This little ficlet was suggested by the wonderful, epically fantastic Reid Phantom, who is one of my dedicated readers. Words cannot describe how much I love them. ^_^ This is for you!

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"Come on, mate, just one more."

Jack leans on his knees, and shakes his head, sweat dripping from his hair and skin and turning to ice just before it hits the ground. "No way." He pants.

"Gotta be prepared, mate." Bunnymund says as he throws the boomerang in Jack's direction.

Jack flips backwards, narrowly avoiding being nicked by the wooden weapon as it swings around and lands back in Bunny's hand with a resounding 'smack'.

"All right, that's it for today." Bunny announces.

Jack falls to the floor of the training room, chest heaving.

"Up ya go." Bunny says as he grabs Jack's wrist and tugs him up. "Go take a shower – ya smell somethin' awful."

Jack laughs weakly. "Just what I want to hear." He gives Bunny a little half wave as he heads towards the showers of the training room.

The ice cold water running down his skin feels like heaven in liquid form, and he rests his forehead against the cold tile. He remains there for what seems like an eternity before actually washing himself.

He steps out of the shower, dries himself off, and tugs his pants on. Then he reaches blindly for the hook where he left his hoodie before the training session. His hand meets the wall.

Jack blinks, and turns to look at the hook. No hoodie.

He looks at the other hooks in the room, thinking maybe he put it on another hook.

No hoodies.

Bunny might've taken it, as a prank – but if it was a prank, wouldn't he have taken his pants too?

Jack frowns, and towel-dries his hair before walking out of the shower room back into the training center. Bunny's throwing boomerangs at a dummy – it wasn't him, then.

Jack huffs and proceeds, shirtless, to look around the Pole. He goes into the elves living quarters first. He wouldn't put it past them to steal his hoodie.

After going through little drawers and looking under miniature beds, it's safe to say that his hoodie is not here.

Then he stops in his room. Maybe one of the yetis saw it and put it away.

No dice. No hoodie.

He's passing one of the spare rooms when he hears the flittering of little wings and the chittering of the mini fairies.

"Baby Tooth!" He exclaims. Maybe he could recruit her – they'd cover more ground.

He opens the door, and freezes immediately.

Welp, he found his hoodie.

About three dozen of Tooth's helpers are gathered around the clothing, sticking their little beaks and heads into it and then pulling out, sighing dreamily. One even flies in a little heart pattern.

It seems he has a little fanclub.

He smirks, crossing his arms over his bare chest and leaning against the doorway.


Immediately, the mini fairies look at him with wide, pink eyes. There's a collective squeal as they see his state of undress.

Then they plummet out of the air in dead faints.

Jack chuckles and moves to pick up his hoodie.

Baby Tooth comes flying out of it, and squeaks at seeing his chest. Instead of fainting, she rubs her sleek head against his pecs, and then his abs.

Jack laughs – it tickles quite a bit. She flies up in front of him, and he raises an eyebrow at her.

"Did you take my hoodie?" He asks.

She bows her head, and chirps pitifully.

He uses a finger to pet her head, and she pushes herself up into his hand.

"No, I don't mind. Just ask next time, okay?" He says.

She squeaks, and nods her head furiously. As soon as he puts the hoodie over his head and tugs it down, she makes herself at home in his hood.

It takes a good fifteen minutes to successfully lift each mini fairy and arrange them where they won't get stepped on, but the dreamy little chirps he gets when he lifts them are completely worth it.

He smirks as he leaves the room.

Fangirls, eh?

He could work wit that.