Chapter 30: The Light at the End

The sun shone brightly over Kingsparrow Isle as Corvo and Daud rowed out from the Painted Lady, following the trail of blood left by Lord Pendleton as he had fled.

"Kind of ironic for it to be a nice day when we're about to murder a bastard." Corvo quipped.

"I merely seek absolution. If I die, then I hope it will allow you to exact your revenge on Lord Pendleton." Daud replied.

"Do you even have a sense of humor?" Corvo asked.

"If I survive, hopefully I shall be absolved through my deeds." Daud deflected.

"I thought you said that only your death would absolve you." Corvo replied

"Tyvia is a harsh land. Serkonos teaches us of lýtro̱si̱ mésa apó práxeis, or redemption through deeds. I am not sure which will lead to the best outcome." Daud explained.

"Just keep rowing." Corvo retorted.

After two long hours of rowing, the boat came ashore and the two assassins disembarked.

"So now where?" Daud asked.

Corvo turned in the direction of the lighthouse, feeling the Heart beat.

"To the lighthouse." Corvo answered.

"One does not simply walk into Kingsparrow Fort." Daud warned.

"What?" Corvo asked.

"The lighthouse is in the fort, jackass." Daud replied.

"What's this about not simply walking into the fort?" Corvo asked again.

"It's not yet finished. The only way in is through the front door." Daud answered.

"And what's the problem with that?" Corvo asked.

"Sniper Alley." Daud mouthed.

"What?" Corvo inquired.

"It's a narrow street, about a mile long. On both sides there are tall buildings with marksmen of the Imperial Marines on them. It's the longest mile any man will ever travel." Daud replied.

"And then what?" Corvo asked.

"And then there are wolfhounds." Daud continued.

"Fun." Corvo snarked.

Marching along the streets of Kingsparrow Isle, the two found themselves at the entrance to Sniper Alley.

"Spirits of House Daud, I invoke thee. May my aim be true, my feet be quick, my mind be sharp, my arms and legs nimble and limber. If I fall, grant my soul absolution." Daud prayed.

Corvo and Daud walked into the alley.

"Now what?" Corvo asked.

"Now they line us up in their sights." Daud answered.

BANG! a gunshot fired.

"RUN!" Daud yelled.

Corvo bolted like a man fleeing from a hound as gunfire went off on both sides. Every sniper there was bamboozled at the fact that there were two men, and neither would stay still long enough to get a bead on. Up ahead, Daud killed the snarling wolfhounds with a grenade. Corvo blinked up over the walls of Fort Kingsparrow. The few guards stationed there did nothing, as they did not believe that any man alive could have survived the hounds and the snipers. Corvo clambered up to the lighthouse.

Revenge solves everything. Corvo thought as he entered the lighthouse.

Inside, High Overseer Martin was being suspended by his arms and legs while Admiral Havelock was in the stocks.

"Damn you, Pendleton!" both men cried.

Just then, the lighthouse door was kicked down, and both men looked up to see Corvo Attano.

"Corvo?" both asked.

"Give me a reason to spare you." Corvo demanded.

"Pendleton's the one who betrayed you." Admiral Havelock announced.

"Why would we want to betray you? I mean, I kind of owe you my job." High Overseer Martin added.

"And I've got the fleet at my command." Admiral Havelock finished.

Corvo freed them both.

"Now go." Corvo demanded.

Inside the main room of the lighthouse, Lord Pendleton held Emily in a death grasp. Around his neck was an Overseer's music box. Suddenly, Corvo broke down the door.

"It's over, Pendleton." Corvo announced.

"Wrong. It's only just-" Lord Pendleton began.

Emily sank a knife into Lord Pendleton's leg.

"MY LEG!" Lord Pendleton screamed, releasing Emily in his agony.

After a good five minutes, Pendleton pulled out the knife.

"I'll get you, bastard! No man betrays a Pendleton!" Lord Pendleton yelled.

Corvo and Emily clambered up to the top of the lighthouse. Lord Pendleton dragged himself after them. On the roof, the final confrontation occurred.

"Now it's over." Corvo quipped.

"I've got the City Watch at my command! I am the de facto ruler of the Empire!" Lord Pendleton boasted.

Corvo drew a flare gun from his coat and fired it into the air.

"Your reign ends by my decree." Emily proclaimed.

"You and what army?" Lord Pendleton retorted.

Just then, the wireless buzzed.

"Hello." Lord Pendleton announced.

"Milord, there appears to be a small boat approaching the island." Wallace replied.

"Is that all?" Lord Pendleton asked.

"No. There's a whole bloody armada behind it." Wallace answered.

Corvo looked through his spyglass. There, in his boat, was Samuel. Behind Samuel were the gunboats of the City Watch. At the head of those was Captain Curnow. Behind the gunboats were whaling vessels and a frigate. The sky was darkened as dirigibles soared in.

"That army." Emily replied.

Just then, Daud arrived.

"You!" Lord Pendleton gasped.

"It's over." Corvo snarked.

Suddenly, Daud shoved Lord Pendleton off the roof. All three on the roof watched as Lord Treavor Pendleton met his end in Wrenhaven River.

"Jump." Corvo ordered.

And with that, Daud, Corvo, and Emily blinked off the lighthouse into Samuel's boat.