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Papa was a cheater. He always proclaimed his love for Mama and her, but he would always be with some other woman.

Papa was also a liar. Maka loathed this fact and hated him for it. She would always be his daughter, but that didn't mean she had to like him.

She couldn't trust any male. They were all probably like her Papa; cheaters, liars, pathetic. Maka would be like her Mama though; brave, strong, outstanding. Maka wished she could see her again, but her mother was busy working and trying to forget about Maka's father.

Maka sighed.

He was late. Much to her dismay, Maka had, for some strange reason, agreed to a meeting with her father. Spirit had followed her all around school, humiliating her at every chance, until she agreed to go hang out with him. A "father-daughter date" is what he called it; well, there definitely wouldn't be a second date at this rate.

"Hey, sorry for the wait," Spirit said, running up to Maka as fast as he could. "I hope I'm not too l-"

"You're twenty minutes late; I think that's a new record," Maka snapped bitterly.

Spirit gave a sheepish grin. "For the longest time of being late?" There was a hint of hopefulness in his voice.

"For being the closet to the set time of your planned 'father-daughter dates'," Maka replied harshly.

"So, where to?" Spirit asked, hoping that a change in subject would help him.

Maka sighed. "To the book store."

She began walking toward the direction of the book store as her father followed steadily behind. He smiled gently.

"The book store, huh?" He put his hands in his pockets. "You never change do you?"

"More like it's one of the only age appropriate stores for me that will actually allow you to come inside anymore…," Maka said coldly.

"Oh, come on, Maka, you know Papa loves you!" Spirit said enthusiastically. "I love you more than anything, you and Mama both!"

The lies began. Such sweet beautiful lies.

"Why, if you told me to shout to the world that I love you, I'd whisper it in your ear because you are my whole world!" Spirit said running in front of Maka so she could see his earnest grin. "If I could have any daughter in the world I'd still choose you because you are special to me. Why, Maka, dear if-"

"Spirit, there you are!" a sweet feminine voice called out.

The small moment that Spirit thought he would be able to finally re-connect with his daughter was quickly shattered. Spirit made a nervous face; Maka kept a neutral one.

"Now is not a good time…," he mumbled to the woman.

Maka looked at her feet as the adults continued to talk. How many different woman faces had she seen with her father? And how many of those times had the women actually been her mother? She wanted to run from it all. She couldn't trust anyone. Not even Soul… she couldn't accept the feelings she was experiencing, not when men were like this.

"Is this your daughter?"

"No," Maka said giving the stranger a quick smile and running off.


According to Maka, the word "love" wasn't a word to trust.


Kid lay down on his bed with a sour face. She was with him again. He couldn't even remember the guy's name, just the way Liz smiled when she was with him. Why did it hurt so much?

'Because you love her,' a small voice in his head replied.

Did they hug? Did they hold hands? Did they kiss? Did she forget about everyone else when she was with that guy? Does that guy have any antics that bother her?

Or was it just Kid? It wasn't like it was her fault. Yet, it wasn't his either. Kid didn't want or ask to be obsessed with symmetry. His heart clinched again.

Damn! Damn it all! He loved her, but he was a coward! He was afraid of her rejection. He was terrified of her leaving with Patty. Above all, he was possessive, and he hated it.

He angrily threw both hands in his hair. What if she fell in love with that guy? What would Kid do? Whatcould he do? That guy… he seemed like a regular person, but was he deserving of Liz?

Kid shut his eyes. He could close his eyes and ignore the sight of Liz slipping away, but he simply couldn't ignore the feelings. He couldn't close those and pretend they weren't there. How…how could he possibly get Liz to look his way? He'd have to be normal, he thought bitterly.

That was just it. He wasn't normal. He could never be normal.

'Maybe not completely normal, but maybe I could try to change… I could turn the OCD down a notch… But how? If only I had someone who was patient and determined to help me… I could ask Tsubaki to help me…' Kid paused for a moment, 'No, Black Star would be able to get it out of her. Patty and Liz are out of the question, Black star would just make things worse, Soul would just go to Black Star, My father…any problem but this, and Maka…Maka.'

Kid jumped out of bed. Maka! That was it! He could ask her to help him. She was perfect and symmetrical!