October 30, 2012

Ungh, the Doctor's gunna kill me.

Bree winced internally as her mother poured more alcohol over her ravaged left hand. It fizzed as it made contact with the blood and raw skin; cleaning the wounds and freeing them of dirt and grit. Go figure her hand was all scraped up because she tripped over her own two feet. To her, it didn't matter. But wether it matter or not to her, it was still gunna piss the Doctor off. Rinsing the alcohol off her hand, she could see the torn skin, red from the roadrash; and could see that the third knuckle was the worst, it was definite that she would have scars. This was going to be hard to hide.

Raising her eyes to look in the mirror, behind her she could see the Doctor standing there; invisible to all but her. His green eyes were focused in pain on Bree's left hand as her mother bandaged it up. When their eyes met, Bree gulped nervously. The green was burning in pain and disappointment.

And it burned.

Averting her gaze from his, she raised her hand to her eyes for a better examination while trying to ignore the burning Time Lord behind her. She could feel his gaze boring holes into her back; and as she stood there silently, she remembered rule number 4.

Never let him see the damage.

A/N: I'd just like to point out that this is something that actually happened to me (aside from the Doctor part), and I did end up with scars. Yea, I'm a clutz. But it reminded me for some reason of River's hand and what the Doctor did. It especially reminded me of what River had said; which i made companion rule 4.