20 Kisses

Chapter One: Thank You!

By: Eviltiger

Author's Note: Own nothing. This is a challenge from Asuka Neko; I have to write 20 fics, each with a different kiss. There will be all kinds of pairings, so you have been warned. These will all be just really short cuties, probably barely over 2 pages.


In the palace of Clow, which gleamed and shone beautifully, two sets of rapid footsteps could be heard. One belonged to a young girl, no older than eight, while the other belonged to a boy, eight as well. The boy was chasing after the giggling young girl, her laughs echoing throughout the palace walls. While she had on a regal dress, it flowed freely around her, allowing a wide variety of movements, such as running. The boy had on the clothes of a commoner, and at first glance he appeared expressionless. However if one looked closely, a faint blush could be seen dusting his cheeks.

"Come on Syaoran!" The girl chimed in a cute voice, "You're going to have to run faster than that to catch me!" She exclaimed before running faster. Syaoran picked up the pace as well, and said,

"But why do I have to catch you, Princess?" Syaoran started to run a little faster, so he could almost touch the princess' back if he stuck out his arm. The girl squealed upon noticing how close the boy was, and tried to sprint as fast as she could. Her reply came in between puffs of air.

"Because, you're 'it'! And when you're 'it' you have to tag somebody else to make them 'it'! And I've told you to call me Sakura! Oof!" As Sakura was exclaiming the last part, the slightly clumsy princess tripped over her shoes and fell flat on her face. Shock and alarm flitted across the amber-eyed boy's face before he immediately stopped running and crouched next to auburn-haired girl.

"Prin-…S-Sakura, are you alright?" Syaoran said worriedly. The princess said nothing for a little while, but then she popped her head up so fast it startled the poor boy. The girl had a huge grin on her face.

"You said my name!" Sakura exclaimed, jumping up and down while completely ignoring the small bump on her forehead that was quickly swelling. "You said my name! Yay!" In joy, the girl rushed over and hugged Syaoran hard before she kissed his on the cheek. The boy, dumbstruck, felt his face turn a bright red as he suddenly realized what had just occurred. While still processing the events, the loud ringing of bells made Sakura stand up, and dash off, but not before she waved good-bye to Syaoran and exclaimed,

"That's the dinner bell! I have to go! I'll see you tomorrow Syaoran! And thank-you!" And after rounding a corner of the great palace, the girl was gone, leaving Syaoran sitting on the floor, still in a small shock with his hand on his cheek and something warm in his heart. Slowly the boy stood up and made his unsteady way out of the castle. On the castle steps he waited for his father, all the while letting the events of what had happened replay in his mind.

When a man named Fujitaka came to bring his son home from the castle that day, he was surprised to find the boy sitting on the steps and smiling. Upon being asked if something good had happened that day, the boy nodded, unable to do anything, but smile.

End! Very short stuff, kinda just to take a break from other fiction.


"This is an outrage!" King Touya snarled, pacing back and forth in his room. "The brat should be murdered, taken care of, thrown into a prison cell!" he roared. Standing next to a window, Yukito sighed.

"Touya, you're being unreasonable." The blonde haired man said quietly.

"I am not!" King Touya practically barked. "Not only he lets my little monster get hurt, but he steals a-a-a-a KISS from her! UNACCEPTABLE!" The man shouted, and ran towards his room to sharpen his favorite sword. Yukito sighed, and followed Touya, making a mental note to tell Syaoran not to come to the castle for the next few days, if didn't have a death wish.