November 20, 2012

"That's disgusting."

"No it's not."

The Doctor and Bree stared at each other from the heads of the table at Bree's house. Both were staring at the others choice in snack in slight distaste. Bree had chosen a glass of milk with oatmeal, chocolate chip raisin cookie while the Doctor chose his personal favourite: fish fingers and custard. Both snacks would have been so appalling to the other if Bree didn't soak her cookies in the milk before eating them, and the Doctor keeping the two usually separate courses of the main course and dessert into one meal.

"I'll agree that dipping cookies in milk is fantastic," the Doctor allowed; making Bree smile at the memory of the Time Lord's ninth incarnation. "But soaking them to the point where they are about to fall apart is disgusting."

"Ha! Says the man who eats fish fingers while dipping them in custard! Honestly, custard?" Bree shot back. The Doctor just stared at her before sighing and came up with a compromise.

"Fine. How about we eat the way normal people eat?" he suggested. Bree rolled her eyes.

"Normal? What's normal anymore?" she mumbled before nodding in agreement. So the pair sat in silence eating, avoiding the others gaze. After 5 minutes though, the Doctor looked up from his custard to see Bree staring at him evilly; soaking her cookie in the milk once again. The Doctor returned the taunt and dipped one of the fish fingers in custard.

Bree gagged.