Ch. 10 The Treaties

Talk about weird. When I woke I was in the wilds at the hut in the wilds. I was pretty much in my underwear. Morrigan was there and was pleased to see me awake.

"Ah so you have awoken Warden." She said I looked at her and said "Morrigan…what happened at the tower?" Morrigan sighed knowing I'm only thirteen says "Ceil…the man that was supposed to respond to your single fire…quite the field. Leaving everyone to be massacred. Mother saved you and your friend." "Alistair?" I asked Morrigan then said "Yes, he seems to be taking this very hard. Any way you're up and mother wanted to see you." "What are you going to be doing?" I asked "Preparing a stew." She said I bowed my thanks dressed and exited to outside.

"You worry too much boy. See your friend is fine." Said Morrigan's mother. Alistair looked at me the same way Elizabeth's mother did. "So you live, thank the maker. I though I was alone." I remarked "I'm a Phantomhive; you can't get rid of me that easily." Alistair laughed "Yah that's true…but Duncan…never mind. Logan must not be allowed to get away with this betrayal." We talked and spoke of the treaties and decided to use them.

We also gained Morrigan as an ally in our quest to defeat the arch demon! Ok I'm only thirteen but come on…dad would be proud. We set out for Lothering and had an unexpected stop…the War Hound I had saved lived. After a fight I named the dog "Sebastian" in honor of my former dog.