'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the TARDIS,
Every creature was thinking, the Doctor the hardest.
The sonic screwdriver was held in his fingers with care
(As bad luck seemed to find him about anywhere).

The daleks were piled all dead in a heap,
Not even emitting a defeated bleep.
With Jack in his greatcoat and the Doc in his tie,
They went out on a mission (right after some pie).

When all through the craft, alarms started blaring,
The Doctor, though, not close to despairing.
Away to the control panel he flew like a bolt,
Pulling levers 'til the TARDIS took off with a jolt.

Through space and time to a location unknown,
They finally stopped spinning and Jack gave a groan.
As far as the eye could see there was snow-
Save for a little bright cottage, some distance below.

"Come on," cried the Doctor, "There's no time to waste!
We must go exploring-Come quick now, make haste!"
He pranced through the white, his glee quite apparent,
While Jack dragged his feet, his complaining inherent.

When out from the house, an old man did emerge,
With white beard and red suit, he didn't seem much a scourge.
"You've got to be kidding," Jack muttered to Ten,
"Santa Claus isn't real-Not now and not then."

St. Nicholas gestured for them to come in,
"My goodness, repairmen, where have you been?"
The Doc raised an eyebrow, went in with a shrug,
Getting Jack to follow with a harsh little tug.

"My sleigh seems to have broken, it simply won't go,
The kids are depending on me now, ya know?"
The Doctor pulled something right out of his pocket,
"Don't worry, old chap, it'll fly like a rocket!"

He bustled around with his handy invention,
As Santa Claus watched with some slight apprehension.
"What on earth is he doing?" he whispered to Jack,
As Doctor Who gave the old sleigh a great whack.

"There you go, Santa, she's right good as new!
There's no need to thank me-it's just what I do."
Santa gave it a try with a bit of suspicion,
It roared to life-That man was quite the magician!

"We've got to be going now," the Doc said with a smile,
"But we may meet again if it proved worthwhile."
Then with a cry of "Allons-y!" he left Santa's shop,
Jack trailing behind him complaining nonstop.

Thus Christmas was saved by the Doctor, he's called
(or at least it's destruction was properly stalled),
Some elves heard him shout out as he left with a wink,
"Merry Christmas to all, and remember-don't blink!"