Sin with a Grin

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Chapter 11

Bunnymund is taken aback by the ferocity of the young sprites shout, the fury of his blows drawing North up short as well. The older guardians watch as the youngest and brash member of their group simply unleashes his full fury onto the wicked creature, ice blue fire streaking and flashing. With a wild yell North joins the fight, aiming his sword at the narrow beings shoulders. He slashes down savagely, the bright metal slicing into withered flesh only to pull away stained black and smoking. Blue eyes narrow and he slashes again, dancing away quickly when the thing whirls with a scream and slashes at the Cossack with sharpened claws. Distracted by the attack from behind the demented thing, Bunnymund launches his own attack, throwing three explosive eggs.

"NOW!" he shouts, voice cutting through the snarling and cursing. Tooth launches several sharpened stars, two of them hitting the creature square in the chest. Jack brings his staff up and unleashes a spike of ice, driving the fairies stars further into the things body. In pain and being attacked from all sides the dark winter spirit doesn't notice the giant gold fist forming, the diminutive master of dreams brings his hand back and balls his fist.

He lets his arm fly, putting all his strength behind the swing

North slashes down with his swords in a double handed maneuver

Jack watches as the creature is hit with Sandy's magic and North's ferocity. It gives a loud scream then falls to the ground, black goo oozing from numerous wounds. Long, stringy hair cascading around its featureless head, like a black crown atop a dark princes head.

"Why... does that seem like it was too easy?" Bunnymund asks after a few moments, his chest heaving and eyes dilated with adrenaline. Tooth flutters back and forth nervously, her wings beating so quickly they are barely visible. North leans heavily on his swords, breath frosting in the air but a smile tugging at his lips.

"It is out. Now what?" he asks breathlessly, happily tapping the narrow shoulder with the tip of his blade before stepping closer to Jack. Jack simply stares at the creature, his blue eyes narrowed and lips drawn into a thin line as he examines the thing with his eyes, analyzing every surface. The young spirit is silent for a long time, simply leaning on the staff and staring. None of the Guardians speak, unwilling to break the youngster's thoughts.

"If it's a winter spirit..." he begins slowly then stops.

"He is like you Jack, but he isn't you." Tooth provides, hoping the cut off any thought of self doubt.

"No, I know. I was just thinking.." he jumps to stop the forthcoming lecture on self-worth from the bubbly fairy. Tooth shuts her mouth and looks to the other guardians as Jack cocks his head to the side, listening to something they cannot hear.

"Would you like to share with the rest of the class?" Bunnymund presses, moving to place a large paw on the narrow shoulder. Jack twitches but doesn't respond, his eyes drawn beyond the creature to a large group of rocks, clustered together just beyond the clearing.

"What are they telling you?" Tooth asks softly, exchanging a worried glance with North and Sandy. The blankness in Jack usually mischievous eyes making the other guardians nervous.

"They, they are talking in riddles." Jack relates, his eyes narrowing and fingers moving restlessly on the staff.

"Riddles about what?" Bunnymund presses anxiously, eyeing the creature nervously.

"About the... thing." Jack shakes his head and slams the end of his staff into the ground, the rickety wood creaking loudly as the teen drives his anger and frustration out of his body through the staff and into the ground.

"If this thing is like me" he pauses for Tooth's response but the fairy queen says nothing "than heat must be its enemy as well." he finishes with an evil smirk. North gives a loud bellow and gives the teen a hearty back slap before turning his attention to the sky and letting out a loud whistle.

"Than we shall take his below the Equator, be rid of this evil once and for all." he dictates as the jingle of the reindeer harness bells echo from above. Sandy gives an enthusiastic nod and creates a rope out of his dream sand, sending the wave of gold towards the creature, binding it thoroughly.

"I don't know if the heat will kill it though." Jack says, but the others don't seem to hear him. Sandy is using his sand to move the creature into the sleigh while Bunnymund waves him on.

"But it will weaken it." A smooth voice retorts and Jack whirls, finding Pitch standing behind him in the shade of one of the massive oaks, his narrow form barely casting a shadow. The Nightmare king is staring directly at the winter spirit. Jack simply waits, half listening as the others load the creature onto the sleigh, but his attention fully on their former enemy.

" You, wouldn't happen to know how to get rid of it?" Jack asks, his question bringing the others to a stop and the clearing falls silent once more. Pitch wiggles his long fingers, bringing them to tap at his narrow chin in a show of thinking.

"I don't think it is possible to kill something like that, destroy its vessel, but you can't destroy the essence." He explains slowly.

"But you destroyed Sandy..." Bunnymund calls from the sleigh, his voice iron hard and unrelenting. Pitch gives a dismissive snort and waves his hand.

"And that's why he was able to reform once the children believed in him?" Pitch snarks, his temper flaring.

"So, you destroyed his body. But, does that mean that spirits are immortal because our essence can always reform, but in another body?" Jack asks, his eyebrow cocking upward.

"How else to do think that you came to be Jack? The former spirit of winter was lost hundreds of years ago, only to be reborn in the body of a drowned teenager. I have to ask Jack, did you ever go back to that pond and look for your mortal body at the bottom? We were all someone, our bodies were mortal at one point, our identities now are the former of another spirit." he finishes and Jack rubs at his head, a pounding developing behind his eyes. It was a lot of information to take in, the knowledge of his 'birth' as Jack Frost still a raw wound.

"But this thing isn't a spirit. It's an abomination created from the sick mind of a deranged mortal!" Bunny shouts, his annoyance rising as Pitch begins to recede from the clearing, his wounds still fresh and painful.

"Yes, but. The question must be asked. What happened to the winter spirit that was used the create the creature?" he asks, voice echoing out of a hole in the roots of the tree, the flash of golden eyes accompanying the question before vanishing altogether.

"North! What did that book you found say about the creation of the creature?"

North doesn't respond for a few moments, his silence enough to confirm the young spirits worst assumptions.

He truly is related to the creature.

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