20 Kisses

Chapter Eight: Until I Fall Asleep

By: Eviltiger

Author's Note: Own nothing except the storyline! School's been a heavy burden; I hope to slowly go back to writing this challenge more often!


Infinity was never quiet, even at night. The bustle and murmur of people engulfed the day, while screams and gunshots rang out at night. Fai didn't really care about the noise; he was able to tune out such trivial things. Such was his nature. Sakura hated Infinity nights. Fai knew that from the day they had arrived. She would curl up into a small tight ball, the blanket and her pillow covering her ears. That first night in Infinity soft whimpers were heard from her room every time a cry tore through the night. In the morning her eyes had been red.

While she didn't cry anymore, Sakura was by no means used to the nights. The lack of sleep the girl had been receiving was definitely taking its toll. During the latest chess game Fai had felt himself slow down slightly. It wasn't anything severe enough to affect the outcome of the game, but it still worried the man.

One evening Fai was practicing how to amplify his hearing from the vampire blood out of sheer boredom. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath, feeling the feral blood moving in his veins. Narrowing his senses until the blonde could only hear the man explored the hotel they were in by listening alone.

Upstairs the family with two kids was scolding their youngest one for lying to them. The next door neighbor was taking a shower and washing his hair. On the ground floor a concierge was yawning, having nothing to do for lack of any customer flow. Fai was about to return to a normal state when something caught his attention: low harsh muttering and a knife being sharpened slowly.

"Them Kings are gonna be done for!" More sharpening of the knife.

"We gonna beat them so hard tonight they ain't gonna be able to move!" Laughter echoed throughout the room.

"What the hell were they thinking, challenging us right in the heart of our turf?! Musta been higher than the moon!"

"Hey, at least we don't needa walk too far, being it right next to this dump." Laughter and more voices were heard, but by then Fai had already shut off his super hearing. His face was set in a small frown. What a wonderful night this was going to be for the princess.

Sakura was off to bed. Fai helped the young girl walk to her room, his mind somewhere else. The night was almost silent, a very ominous sign. Opening the door to the princess' bedroom he helped her to her bed. Sakura looked at the blonde man for a moment, her jade eyes searching his face.

"Is something wrong?" She asked simply.

Fai shrugged, giving a small smile. "There's a lot wrong these days." He said, trying to divert the attention from him.

Sakura watched the man carefully, her hawk eyes tailing his every move. She looked as if she wanted to speak, but for a few moments silence settled in the room. Finally, she spoke.

"Fai-san…-" Whatever Sakura's next words were going to have been were drowned out by the sudden fierce battle cry that rose from one of the streets below their apartment. The princess stiffened as she the fight began, and Fai cursed inwardly. Of all the places nearby to choose, it had to be directly under them? Fai looked at the princess, touching her arm gently.

"Are you okay Sakura-chan?" He asked softly.

The girl jerked away from him as if his touch were fire, looking at him with slightly wide eyes before her composure was restored. Sakura nodded firmly but tensely.

"Fine." The screams and shouts continued, accompanied by the sounds of clashing and fighting. They were so close to the fight, so close the two could make out every single word the people below spoke. Fai could see the teenager's composure slipping more and more, her mask of indifference crumbling to replace pain and fear.

Fai frowned. It twisted his gut to see the girl like this. After a particularly loud scream ripped through the air the man caved, and drew Sakura into a tight hug, effectively closing her ears with his hands.

"Fai-san?" The muffled response came. While it was trying to show independency and strength all the man could hear was a small quavering voice.

The blonde lowered his head and spoke close to the girl's ear so he wouldn't have to remove his hands from her ears.

"Do you want me to leave?" He was giving her the choice, but Fai doubted that he would leave even if she asked him to.

After a moment's hesitation small hands gripped his shirt tightly and Sakura spoke.

"Just… Just until I fall asleep?" The hesitant, child-like voice said.

Fai smiled softly, a real smile, and kissed the girl's head softly. He cradled her gently, like a brother would to comfort a younger sister.

"Of course, my princess."

End of Chapter 8

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The next morning Sakura woke up in her bed, alone. There was an indent in the bed though; one that signified someone had truly stayed with her until she had fallen asleep. A soft smile wreathed her lips as she looked at the spot for a minute. This was the first time in a while that she had slept so well.