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Kid walked down the hall without Liz or Patty. He had asked Sid to go to the bathroom right before physical training started. He wasn't really in the mood and ditching class didn't seem like such a bad idea. He was too depressed to really do anything. Liz was getting serious with Eric, Maka had such high hopes in him, he'd lied to Soul, and Black*Star was so mad at him he didn't even challenge Kid.

It was by mere chance that Soul was drinking from the water fountain when Kid thought about this. Kid came to an abrupt stop. He looked away ashamed of himself. He was worse than asymmetrical trash.

"I need to talk to you." Kid didn't dare meet Soul's eyes.

Soul glared, "What do you want?"

Kid felt his throat tighten. How could he begin to explain? How many people would hate him? He didn't want to lose his friends. It was still all so new to him and he really didn't want to lose them. He knew he couldn't continue to be selfish though. He sighed.

"I love Liz." Kid sadly replied.

Soul pulled him by the collar, "I swear to you that if you hurt Maka-"

"Please, let me finish explaining." Kid sighed.

Kid wasn't angered with Soul actions. He understood them perfectly. Why if Eric came up to him saying that, Kid wouldn't let him finish saying anything. Soul pushed Kid away. Kid took a few steps back to regain his balance.

"Whatever, man." Soul replied, "You don't need to explain anything to me, but if Maka come home crying I'm going to kill you."

Kid half heartedly smiled, "She already knows. She was the first to know."

Soul's angered face turned into one of confusion.

"Maka and I aren't dating." Kid continued, "We're just friends, she's just a really good friend. You see, I wanted to control my OCD so I could have a normal relationship with Liz. So, I went to Maka for help. Apparently there were a lot of misunderstandings."

Soul didn't understand why he felt so relieved. He didn't even understand why Kid was explaining this to him. Sure, he had lied to him but why was he trying to fix it now?

"The day Maka left crying, we were talking about her mom." Kid sighed and looked at the floor, "I…I said some unnecessary things." Kid looked up at Soul, "Don't believe all the rumors you hear."

"I didn't believe the rumors." Soul replied with a quick glare, "I believed you."

Kid let out a laugh without humor. He looked at his hands. Kid nodded and then shook his head. His mental debate was really going to be the end of him.

"I don't want to keep screwing up." Kid softly said, "I owe it to Maka and to you, but it irritates me to sit back and watch. Should I tell you how she feels? Should I not?" Kid ran a hand through his hair in frustration, "Everything is practically handed to Maka but she's so afraid to make the first move. It makes me jealous to think all she has to do is say something to get what she truly wants and needs."

Soul started to feel a little uncomfortable. What was he suppose to say? He really didn't understand what Kid was saying or trying to hint at. Soul thought back to all the song lyrics in his head.

"Listen," Soul looked to the side awkwardly, "I really don't know what you are saying but," Soul put his hand on Kid's shoulder, "If you really want something like what Maka has work for it. Sure, it sucks that it is being handed to her and she can't see it, but not all of us are naturally blessed like her. If you love Liz, tell her."

"She's with another guy." Kid gratefully smiled, "Thank you, Soul."

"Yeah, sure thing, man." Soul patted his shoulder, "I'm sorry about the collar pulling."

"I understand." Kid replied.

"Well, we better get back to class before Stein finds us and dissects us." Soul joked.

Kid nodded. Soul began to walk away as Kid was frozen in place.

"Hey, Soul!" Kid called out with a grin, "Maka won't figure it out first so let me ask you this. Don't reply, just think about it. What do you really feel for Maka?"


"I can't take this, Black*Star." Tsubaki said as they arrived home.

"What do ya mean?" Black*Star asked confused, "Did we really walk that far?"

"No," She replied pulling him into a hug, "that's not what I meant."

They were both inside and the door was closed, but they hadn't moved from there. Black*Star's back was touching the door and Tsubaki kept him pushed against it. If he wanted to he could easily escape, but he was too worried about his partner at the moment. Plus he'd never use his strength against her.

"Then what do you mean?" Black*Star asked with a faint blush.

"I can't take you liking Maka or liking any other girl that isn't me." She said and before Black*Star could talk she continued, "I know it's selfish and I know you are in your every right, but I can't handle it. I want you to only like me, notice me. I want you to love me the way I love you."

"Tsubaki, I-" Black*Star was willing to explain everything.

She just didn't want to listen to rejection so she pushed her lips on his. She hoped it'd keep him from talking. She felt the tears cascade as she roughly kissed him. Much to her surprise he kissed her back.

"Tsubaki," He whispered as they caught their breath, "Listen, I-"

"No." Tsubaki replied, "I won't. Please, don't take this moment from me."

With that she ran into the room they shared. There were two different beds of course, but due to the fact that the academy only gave them so much money they couldn't afford a three bedroom apartment like Maka could. Maka's father being there was quiet the advantage. Black*Star wasn't even given the opportunity to explain. She just kept interrupting him until she fell asleep.

"Why won't you just listen?" Black*Star sighed as he laid on the couch.


She was losing him. He used to be within her reach. At least she thought he was. All she wanted was to date a guy to give him a push. What had she imagined would happen?

Did Liz honestly believe he would confess his love to her? Yes, she had. She had imagined him kissing her and telling her how jealous he was. Instead she was the jealous one. She was the one who felt at lost.

Maka was perfect for him, too. That upset Liz the most. It was how perfect Maka really was for him.

"It's late damn it." Liz said looking at the clock.

Patty shrugged, "Maybe, he's fixing something at the school. You know he is."

The sisters turned their attention to the TV, but were only distracted for a moment. It was already ten o'clock and Kid hadn't called that he'd be late. It was unlike him and both worried about his well being.

"Hey, sis," Patty looked at Liz after a while, "do you have feelings for Kid?"

"What?" Liz almost chocked.

"I mean do you think of him in a romantic manner? Did the rumors about Maka and him bother you?" Patty asked, "Because sometimes you look at him the way married people look at each other."

"Patty!" Liz felt lost for words as her face flushed, "Don't say such things!"

"Why?" Patty asked, "It's not like he looks at you any differently."

"That isn't true." Liz shook her head, "You must be seeing things or just misunderstanding things. He likes Maka."

"No he doesn't." Patty responded, "I mean maybe as friends."

Liz didn't see the point in lying to Patty about her feelings. Hadn't she lied to herself long enough?

"Maka, I admire you. You're so smart, power, perfect, and symmetrical unlike Liz." Liz said imitating Kid's voice and then turned to Patty, "That's what he's saying, Patty! I just know it!"

Patty giggled, "Aw, sis jealousy makes us imagine some pretty weird stuff, huh?"

"None of it matters." Liz sighed

Their conversation was interrupted by Kid opening the front door and walking to the kitchen. The girls looked at each other and then at the kitchen. They raced to where Kid was, half angry and half relieved. He heard them, but didn't say a word just continued making his tea. Liz was the first to break the silence.

"What the hell, Kid? DO you have any idea what time it is or HOW worried we were? You spoiled little brat!"

"I'm sorry," He mumbled, "I'm really sorry. I didn't even realize how late it was until now."

"Well don't let it happen again." Liz's voice suddenly became very gentle, "You almost gave us a heart attack."

Kid kept quiet. He turned around to look at Liz and Patty. Patty giggled and left the room. Could she read minds now? He sighed or maybe he was just that predictable.

"Liz," He said softly, "What if I told you I hated your boyfriend?"

"I'd say," Liz paused for a moment to think, "too damn bad."

He smiled half heartedly, "What if I told you that I love you?"

Liz looked calculatingly into his eyes, "No. You tell me you love me or don't tell me anything stupid like that. I don't like the 'what if' game."

"I am in love with you, Elizabeth Thompson." Kid whispered, "I hate your boyfriend and I really want to kiss you. I had a bad day and thought to myself what else do I have to lose? That's just the thing, though, no matter what I don't want to lose you or Patty. I don't mind if you don't feel the same way I do, but please don't leave. I want you and Patty by my side, forever. No, matter what, I want us to be a family. I just desire a more-"

"Do you ever shut up?" Liz pulled him by the collar, "Geez, Kid, don't say so much at once. I might just take all of your innocence away in one night and that'd look so bad on me."

Kid blushed, "W-what?"

She looked at him longingly and was inches from his lips. He had closed his eyes and even got a little higher by lifting his feet up. She smiled and kissed his forehead.

"But before we can even start we have things to fix up. I have a boyfriend to break up with, your romance with Maka needs to end, and you need to confess when you're not having a bad day because that makes me feel as though it's just for the hell of it all."

"Aw," Patty, spying on them through the door, pouted, "Teaser."


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