completely tired. "I'm just, going back to the house. Just a bit dizzy, you know? Must've been Reptile's bad flying." He joked.

"Hey, you ok there?" Hiccup asked. "Do you want me to follow you?"

Not looking back, Jack waved to his friend. "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I just need some rest." He assured him, staggering away. "I'll see you at home."

"Yeah…" He replied, unsure of whether he should go after him. But before he could decide, the rest of the children had gathered around him, pleading him to tell the story of his newest adventure.

Dinner was quiet and awkward, other than Stoick's endless ranting about caution and safety. Jack had skipped dinner and went straight to bed, which was unusual since the boy was always the hyperactive one out of the both of them, and Toothless had followed soon after he was done eating. As Hiccup laid in his bed, he thought about the storm, and the things that happened the past couple of weeks. So many things had happened, so many mysterious things that occurred the day he met the boy.

Hiccup tilted his head up, looking towards the direction of Jack. The boy's back was facing him as the hammock swayed slightly from the wind.

But why? He's been around him for weeks; surely he would have noticed something unusual. Only then did he realise, he had never questioned the existence of the boy. The flying, the magic, he never had a single thought about it, accepted it like nothing was wrong. There was only one time he had asked him, back at the cliffs on the day they met, but even Jack himself hadn't a clue of his identity. In fact, he had forgotten that he found him in a frozen lake all together, supposedly dead as a matter of fact too. Under any ordinary circumstance, a situation like that would be hard to forget. It was like his mind was trying to make him avoid the subject all together.

But before Hiccup could strain his brain about it any longer, he suddenly felt a touch on his shoulder, and a surge of fatigue drained away his thoughts, drifting out of consciousness before he even noticed the mysterious silhouette that appeared by his bedside.

"It's better you don't think about it, boy."

It walked towards Jack, its footsteps soundless and presence unseen. The figure bent down, gently caressed the sleeping boy's face, its touch oblivious as he continued to dream.

"I leave for a couple of weeks and that silly old man had to start doing things on his own." It whispered to itself. "I see a meeting brewing in the near future..."

Sighing, the figure look towards Hiccup, and then to Jack one last time, before it faded away into the night.

The following morning, Hiccup and Jack continued their day hanging out in the forest behind Berk. With a handful of assorted herbs from Gothi, Hiccup was well enough to wander around on his own, though he strangely couldn't recall what happened the night before. Jack was back to his merry active self, almost the opposite from when they had returned to Berk, free to run around and wander since Hiccup was better.

"Okay. I've got some firewood we can use for lunch..."

Hiccup walked into the small clearing they've been resting in, only to find Jack and Toothless running around all over the place, whooping and hollering as the dragon chased the boy. "Jack!"

"Oh great you're back!" The boy scurried over to him like an excited little child. "Hiccup, check this out!"

Hiccup sighed. "You should be helping me get ready instead of playing around, or at least be training like you should be! I've already told you to set up the mat and ready the food but-Toothless!" He called out to beast, pointing as it tried to sneak away from the crime. "Bad dragon you should've known better!"

"I'll work on lunch Hic don't worry." The boy replied, but from the sparkle in his eye Hiccup knew otherwise." But first, you have to see this!"

Jack hopped a few feet back from where Hiccup was standing and held out his staff. Flicking it to his left, a mass of white and blue sparks burst from the tip, and with a twirl, a patch of snow came together to form an oddly shaped Viking shield made out of ice, plopping on to the ground. Before Hiccup could say anything, he waved his staff to the right, and a swirling cloud of frost started to form in the air, but this time accumulating itself into a tiny ice bird, which flew freely for a few moments before bursting in a confetti of freshly fallen snow.

Jack grinned at his friend, his bewildered look only adding fuel to his successful surprise. "Toothless and I found this out while you were gone. I can make snow into stuff now!"

((Found out? More like attacked me with it.)) Toothless huffed.

"When were you able to do that? The last magical…thing you've done at such any scale was when we were out at the cliffs. I thought you said that was just a fluke."

"Don't ask me. After the incident with the snow tornado…storm…whatchacallit, I feel like my powers have increased."

Even if it was amazing that Jack was able to create something out of thin air, the artistic side of Hiccup couldn't help but criticise the badly made creations. The shield wasn't circular, or even a known shaped, for it bent awkwardly on the left side as if a big sized man had squished it with his tooshie. A couple of insightful dents donned the ice formation like it was pelted with stones, adding to its amateur characteristics.

He didn't even want to start on the exploding bird.

Hiccup breathed in deeply, containing all the comments he wanted to say. "I'm going to the river to get water. Toothless, make sure he doesn't run off, I have had enough of searching for quite a while. And Jack," In the corner of his eye, he watched as the shield slowly disintegrate, reducing itself back to snow. "I'm still not sure how to respond to your...ur...surprise, but regardless, I expect you to work harder now that your powers have grown."

Jack gave him a cheeky salute. "With full attentiveness and participation, sir!" Then bounded off towards Toothless to continue their battle, "Just not right now!"

Hiccup watched, as Toothless tackled the screeching boy in the distance, only for him to wriggle out of the dragons grasp and continue their play-fight in the snow. It was clear to him that the white hair boy was becoming more and more of a handful. Sighing again, he walked away, carrying the handful of canteens in his arms.

"Maybe I'm just not a good teacher?" Hiccup groaned as he filled the canteens. The river was cold and stinging from the winter air. Patches of thin ice collected along the sides and formed among the slower moving current. Hiccup watched as a thin sliver of ice appeared ever so slightly near the bank, only to break off and disintegrate as it floated into the faster water.

"Just like my progress." He grumbled, "You think you're getting somewhere and then another problem shows up."

Hiccup thought about his other attempts at training feisty teens, back at the academy. Even though there were more of them, and were definitely more hot-blooded than Jack, especially Snotlout and the twins, things still worked out because over there, he had another person helping him out. His trusted ally, Astrid. Out of all the teens. Astrid was the only one who had any sensible thoughts which didn't include explosions or any 'normal' vikingness, other than Fishlegs of course, who despite his intelligence however was too timid to counteract the trio's madness. She was always second-in-charge when he was busy or not around, and wasn't shy to point out good critics in his works. She was pretty much in charge of the academy now with Hiccup's unexplained no show.

'Maybe Astrid could help him teach Jack too?' Hiccup thought.

Astrid was direct, Astrid was determined. Astrid could easily pummel Jack to the floor and make him heel…On second thought, Astrid wasn't a really good teacher.

But that wasn't the reason why he had been avoiding her, or the rest of the gang.

"Thank goodness she isn't around." muttered Hiccup.

"Who isn't around?"

Hiccup's body froze. He knew that voice too well. Slowly, he turned around.

"Oh..." He said. "Hey, Astrid..."

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